Sunday, January 17, 2021

Healin' Good Precure Ep 40 Review: The Longest Day Part 1

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 40 of Healin' Good Precure and Guaiwaru appeared in front of the girls after they defeated King Byogen!

Guaiwaru claimed his plan worked as he wants the girls to defeat King Byogen so as to take over his place. He then absorbed multiple Mega parts on himself and became King Guaiwaru. Shinodine and Daizuren also appeared and Shinodine did not believe that King Byogen is dead and immediately went off on her own.

Daizuren didn't really care who is in charge as long he gets to pollute the Earth. King Guaiwaru then battle the girls with ease. He even "thanks" Cure Sparkle for his plan as he purposely left a portal for the girls to enter in the previous episode. Cure Sparkle was shocked by her actions however the girls who are getting beaten make a hasty retreat further into the rocks.

The girls recovered for a bit. Latte could sense that King Guaiwaru has arrived in the city and started creating multiple Gigabyogens to pollute it. Nodoka told everyone they need to hurry back however Hinata blamed herself in the ordeal they are in now. She started blaming herself as she is always making mistakes unlike the others but the girls including Nyatoran told her that no one is perfect and she too has her good points that help the girls many times. 

Latte could sense some positive energy near the rocks and suggested they focus their energy on it to create a portal back to Earth. They found a small hill and transformed immediately. Daizuren has found them and tried to destroy the hill. But the girls managed to hold him off enough to use Healing Arrow to open a portal. Cure Fontaine, Sparkle and Earth entered the portal but Daizuren blasts the portal causing it to weaken. The three girls on the other side blast enough energy for Cure Grace to escape back to Earth.

The girls made it back to Earth where they saw the city being attacked by Gigabyogens and headed straight to stop it...

Well, we now know who is the backstabber of the generals and it is actually the Muscular Guaiwaru who actually used his brains to come up with this plan. But seeing this is the last quarter, King Byogen is not really dead and will probably return in his true form and maybe kill Guaiwaru for his betrayals. 

Seeing that this is also partially a Hinata focused episode, Hinata was in tears for falling into Guaiwaru's trap but the girls knew that Hinata is not to blame and Nyatora who is the best partner for Hinata knew that her naive will always get them into all sort of troubles. Despite how many times the girls were in trouble due to Hinata's blunder, they love her because she is too stubborn to give up. (Which is why most of the Yellow cures have the best development among the cures)

After that, it was just a race against time to escape from the realm. I was expecting Cure Grace having a showdown with Daizuren, seeing how he was smirking at her every time they meet which will probably happen in the next following episodes.

Overall, this episode is a closure to Hinata's arc as we begin the beginning of the end for our girls to battle King Guaiwaru. However, in the next episode preview, a shadowy figure appeared in front of them! Could that be King Byogen's real form? Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Healin' Good Precure Ep 39 Review: Healin' Good Precure vs King Byogen!

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 39 of Healin' Good Precure and the girls found a portal that leads to King Byogen!

Hinata had a dream that the girls become the heroes of the city and even turned the three generals into good people. Later she was late for an appointment with the other girls when she saw Guaiwaru coming out of a portal and the portal was left open.

The other girls arrived at the portal and felt this is the chance to defeat King Byogen. They entered the portal and after Asumi sprang a trap in the beginning, the girls followed the direction signs and finally met King Byogen!

The girls transformed and King Byogen started attacking Cure Earth as her presence reminded him of the original Cure Earth. The other three girls tried to help but nothing seems to work against King Byogen. He then created three spawns of his to battle the three girls and they were overpowered by the spawns.

King Byogen started taunting them especially the Healing animals as they recalled being the only survivors of the Healing Kingdom. But the girls overcame their pain and gave their partners the strength to move forward. All of them tried again to attack King Byogen and he is finally weakened.

The girls then used Healing Good Shower to defeat King Byogen and the girls thought they won. However, Guaiwaru reappeared with a smile on his face...

Looking at how this episode is played, I am guessing Guaiwaru will probably be the first one to go seeing that the girls will have to battle a power-up Guaiwaru which he named himself King Guaiwaru in the next episode. 

Of course, I don't expect that King Byogen to be defeat so easily by the girls since we have 6 more weeks before the finale. But this episode is also a Hinata focused episode since she is the one who discovered the portal and had that dream the night before. I also like how we also see the original Cure Earth and Teatine in the flashback and the same determination was shown by the girls and their partners in this episode. 

This episode is also a set-up for the next episode as King Guaiwaru started his attack on the city and Hinata blamed herself for what has happened. Can the girls especially Hinata overcome this ordeal? Not much more to say so until then, stay safe and see you in the next post! 

Monday, December 28, 2020

My Initial thoughts and hopes on Tropical Rouge Precure!

