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First Impressions: Binbougami Ga Ep 1, Kono Naka Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru Ep 1, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 1, Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai Ep 1, Campione Ep 1, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 1

I want to be like that student president from Medaka Box

Binbougami Ga Ep 1: Sakura Ichiko has everything: Beauty, Brains and Good Fortune-too much good fortune that incurred the Poverty god, Momiji who is ordered to take her fortune away as it is causing an unbalance to the world.

However it is not going to be easy as Sakura has overwhelm good luck that Momji is unable to do anything. But when Sakura's Butler, Suwano is dying as a result of being draining out of luck, Sakura told Momji to take her fortune away and placed in a capsule.

Unfortunately, Sakura took the capsule and dropped it in the hospital causing everyone including Suwano to recover. She then ordered Suwano to resign and start life afresh. When Sakura came back, Momji returned and claimed that her fortune is rising again and is determined to suck her dry...

So we have the most luckiest person in the world taking on the most unfortunate god and it is hilarious. Sakura is so strong that she can overcome Momji's bad luck and is not making anything easy for Momji. There were some over the top moments which I giggled a bit and the scene when she care for Suwano is touching.

A nice show to watch especially Momji's change of character from cute girl to super psycho in a flash. Sakura was also fun to watch and Hanazawa Kana's improvised voice acting is really good. Let's hope the standards will maintain in the next few episodes.

Kono Naka Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru Ep 1: Translated to "My younger sister is in there!" showed Mikadono Shougo enrolled in a school after being the successor to his late father's corporation. He met Tsuruma Konoe and Kannagi Miyabi who are opposite poles. Konoe is sweet and caring while Miyabi is being Tsundere.

After a mysterious cake and a toy present was sent to Shougo, he received a call from a girl claiming to be his long lost sister. However she did not reveal her name and the next day, he trailed a girl in a witch hat who was stalking her...

This show reminds me of another show with a similar plot-Love Hina. However Shougo has a deadline to find a girl in the school to be his wife when he graduated. The plot complicates as a girl claimed to be his sister which make matters worse.

Shougo is your regular nice guy and did not take any advances from Konoe and Miyabi who seems like they want to get laid by Shougo. Anyway, there is still a mystery about who was the girl in the photo and the scar on his forehead. A pretty typical romance comedy anime but I probably won't be hyped to find out who is Shougo's sister.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 1: A female school reporter was knocked down by a car and her camera was destroyed. The next day, Yuuki and his two childhood friends, Chisato and Mifuyu went to their hangout-The Food Research Club and spent the time eating candy with the other members.

However the news was broke that an election is going to be held for the next student council president and one of the candidates, Satsuki proposed to scrap all clubs that are not making any contributions to the school including the food research club.

After some discussion, the food research club nominated Yuuki to be a candidate for the elections which caught him by surprise. Meanwhile, the current president is watching over the girl who was knocked down in the beginning who is in coma...

For a show which is about candies, the opening scene was unexpected and it looked like something out of a conspiracy mystery show. Yuuki is hoping to get a girlfriend with less success while Konoe hate chocolate due to a bad incident during childhood. However it is pretty interesting to note that Yuuki can see objects like a propeller or the gagged mask over some people that no one else could see.

Since Yuuki is going to be a candidate, it will be interesting to see what he can do to make people support him and with his friends who are pretty talented, I should say it-Let the race begin!

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai Ep 1: Ryosuke has a bad habit of describing woman's body aloud and is labelled as a pervert. When he met a beautiful girl, Restall Lisara who happened to be a grim reaper, he invited her to wash up and got stabbed by her instead.

When Ryosuke woke up, Lisara explained that she had make a contract with Ryosuke claiming that his energy force is the only thing that can recharge her powers. A tentacles monster attacked them and Lisara is losing due to her low energy. Finally Ryosuke grope her and her energy was restored and defeated the monster.

Lisara then explained her mission is to find a special soul capable of changing the world and she mentioned that Ryosuke has only three months to live...

Another red haired girl who happened to be a demon or the Grim Reaper if you want to put it that way. Ryosuke speak his mind out which probably why many girls hate him cause he always comment about their bodies in a perverted manner. Only his childhood friend, Mina (who have a big bust) do not bother about him.

Lisara is also different from Rias of High School DxD (They both have similar names) Lisara is less open minded and she is working alone unlike Rias who have a small following. The first battle was also boring and focus more on Ryosuke groping on Lisara's body. Overall, the first episode is all right but still need time to improve.

Campione Ep 1: Kusangai Godou arrived in Italy, trying to return an ancient tablet to Lucrezia Zora, an old friend of Godou's grandfather. He met a young lady, Erica who demanded to hand over the tablet but was interrupted by an ancient earth god. Godou saw Erica changed outfits to battle the god and she drove it away.

Don't be fooled by her appearance! She is the same age as Godou's grandmother.

Erica explained that someone is reviving the ancient gods and as a result, if a god is revived, he will cause natural disasters based the god's element. She brought Godou to see Lucrezia and she insisted that Godou take the tablet. She explained to him (After Erica got drunk) the tablet belonged to Prometheus and has the ability to steal other god's power.

One for the cheeks..

and One for the Lips!

Another water god appeared and a god in an appearance of a boy, Verethragna battle each other and Erica tried to stop them. Godou tried to help and somehow managed to steal Verethragan's golden sword skills and stab the latter instead...

So natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami and volcano are the results of gods being revived and roam the earth. No wonder people like to call it an "Act of God." Godou remind me of Touma from Index series who dislike violence but is willing to fight on to survive. Erica is like many of Hisaka Youko's other roles-a Tsundere who can be tough or sweet and gentle as she want. The last scene with the huge numbers of swords remind me of Unlimited Blade Works from FSN and Erica kissed Godou twice in the same episode and it is still the first episode. What kind of progress is that? High Speed!

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 1: Ousawa Akatsuki was a legendary hero who killed the demon king in another dimension called Alazzard. However he tried to escape from Princess Risty of Alazzard who want him to stay.

Akatsuki refused to stay but promise he will return. When he finally returned home in the real world, he unzipped the bag which reveal a young naked girl. The girl's name is Myuu and she is the daughter of the slain demon king.

Myuu started posing his long lost sister and both of them were enrolled into Babel, an academy who train people who came back from other dimensions. However their enrollment attracted the attention of the student council after a prohecy foretold that Akatsuki is the legendary true hero and Myuu the conqueror.

Later, Akatsuki and Myuu were asked to demonstrate their power with an instructor however Myuu's magic knocked him unconscious. The head of the student council, Hikami Kyoya arrived and asked Akatsuki to test his strength on a magic iceberg.

He punched the iceberg and it shattered after they left which make Kyoka more determined to know Akatsuki's power. That night, both of them had dinner and Akatsuki recalled the dying demon king begging him to take care of her daughter...

Akatsuki is what I want for a male lead-Strong, flirty and a heart of gold. Prior to the first episode, there was a special short flim where he battled all the female warriors of Queen's Blade Rebellion and he took them down with ease.

This also asked a simple question. What happened when you kill the final boss in a game? Akatsuki did not want to stay anymore and he returned to his real world (After snatching some ladies underwear and stole Risty's kiss along the way) Now having Myuu is a burden but he felt responsible for her after he kill her father.

Myuu is a fish out of a water as she is getting used to live a normal life. After all, her power is on par with her father and the prophecy proclaimed her as a conqueror and I guess if they don't keep mum about it, everyone especially Kyoka is either going to use her or kill her. Overall, a good start for this show and we have a few more new shows for us to look in the next few days.

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