Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autumn Anime 2011

Here are the upcoming anime shows that will begin during the end of September and the beginning of October.

Battle Spirits Heroes: The fourth season of the popular card game series from Sunrise with a new cast and story.

Busou Shiki Moon Angel: Based on Konami's Busou Shiki line of toys, it is about a boy named Tsubasa and his Shiki Partner, Arnval Mark 2 aiming to be the Shiki Master. It reminds me of Angelic Layer which has a similar theme.

Cross Fight B-Daman: Another B-Daman series based on Takara Tomy's famous toy line.

Hunter X Hunter: After seven years of waiting and delaying, Hunter X Hunter returns to the TV screen with a reboot and a new cast.

Chihayafuru: Chihaya dreamed of being a fashion model like her elder sister but when a transfer student named Arata brought her to the game of Karuta, her life change forever after that.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: I talked about it a few months ago and after a five minute trailer, I was actually quite interested about it. Flit lost his mother in an attack by the mysterious enemy-Garfran. Seven years later, he created a Gundam called AGE and battled the Garfran. This story will be about three generations of pilots from Flit to his future son and grandson who will also pilot AGE.

Guilty Crown: After a deadly virus "Lost Christmas" nearly destroyed Japan, the country was placed under the control of a organisation named GHQ. Loner Ohma Shu has a psychic power named "Ability of King" which enable him to extract weapons or items from his right hand. An encounter with a girl named Yuzuriha Inori who is part of a resistance change his life forever.

Un-Go: A supernatural story between Shinjuurou and a girl named Inga as they solved mysteries in a near future timeline.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Based on a series of light novels, Japan is divided into feudal territories and invasion from foreign powers. A city called Mushashi and a group of students could hold the key to victory against their enemies. (Didn't I see this from Code Geass?)

Persona 4 the Animation: From the hit video game series, come the animated adaption of Persona 4. The story took place in the same timeline of Persona 3 with the original cast doing their voices again.

Shiryaku! Ika Musume S2: The hilarious Ika Musume returned with her zany ideas in trying to conquer the world after her home is polluted by men. If she can survive the bizarre group of humans who took her in and making everyday a living hell for her!

Fate/Zero: I talked about it before last time and it is the prequel to the first series. The story took place ten years before Shiro met Saber which in this case, it is his adopted father, Emiya Kiritsuga and Saber battling other Masters and Servants for the fight of the Holy Grail-a mysterious magical item which can grant a user any wish he desire.

Working S2: Takanashi Souta continued his part time job as a waiter and the wonderfully cute, Taneshima Poplar who is always mistaken for a elementary student despite being 17 years of age returns with the rest of the cast in this absolute slapstick comedy in a family restaurant.

Maken-Ki: Ooyama Takeru enrolled in a new school where several students possessed items called Maken which varies from user to user. Takeru unknowingly has a Maken in his body which enable him to overload an opponent's power and defeat them. (Think Flame of Reeca without the ninja parts)

Kimi to Boku: Instead of Moe girls in a slice of life shows, we have guys now in a slice of life show behaving like normal teenagers in this coming of age story of friendship.

Mashiro-Iro Symphony: Adapted from an adult game by Pallette, Uryuu Shingo was selected to attend a girls' school before their school merged with them officially. (What do you get? A Harem anime, that's what!)

Last Exile-Ginyoku no Fam: I heard about the original Last Exile years ago but didn't get to watch it. However, this new series is supposed to be in the same world as the original with a new story centering a pilot named Fam and her crew in their van ship, Vespa.

Tamayura-Hitotose: Fu Sawatari returned to her late father's hometown in Hiroshima and with her father's old Rollei 35s film camera, she began to take photos of the town and enjoyed it. She met up with a shy girl named Fu and several others in this slice of life story.

Lupin the Third Season 4: Lupin and his friends returned for more crazy and death-defying capers and moving one step ahead of his eternal rival-Inspector Zanigata of Interpol.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle: Sunrise's new work centered about a puzzle-loving teen named Kaito who is selected by Phi Academy due to his extraordinary mental abilities. One day, Kaito and his childhood friend, Nonoha entered a ruin site near the school and tackle the "Unsolvable puzzle".

Bakuman S2: The continuing life of two manga artists who aim is to be the best manga aritist in Japan.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: which roughly translates to "I hardly have any friends." Hasegawa Hodoka, a half Japanese/British guy enrolled in a new school but due to his blond hair and arrogant behaviour, no one dare to approach him. A sullen girl, Mikazuki Yozora met her by chance and they decided to form a club, Rinjinbu, a club with hardly any friends.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai: From the people who brought you Tsyoukiss and They are my Noble Masters, come a story which centered around Kawakami High school. The schools is famous for it's samurai ancestors and thus the students have samurai background. Yamato and his childhood friends led a normal life when two female transfer students join their class and their lives change forever...

Mirai Nikki: translated as Future Diary. Yukiteru Amano has problems making friends and write his thoughts in his cell phone. He has an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina who is the Lord of Space and Time. Deus gave Yukiteru a diary which enable him to record events in the future and to enter a game in which the winner will be Deus's successor.

Shakugan no Shana S3: The final season for this long awaiting conclusion which everyone is waiting for. Shana vs Yuji! (I am not kidding!)

C3: Cube X Cursed X Curious: Yachi Haruaki received a mysterious black cube from his father overseas. That night, a naked girl named Fear appeared in the kitchen, eating the crackers. She claimed that she is from the black cube and is the first of several suprises in store for Haruaki.

Ben-To: Satou You, a poor high school student saw a half price sale for Bento but was knocked out unconscious. When he woke up, he realised that he has just entered "a survival supermarket battle for half price bento". (Is this a new version of Supermarket Sweep?")

What will it be for this season? Gundam AGE, Fate Zero and Maken Ki will be on my top list. Guilty Crown, Kyokai Senjou no Horizon, Phi Brain looked interesting with Fukuyama Jun doing Kyokai and Phi Brain. (I expect him to be like Lelouch or Ryner again) Working and Ika Musume are fun to watch in the first season so I expect more crazy antics from it. Shakugan no Shana is all right but only for hardcore fans of the show. (There are better shows than these.) I played the game, Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai before and there is a cameo of Ageha from "They are my noble masters" in it. Overall, a show for fans of the game. The rest of the shows will be a "watch the first three episodes" before deciding.

P.S: Note that there are some more new shows which might appeared before October so stay on in this post to see any new updates!

(Yes, I am aware there are OVAs for Infinite Stratos, Baka Test, Deadman Wonderman, the World God only Knows and several others titles. I will get to some of them when I got the chance!)

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