Hi, Everyone! It has been two months since my last post and if you think I kicked the bucket (Well, of course not!) I am still around but you can tell from the last few episodes of Healing Good Precure, I am not really keen in doing the reviews as it felt like fillers or rather episodes that were supposed to come out three months ago and now showing it. 

I felt that Toei doesn't want to waste those delayed episodes that were done already and aired it now which leave myself very uninterested. I will probably pick back the series once the final quarter begins but until then, let's talk about Tropical Rouge Precure!

So when the initial title was announced a few weeks back, my head was trying to guess what the theme of the show will be- since Tropical and Rouge are in the title, it most probably had to do with the ocean and beach for Tropical. For Rouge, I took a wild guess that it is probably fashion and sure enough, I was right about for this new season.

From what it was described in the synopsis which is about our new lead, Natsumi Manatsu moved to Aozora City and encountered a real-life mermaid named Laura and her companion Kururu who are finding the legendary Precures to battle an Evil Witch who has conquered Laura's kingdom in the ocean. 

It sounds too familiar like Happiness Charge and Go Princess's plotline but what this new season stand out was instead of a Pink Cure, we have a White (or Rainbow) Cure as the main lead! Natsumi will become Cure Summer (which Natsumi is the Japanese word for Summer) and instead of Pink hair, we are getting a Blond with shades of primary colours for Cure Summer. (Maybe because Zekaiger who is also a Multicolour ranger and it is also Super Sentai 45th anniversary next year, Toei might want to do something special between the two series)

Rounding up the rest of the cast, we have Suzumuru Sango who becomes Cure Coral (Sango is the Japanese word for Coral), Ichinose Minori who becomes Cure Papaya (Ichinose means Waves in Japanese) and Takizawa Asuka as Cure Flamingo (Takizawa means Graceful Waterfall). Probably interesting that this team doesn't follow the usual primary colours which I am okay with that as long as the story and characters are interesting enough. 

My only hopes that it doesn't get delayed like Healing Good and we will end up having storylines that don't make any sense or do not add anything into the whole narration of the series. From the way this promo picture look, the girls are holding their weapons which is another rod stick gimmick, I really want back my physical fights again. Healing Good has the issues of holding the stick on one hand and not doing much with non dormant hands or even their legs. Other than that, not much to say until we get a voice cast list and the first promo video to predict how the overall tone of the show will be. 

So who is your favourite cure for Tropical Rouge based on your initial thoughts? Mine is Cure Flamingo since I am a sucker for tough girls with a soft heart. Until then, see you in the next post! Happy New Year and hope for a better year in 2021!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Healin' Good Precure Ep 31 Review: The New Power! Healing Arrow!

Hi, Everyone! This is Episode 31 of Healin' Good Precure and let's continue where we left off when Mega Shindoine turned Maruyama Sensei into what is now known as a Gigabyogen! 

The girls were shocked at their teacher becoming a Gigabyogen and it overwhelms the girls in power that it forces them back to civilians form. After seeing how serious the Gigabyogen has infected the zoo, the girls went to confront it again at near the port and tried to use Healing Oasis to purify it.

However, it didn't work and the girls watched helplessly as the Gigabyogen continue its rampage. Cure Earth felt hopeless for the first time but Cure Grace told her not to give up as she know what it's like being a victim of the Byogen and how it took all her strength to overcome out and she told everyone that they cannot give up now for everyone's sake. 

The girls tried again to stop the Gigabyogen and somehow, the Healing bottles resonated with the Healing animals and it turned into a Special Healing Bottle. They used the new bottle and activated their new power- Healing Arrow and it also gave the girls a new outfit to match. (Did anyone thought of a syringe with this new item?)

They then used the new special attack-Precure Healing Good Shower and restored Maruyama back to normal. With their new powers,  the girls have a new resolve and Queen Teatine was relieved that the girls overcame their ordeal however King Byogen has other motives for this new development...

It has been a while since we saw Precures getting a new costume for their power-up episode which are usually reserved for finale or movies but I am pretty impressed with the girls' new costumes especially Grace and Fontaine who looked like Doctors. Sparkle her long curly hair and Earth looked more fashionable. I am happy that the Healing Animals also got to be part of the power-up as they are all lovable with their human partners. 

Since this is a power-up episode, it was expected that the girls failed the first time and using some miracle mumbo jumbo, everyone's feeling resonated with the Healing Bottles which granted them their power-up. Mega Shinodine still behaves like a bimbo and tried to impress King Byogen although I got a feeling that her new form won't last long since the other two generals have a rough idea that it is a bad idea to have Mega Parts inserted in their own bodies. 

Overall, a good power-up episode but I got a feeling that we might get one more power-up before the finale but then with only four more months left to end this season, Toei might have to cut down on filler episodes and jump straight to the final arc pretty soon. Next week, we are back at Chiyu's inn and her brother eagerly want to learn the family business with little success. Until then, stay safe and see you in the next post.