Sunday, September 20, 2020

Healin' Good Precure Ep 25 Review: One Small Step of Courage

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 25 of Healin' Good Precure and here are my thoughts of this episode!

After Chiyu and Pegitan watched a horror movie which got Pegitan all frightened, Chiyu commented him of being cute which Pegitan mistook it as a weakness. 

Pegitan ran away from home and mistaken by a little girl, Riri who brought him home thinking that he is a doll and even named him Josephine (Although Pegitan might not realise it is a girl's name)

While Chiyu and the others were out looking for him, Riri was enjoying playing with Pegitan as he tried his best to behave like a real penguin. Later that night, he overheard Riri's mother talking to an asleep Riri hoping that she is getting used to her new school and making friends.

The next day, Pegitan want to return to Chiyu but was concerned of what Riri's mother spoke last night and found her at school. Riri saw Pegitan being manhandled by her male classmates and tried her best to stop them. The other classmates step in to help Riri and they were pleased to see Pegitan.

After school, Riri told Pegitan that she just moved to this new town with her mother and is worried that she might not get used to her new school. Chiyu and the others finally found them and Pegitan was glad to see Chiyu again. 

Riri was upset and ran off with Pegitan. Chiyu went after her while the other girls handled Shindoine's new Megabyogen. Riri was upset that she might lose Pegitan but Pegitan told her that she was very brave in saving him from her male classmates which gave him the courage to move forward also. 

Pegitan then reunited with Chiyu and they also transformed to join in the fight. After defeating the Megabyogen, Chiyu and Pegitan went to visit Riri and Chiyu told her that Pegitan wants to see her and hope they can be friends...

As I stated before, I won't be doing every episode if there is nothing interesting to talk about and the last two episodes which are Asumi-focused episodes are really not interesting. Firstly Asumi has a personality of a piece of wood. I understand that she is like a child who does not understand the concept of emotions but it was very tiring to see her being taught what is right or wrong from the other girls. 

So it is a breath of fresh air to have a Chiyu/Pegitan episode and this episode is a very good one which is about taking the first step to a new environment. Riri has problems making new friends in her new school and furthermore, her mother is working late at night which resulted in Riri spending time alone. When she saw Pegitan, she immediately like him and took him home to play with. I am suprised that Pegitan didn't start talking to her until later in the episode when he talked to her through a closed door. Pegitan himself also learn to be more confident after seeing Riri saved him from her classmates.

Overall, a nice episode between Pegitan and Riri. Next episode is back to Asumi and Latte which I can't tell what is actually going on except that is about Asumi keeping a diary. Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Healin' Good Precure Ep 22 Review: Asumi is disappearing!?

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 22 of Healin' Good Precure and here are my thoughts of this episode!

This episode is about the girls finding out that Asumi's presence is connected to her emotions with Latte. As seen at the beginning of the episode, Asumi was a bit overprotective over Latte which got Latte in a bad mood and Asumi started to fade away like a ghost. (And startled some townspeople)

Chiyu brought Asumi to her room and she suspected that Asumi might not understand the concept of "Like" and "Concern" that cause Latte to get angry with her. She told Asumi that she have to consider other people's thoughts which got her more confused.

The next day, the girls went to see Chiyu practising her high jump at school. Although Chiyu failed at her attempts, she was not upset and was more determined to get better and explained to Asumi that it is another form of "Like".

Shindoine who also received a Mega Part from Dairuzen used to create a Megabyogen from the Water Element Spirit. The girls minus Asumi went to battle but was overwhelmed by the Power-up Megabyogen. Asumi approached Latte and apologise for being inconsiderate which they reconciled.

Asumi transformed to Cure Earth and make quick work of the Megabyogen. The girls walked back as the sunset and Asumi told them that she has a lot to learn about the world around her...

This episode is how Asumi's emotions are connected to Latte and if Latte is upset, Asumi will get weaker and become a weaker presence like a ghost. Furthermore, Asumi isn't really that bright when it comes to human emotions or acting like one like how Asumi nearly ate a bun without removing the wrapper and somehow she ate everything without her realising it. 

Although Asumi makes up with Latte in this episode, it might be a weakness that the Byogen Generals could exploit if they find out about Asumi's connections with Latte. Did anyone think that the girls are getting beaten by the Power-up Megabyogen for the last few episodes and need Cure Earth's help to bail them out? Hopefully, it is temporary (which most likely is) as the girls are in need of a power-up to combat the Power-up Megabyogen.

Overall, it is an okay episode that develops Asumi's character and this week episode is Chiyu who is the voice of reason and next week episode is Hinata's turn as the girls goes to a petting farm with full of adorable dogs! Until then, stay safe and see you in the next episode!   

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Healin' Good Precure Ep 21 Review: My name is Furin Asumi!

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 21 of Healin' Good Precure and here are my thoughts of this episode!

Continuing from where we left off, the girls decided to head back home after two continuous battles where they realised Asumi has nowhere to return home. She even tried to sleep on the street which the girls stopped her.

Cure Earth joined the Walk!

Oh, dear! The Sky is Falling on me!

Nodoka decided to take Asumi back home to stay with her family and even cook up an excuse that Asumi is Latte's owner and she is from overseas. Of course, being a fish out of the water, Asumi knew zero about behaving like a human and mess up in the dinner and in the shower. 

