Sunday, July 15, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 23: The Search for Pegasus Part 3

The girls proceeded to Bad End Kingdom with the help of Pop who transform to a large bird. They landed nearby the castle when Wolfrun, Aka Oni and Majorina were waiting for them.

They pointed where Candy is which is on top of a platform behind them. The girls transformed and everyone agreed to let Cure Happy to go and rescue Candy while they hold off the generals.

Cure Happy move forward as Cure Sunny take on Wolfrun, Cure Peace against Aka Oni and Cure March verses Majorina. Joker tried to stop Cure Happy but Cure Beauty and Pop battle him instead.

That's Majorina!?

The four generals began to chant the Bad End spell making them stronger (Also making Majorina young!?) The Cures tried hard to beat them but they are facing an uphill battle.

Cure Happy make her way to the platform after jumping lava and using Happy Shower as leverage. She saw the Decor decor but it got turned into a yellow nose Akanbe and it smashed Cure Happy to the ground.

The others are not doing well and fell too. The generals thought it was over however everyone got back up again despite badly injured. Their will power was so strong that it gave everyone an adrenaline charge and they fought harder than before.

Blizzard Sword!

I am faster than lighting!

March 100 Hit Shots!!!

Finally the Cures gave all they have and defeated all the generals. Cure Happy rescued Candy and they quickly took the Decor decor and escaped. They placed the last decor in the box but nothing happened.

A Full Set!

Suddenly Pierrot raised from the lava and was prepare to fire a Bad End Cannon. Cure Happy told Pop and Candy to escape and they tried to use Rainbow Healing at Pierrot. However they were overwhelmed by Pierrot's power.

Princess Form Complete!

As they fell, the Decor decor shone brightly on them and they could hear Royale Queen's voice. They were then given their new powers-Princess Decor and the Princess Candle.

This is our Finale!!!

They used their new powers and finally defeated Pierrot. However no one knew that a piece of Pierrot escaped. The Cures stood together and reunited with Candy and Pop...

We finally come to the end of this arc and man, it was intense! The last fifteen minutes was non-stop action, everyone keep getting up despite the odds and a great way to end with it with the Princess Form.

The Princess Form is really awesome! I think I can rank it second for my top three Precure group attacks. (The first is still Heartcatch Orchestra) Everyone was so cool riding a Pegasus and firing a giant cannon (with Rainbow!) together. Cure Happy blow off the candle was so cool and they just stood calmly with the explosion behind them.

Now why couldn't we have such a climax in New Stage Movie!? Yes, I am still pissed off over that movie. (I got to get over it.)

They look so Cute!

Puss in Boots?

So, it is no brainier a part of Pierrot escaped and since the generals are dead, what happen now? Well, in the next episode, the girls visited Marchenland and they turned into Mascots to blend in with the natives...

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  1. What happens now? Simple! The Goseiger route.

    A new group of enemies show up and have to be beaten.