Saturday, January 20, 2018

Kira Kira Precure Ep 47 Review: The Grey World Part 2

Sorry for the wait, everyone! So let's get started as we talked about Episode 47 of Kira Kira Precure!

The Good: Elysio has turned the whole world into a Grey world and removing "Love" from everyone including the spirits. However Pekorin and Elder who was saved by Cure Whip shoving them into the Kira Patisserie at the last minute before Elysio's spell.

Even though the girls lose their memories of being Precure, Pekorin does what she can do-by creating her special donuts to try reawaken the girls again. Although Grave tried to burn the donuts however Pekorin's feelings create not one but three Miracles.

The first was the great big explosion which rained cream all over the town. (Which is a call back to the first episode of how the girls saw a similar explosion) It brought the girls together and saw the second Miracle-Because of Pekorin's determination to protect those feelings, she became Cure Pekorin and even got her own transformation sequence.

Cure Pekorin is really adorable and even come with her own Candy rod. What does it shoot out? Whip Cream! Very explosive Whip Cream! Finally the whip cream that Cure Pekorin fired create the final Miracle-it create fireworks which resemble the girls' various sweets which finally reawaken their memories!

With that, the girls transformed again and even have a group pose with Cure Pekorin. They easily subdued Grave and Elysio finally appeared. The final battle begins...

The Bad: Just that the battle with Grave ended too fast once the girls got back their powers. Other than that, nothing much.

After shifting house, no Internet connection until yesterday and recovering from a bad fever, it took me a while to process this episode. Elysio created a world without conflict by removing emotions specifically "Love."

However it turned everyone into mindless drones. Without emotions or Will,(I am preaching Green Lantern's vow) nothing will move and the world will eventually reach a standstill. Creating a world without conflict is one thing but removing feelings like love or hate is a fate worse than death.

Even Grave who was revived is not the original Grave but rather an empty shell controlled by Elysio. (But who care about Grave?! He is though and though a jerk from the beginning till his demise)

I was really cheering for Pekorin especially her determination to protect not just the donuts but rather the feelings and experiences she has with the girls. Sure, Grave might call Pekorin a cheerleader, (Cure Yell called. She want to have a word with you, Grave) But remember, it was Pekorin who encountered Ichika in the first place that got the ball rolling since the first episode. Sure, she is one of the weaker mascots but her love and care for her friends gave her strength and created Three Miracles in this episode.

Overall, a great episode and now the final battle between love and hate begin! See you in the next post! (I have a lot of catching up to do!)

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