Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Impressions-Ika Musume S2 Ep 1-Business as Usual

My first review for the Autumn Anime is the cute and funny Ika Musume AKA Squid Girl. For those who never watch the show is like a cuter version of Pinky and the Brain without the Brain. Ika Chan who is from the ocean decided to invade the human race after pollution ruined her home. She ended up being a free loader to a family of siblings who own a eating house on the beach.
You don't mess around with Tanaka Rie in Suigintou Mode!

So with the first episode of this new season show Ika Chan became paranoid after watching a space invasion movie. She thought a soft ball was a bomb and a radio recorder is a mini transformer robot! She decided to try attack the customers in the store but was "warned" by the eldest sister, Chizuru to get back to work.
The twin tailed girl is hot!

Next is Sanae who is completely infatuated with Ika Chan, thought Ika Chan and Koyomi has a close relationship but it wasn't the case at all.
A squid defeated by a jellyfish!?

Finally, after a large school of jellyfish attacked swimmers in the beach, Chizuru organised a Jellyfish catching contest which Cindy and her three stooges cheated by multiplying the jellyfish.
Like her smile!

Overall, it was an all right episode but those who are not familiar might have to watch the first season to understand more. The opening song sung by Seiyuu group Sphere was catchy and the ending song sung by Ika Chan's seiyuu, Kanemoto Hisako was pleasant to the ears.

Be sure to look up at the Autumn anime 2011 in the blog to know more of the new shows!

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