Friday, September 30, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 13-Chaos before Sunshine!

Finally it is the day for the girls to perform in a live stage. As the girls began to prepare themselves, Akabane received a call from Ritsuko saying that Ryuga Komachi are struck in a typhoon in a nearby town.

She promised him that they will get back before the rehearsal.

The girls were worried after hearing the news but Mami ensured them as she received a message from Ami telling them not to worry.

After the rehearsal, Ritsuko called up again and now they have a flat tire and they are getting a rental car to reach the highway. The girls cheered for Ryuga Komachi on the phone to show their support.

Finally the doors are opened to the public as the audiences began to fill the stage. However Ryuga Komachi are struck in a jam on the highway. Akabane told the girls to prepare for the opening act and to entertain the audiences till Ryuga Komachi arrived.

The girls went up onstage and after several songs, the audiences are not getting into the mood.

Back in the dressing room, Yukiho's dress got struck while Hibiki accidentally drenched Makoto's costume. Haruka came in and told everyone not to worried too much of the audiences' expectation but go ahead and perform their own stint as themselves.

The performances continued when Akabane realised that Miki is doing two songs back to back which require a lot of stamina. Miki did not back down and proceed to the stage.

She broke the news that Ryuga Komachi will be late but they want the audiences to have fun with them. Miki began her act with Makoto and Hibiki as back up.

The audiences began to show enthusiasm to Miki's performances which Chihaya took over next. Miki told Akabane that the stage was so sparkling that she love it.

Finally the girls had their big finale and just in time for Ryuga Komachi to arrive on stage.

After Ryuga Komachi finished their act, they went back to the dressing room and saw all the girls sleeping from exhaustion. The girls has finally take their first step to a new world....

So the girls make it to the end of the performance. After so many hiccups backstage, I am glad that it went successfully. Anyway, what can I say but this episode was great to watch with so many songs perform one after another. The show stopper was Miki who sang "Heart of the Marionette" and the Finale song "Restart Myself" make me want to go and search these two songs. Haruka deserved some praise as she hold the group together with her caring thoughts without having Akabane to worry too much.

After this performance, the girls will finally get the recognition they deserved as shown in the next episode which I hope I can review it before leaving for overseas next Friday.

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