Thursday, March 22, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 11-Prelude to Dream

Sora had a dream of her being married to Yuuta and was embarrassed when she woke up hugging him. The next day, she and Raika went to buy food at the town and Raika was amazed by the store owners asking about Hina.

Sora asked her how was Yuuta at college and she told her that he always sleep during lecture and keep note of his working schedule. Sora had another dream of her having big breasts and seeing her parents again.

The next day, Sora and Miu went to school feeling tired while Yuuta told Raika he felt confidence in taking care of the girls. Later, Sora received a call from the day care centre claiming that Hina is having a fever and they couldn't get touch with Yuuta due to his phone's low battery.

Sora and Miu fetched Hina back home and was surprised to see Yuuta's aunt Yoshiko. She left the place and asked Yuuta to reply of the "letter." Hina's fever has went down and Sora asked Yuuta about what happened earlier but he refused to answer. He even blamed himself for overlooking at the girls' health and insecurity.

Later, Sora found a letter addressed to Yuuta and it was from her uncle. Her uncle is willing to take all the girls in and hope Yuuta will consider. That night, Hina was feeling better and told the rest that she is going to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when their parents returned and it left everyone in doubt...

Yuuta got a handful now. First being a guy, he might take it too easy when he didn't see the girls insecurity and furthermore, Yoshiko told him that Sora has stop joining her choir and Hina got a fever. Now with their uncle willing to take the girls in, will Yuuta agree and give the girls a better life? With one more episode left next week, will it a happy or bitter sweet ending?

P.S-Brave 10 Ep 11 Review will be put on hold as it is a continuation from last week and it end with a cliffhanger and guess what? Next week is the final episode so I will be doing a double episode review
for Brave 10. So hold on to your seat and see you then!

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