Where did Asumi get that dress and why did she need to tie her hair in a bun?

Rabirn later told Asumi that Nodoka has just recovered from her illness and has not regained her full strength. The next day, the two girls decided to meet the others and along the way, Nodoka has some bruises on her hand after pushing Asumi to avoid a vehicle colliding onto her. Asumi could not understand why Nodoka help her and she explained that she just wants to help others since everyone around her help her recover from her illness.

Team Healin' Assembled!

Dairuzen created a Megabyogen from the Sunflower Element spirt and Guaiwaru came in and increase its power with the shards. The girls found them and went into battle. During the fight, Dairuzen realised what Guaiwaru is doing and pluck three shards from the Megabyogen.

Don't hurt my "Girlfriend"! (Do you think we should ship Nodoka and Asumi?)

Cure Grace tried to stop him and she felt pain when she blocked Dairuzen's punch. Cure Earth remembers about her injuries and immediately help her. Cure Earth told her her body suddenly reacted to help her and she kinda understands what Nodoka told her about helping others.

After purifying the Megabyogen, the girls celebrated with some of Hinata's fruits juices. Asumi asked Nodoka if having different experiences and encounters will change her which Nodoka agreed with her...

Finally, we have all four girls assembled for Team Healin' although I find that having all of them now so early in the season will make me think that there won't be any more new Cures joining them anymore. But I can excuse this season since the Pandemic already messed up everything around the world. 

As expected, Asumi behaves like a robot since she does not have any common sense to interact or behave like a human. She even called Latte Latte Sama which had Nodoka's parents baffled. But her failure to hold anything with a pair of chopsticks is priceless. (Her expression reminds me of those old school Shoujo manga characters with shocking expression)

But I like how Nodoka was very patient with Asumi and did not complain once about her actions. During the battle, Cure Earth somehow learn to help each other which is the first step for her to understand what it is like to be a human. 

From Guaiwaru's words, it looked like Batetmoda is gone for good which disappointed King Byogen however that didn't stop Dairuzen from learning about the shards and took three for himself and I am glad that the writers didn't forget that Cure Grace has a rivalry with Dairuzen which after several episodes of absence, the two of them face each other in this episode.

Overall, it is an all right episode for Asumi to finally to be part of the team with the generals finally doing something to even the odds. In the next episode, Asumi suddenly losing her presence! Was it due to Latte's feelings? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post! 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Healin' Good Precure Ep 20 Review: Cure Earth Descends from the Wind! Part 2

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 20 of Healin' Good Precure and here are my thoughts of this episode!

We continue from where we left off with Cure Earth arrived to aid the girls however she wants to bring Latte back to the Healing Garden and even tried to fly out of Nodoka's home hilariously!

Even Chiyu suggested it doesn't make any sense and the Healing Animals agreed that they should consider Latte's feelings on the matters. We already knew that Batetemoda has an agenda to become top dog and inform King Byogen about Cure Earth which he was filled with rage. (Which also suggest he knew who Cure Earth was in the past)

Guaiwaru was spying on Batetemoda in the previous battle as he was seen collecting shards of the defeated Megabyogen and Guaiwaru snatched the shards from him. Batetemoda himself kept one shard for himself which he later created a Megabyogen from the Sun Element Spirit and even boost its power with the shards.

The girls wanted to know Latte's feelings about Cure Earth when they were called away to battle the Megabyogen. But the girls were no match for the powered-up Megabyogena and Batetemoda. Latte told Cure Earth that she wants to help her friends to protect the Earth which touched Cure Earth and it created the new Wind Element Bottle. 

I don't have to tell my name to a scumbag like you!

Earth Kick!

Latte agreed to be Cure Earth's partner and she went into battle! Cure Earth took on Batetemoda while the girls tried to scan for the Sun Element Spirit. Cure Earth was untouchable against Batetemoda and she finished both the Megabyogen and Batetemoda with Precure Healing Hurricane. Guaiwaru watched from afar knowing about Batetemoda's true motives...

After everything went back to normal, Cure Earth agreed to stay with Latte on Earth. Nodoka suggested the name Asumi since it sounds like Earth in Japanese. Asumi liked the name and began her stay with the girls...

Looking at Queen Teatine and Asumi's dialogue, it seems that Asumi isn't really Queen Teatine's former partner but rather a creation from the Earth itself to aid the girls. Queen Teatine even mentioned that her former partner's name is Fuu and Asumi has no memories of her past. Furthermore, Asumi behaved like a fish out of water who sole purpose is to protect Latte and battle Megabyogen. 

Cure Earth herself is expected strong like all the Purple cures before her and she likes to kick a lot from her battle with Batetmoda and the Megabyogen. Healing Hurricane was created from her Earth Windy Harp which looks similar to Cure Passion's Happiness Hurricane which could even purify Megabyogen, unlike the other three girls which need all of them to take down one Megabyogen but hopefully, the four girls will get a new power-up soon since we are already the halfway point for this season.

Look like Batetemoda also beat the dust or did he? As we didn't see him revert back to his original animal form in this episode, there is a slight chance that he might return with a vengeance. 

The New Ending.

Asumi- Failure in using chopsticks!

Overall, a good episode to introduce Cure Earth/Asumi to the team but it is not over yet as Asumi has to learn how to behave like a human since she has no common senses at all. Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!