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Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 6 Top 3 Moments and Review: Riko and Rizu.

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 6! The Remedial class get Riko's older sister, Rizu as a substitute teacher today!

No 3: Power of Linkle Aquamarine!

During the battle with Spalda and her Yokubal, Cure Magical's emotions reacted to the Linkle Aquamarine and it granted the power to freeze objects (In this case, it was the Yokubal's nose) So all the four main stones-Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz are the form change stones while the rest are supporting magic stones for the girls to use.

Other than that, I don't see why Spalda will want to attack the school in the first place and seriously after two attacks in the school, shouldn't the headmaster have a better security system to prevent another attack again?

No 2: Meet Rizu, Riko's older sister and Magic Prodigy!

At the beginning of the episode, the head teacher informed the Remedial class that Mr Issac is unavailable today as such Rizu came in to cover the class. Rizu demonstrated the class on how to create objects from the water and she want the class to hold it for ten seconds.



Everyone tried but failed and Riko pushed herself by trying to create two objects at the same time. Rizu wanted her to take a break but Riko talked back at her and she ran off. Rizu told Mirai that Riko used to look up to her when they were younger but after she enrolled to the Magic Academy, Riko was very upset and refuse to talk to her even after she too enrolled in the academy. Rizu later learned that Riko seem to mess up with her magic spells and always pushed herself.

Mirai later learned from Riko (after hearing Ha-chan's cries) that she used to look up to her and explained that her Diamond pendant is a family heirloom. Rizu used to wear it as proof of an excellent magic user but she gave it to Riko and told her that she too can become a great magic user.

Riko blamed herself for her weakness and claimed that Rizu should wear the Diamond pendant and become a Precure however Mirai scolded her that she only wanted Riko to be her partner and they will graduate together as magic users.

No 1: The Secret of Riko and the Diamond Pendant.

After the battle with Spalda, the class resumed their lessons and Riko finally created a ice pendant from the water, thanks to the power of her pendant. She then gave Rizu the ice pendant and apologise to her.

Rizu then remembered that when Riko was just an infant, the Magic tree created a magic wand for Riko and the wand reacted to the Diamond pendant. Rizu knew that her sister is destined for great things and decided to gave her the pendant when she was older...

So this is what Ha-Chan do inside the Linkle Phone?

What I think of this episode? Other than a mediocre battle with the Yokubal which demonstrate the Aquamarine's effectness, I actually enjoyed more on the relationship between Riko and Rizu. Riko has always looked up to Rizu as an inspiration which probably explained why she keep pushing herself since Rizu is such an excellent magic user.

Riko's Diamond pendant is their family heirloom and it was originally worn by Rizu but after that fateful night when Riko's new magic wand and the pendant were in sync, she knew that Riko is destined for something special and sure enough, it is to become a Precure. Does that mean that Mirai's pendant could have been belong to her grandmother in the first place?

Riko's talk with Mirai also showed how insecure she was compared to Rizu and wonder if Rizu will make a better Precure than her however Mirai rebutted that there is no one else in the world than Riko that she will partner with which showed how much trust Mirai believe in her.

Speaking of Risa, she is voiced by one of my favourite Female Seiyuu, Nazuka Kaori. (Kotegawa Yui from To Love Ru and Hinoka from Fire Emblem Fates) Although she is just a substitute teacher in this episode, Rizu and Momo Nee from Heartcatch Precure are my list of my favourite Onee Chan from Precure and I hope she will return as a regular member since if she too can become a Precure, it will be a bonus.

Is there something wrong with the animation?

Overall, it is a B for this episode and what I think of the sneak preview about the new All Stars movie during the opening credits? Seriously, a Musical again?! Didn't Toei learned their lesson already? Although it is nice to see Go Princess Precure together again! (They better have some explanation of how they are able to get their Dress Up keys again) It looked like Dyspear is also in the movie although I am guessing it is a fake.

Open your mouth. you stupid Oyster!

In the next episode, the class goes under the sea and visited the Mermaid city. Their lesson-trying to make an oyster open it's mouth?! Plus Sapphire form revealed! Until then, see you next week!

Update: Congrats to Takahashi Rie who played Mirai as she won this year Seiyuu award for best newcomer award! Also to Hayami Saori who played Ha-Chan and Itou Shizuka (Momo Nee) who won best supporting actress this year! (Thank to Curekanade for pointing out that it should be Rizu and not Risa which I must have heard it wrongly. I personally think Risa sounds better and yes, even Liz sounds nice too)

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