Friday, September 23, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 12-Thank God, No "Awaken" Route!

Miki learned from Ritsuko that Ryuga Komachi was a trio group and she has no intention to remove or add new members to it. Miki was upset and did not come for two days.

The girls were worried and Akabane was unable to contact her thur her cellphone. Ritsuko told Akabane of what happened before which he realised that it was his fault for making a fake promise to Miki.

Finally Miki answered his call which he tried to persuade her to come back. But she refused and was angry for lying to her. Kotori explained to Akabane that Miki is still a teenager and she need more understanding rather than ordering her like a professional idol should.

The girls also got their new costumes for the performance but were also worried for Miki which even Ryuga Komachi agreed to.

Miki spent her days window shopping in the city and enjoying herself. But the sight of Ryuga Komachi make her feel negative. After visiting the stage, Ritsuko told Akabane to go look for Miki and leave the rest of the girls to her.

Finally he found her being interviewed by a television crew. Miki tried to run away but was caught up by him. She refused to listen and continued to walk away with Akabane trailing behind.

The girls asked among themselves if Miki refused to come back in time. Chihaya told them not to worry so much and they should concentrate on the performance instead.

After a while, Miki started to talk to Akabane as she continued to stroll the shopping district. She hold back her enthusiasm even after talking well with him. Finally they walked to a park which Miki confessed that she has lost interest after Ritsuko broke the news to her.

However Akabane told her that the upcoming performance will make her and everyone else more popular than Ryuga Komachi as long she gave her all.

Miki finally gave in and returned back to the office. She apologise to everyone which Chihaya remind her that she has to work harder now to make up with loss time. Miki promised she will make up for everything.

Later, Chihaya and Haruka had a pep talk which Chihaya want to make this performance to be a success so that they can be famous like Ryuga Komachi. Miki finally tried her new costume which everyone including Akabane agreed to be wonderful...

So, deep down, Miki truly want to be an idol despite having a care-free attitude. You can tell that her relationship with Akabane is probably the deepest at the moment and she really enjoy her time with everyone. Thank god, they didn't went to the "Awakened Miki" route as it will require Miki to cut her hair and dye her hair to her original brown hair.(We will already had one short hair Asuza, we don't need another.)

Chihaya also showed professionalism by telling the rest not to be anxious and trust Akabane in finding Miki. This is probably why she has the right attitude to be a top idol if she want to. (Unfortunately, that will make her a lonely person as in the Manga-Idolmaster: Relations which I read recently that make her a snob.)

Anyway, I am quite sure next week will be the finale and the girls will finally make it on stage which I hope they will go out and gave their all. (Of course, being a finale should have some plot twist to keep the ending in suspense!)

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