Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hugtto Precure Ep 47 Top 4 Moments: Crisis Descends! Part 2

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 47 and what happen next after George has abducted Hug-Tan?!

No 4: Old vs New!

Bishin began attacking the girls as Ristle summoned more Oshimaida to the field. The girls were outnumbered when suddenly Papple, Charalit and Daigan appeared to aid them in their battle.

Why doesn't Papple use more of her death ray from the sky more often?

A young Dr Trauma and probably his Biological Daughter...

Harry took the punch like a man!

Even Dr Trauma appeared in a giant robot and told Bishin that if you believe in Hope and Tomorrow, Love will follow suit. The four former employees managed to stop a blast from Ristle and Bishin and it gave Harry courage to stand up against his friends.

No 3: Love and not Hatred to Save a Soul!

Harry transformed to his beast form but did not attack his two friends. Instead Ristle was yelling with hate and grief over what has happened between the three of them. Harry make him understand he still love him as a big brother and as long they are alive, they can always start all over again.

Ristle finally admitted that he was wrong and grieved in Harry's arms. Bishin was more furious what has happened and transformed to an Oshimaida herself. He caught hold of Ristle and tried to strangle him but instead Ristle convinced her that he still love Harry and Bishin as a family.

How Sweet!

This gave the girls the chance to purify Bishin and the three hamsters finally reunited.

No 2: Team Hugtto vs George!

George created more Oshimaida on the field when Genos and her followers arrived to give the girls a ride into the Shadowy Figure. The girls arrived in George's lair where Hug-Tan is slowly weaken by negative energy.

George trapped Cure Yell in a cage and torture the remaining four girls into all sort of attacks. Cure Yell wanted to surrender in order to save her friends but the four girls remained her that Precures don't give up!

No 1: The Last Hope!

The four girls broke free with Cure Macherie and Cure Amour breaking the barrier surrounding George while Cure Ange and Cure Etolie breaking the steel bars of Cure Yell's cage. With enough will power, they succeed!

But it weaken them and George immediately release a trap door on the ground and the four girls fell into darkness but not without telling Cure Yell not to give up.

George changed the environment to a field of Craspedia and Cure Yell prepare to face him in the final battle!

As expected with the final battle, it was action all the way! With reformed characters by Papple and company to aid the girls and a final resolution between Harry, Ristle and Bishin. Although I felt Ristle and Bishin's change of heart was a bit rushed but since we only have 2 more episodes left, Toei just threw whatever things they can stick to resolve their conflict.

But the final battle with George was brutal as we finally get to see how George is capable of handling the girls since he has already dealt with Cure Tomorrow and her team in the future. I am suspecting it is the book that he was holding that is giving him his powers.

Cure Ange, Etolie, Macherie and Amour being tortured is similar to the first season of Sailormoon with the Sailor senshi minus Sailormoon using their last ounce of strength to protect Sailormoon. (But then Cure Yell has better character than Crying baby Sailormoon)

Even the last scene with the four Cures falling into darkness was dramatic as they now placed all their hopes on Cure Yell. With Cure Yell being the last hope, can she get through to George and save the present and the future? Until then, see you in the next episode for the final showdown!

P.S: Not much to say about the second trailer of Star Twinkle since it just added more scenes of Prunce and the rest of the trailer is same as the first one.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hugtto Precure Ep 46 Top 3 Moments: Crisis Descends! Part 1 (Plus Star Twinkle Precure Trailer Thoughts)

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 46 and this is the first post for 2019 and the beginning of the end for Hugtto Precure!

No 3: Happy New Year!

Saya love spicy stuff!

The girls were having their celebration for the New Year from playing games to eating sweets made by Hana's grandmother. Even Papple and company joined in the festivals.

Dr Trauma was invited to join Hana's family for the occasion and he went all daddy love on Ruru which embarrassed her.

No 2: Hana and George.

At the start of the episode, Hana was having a dream of her wearing a wedding dress and seeing pictures of people who inspired others. However George appeared in her dream and claimed that their efforts are in vain as people grew to be selfish and untrustworthy.

Later, Hana was in the same lift with George and he offered a bouquet of Craspedia which he claimed it means eternal happiness. (It is more to good health according to some sources) Hana rejected his bouquet and he started preaching of how humans have become selfish as a result of civilization advances and cause civilization to collapse.


George even claimed he froze time so that no one including the Precures from the future will not suffer any more pain. Hana tried to argue back saying that there is still hope for humanity after they managed to save people from their pain. But George insisted that it is futile and want Hana to remember how her peers humiliated her in her former school.

But Hana stood up and announced that she believe in her friends and the future before Saya and Homare came to her aid. George retreated and decided to go all out immediately!

No 1: Crisis Descends!

George make the Crisis Building landed near the beach and fired a beam at the town causing everyone to froze in time. The girls who are not affected by the time froze immediately went into battle to stop George and his hordes of Oshimaida!

The girls fought hard with the aid of the Mirai Pad and managed to clear a large number of Oshimaida. George turned the building into the Giant Shadowy figure from the early episodes and captured Hug-Tan.

Cure Yell tried to save her but was knocked back down and the girls were confronted by Ristle, Bishin and a new horde of Oshimaida...

So we are finally at the endgame as George's motives is slightly revealed. It looked like George lose someone very dear to him (Which everyone is probably speculating it is an adult Hana) and his idea of freezing time so that Adult Hana will not be taken away is probably out of desperation. But it probably drove him mad that he blamed the whole world for his pain. Even Dr Trauma mentioned to Ruru that George's ideals is a mystery and no one really knew what he is thinking.

George was further disgusted by how humans behave like savages and loathed at humanity destruction claiming they deserve it. But of course Hana being the optimistic and positive girl she is, does not believe that all humans are bad and people and the future can changed.

But that didn't stop George and he went all out freezing the townspeople and the girls has no choice but to battle him and his horde of Oshimaida. With Hug-Tan captured by him, can the girls save her and stop George's plan? Until then, see you in the next post!

Thoughts on Star Twinkle Precure:

We finally get a trailer for Star Twinkle Precure with our Pink Cure of 2019, Hoshina Hikaru aka Cure Star introducing herself. The trailer doesn't really show much other than seeing Hikaru meeting Fuwa and a silhouette of Hagoromo Lala and Prunce coming out of their spaceship. Plus a sneak peek of Hikaru's transformation of Cure Star!

Fuwa look cute but I still like Hug-Tan!

Is that real Flying Saucers!?

It looked pretty colorful and Hikaru sounds a bit too high pitched but it might grow on me after several times. The transformation item looked like a Quill pen and a pendant so if you lose one of it which I am guessing is the pen, you are screwed.

The Pendant has the symbols of all 12 Zodiac..


Star Twinkle has a lot to live up to since Hugtto Precure has outdone and improved many of the Precures cliches. My hope is that there is a return of physical fights as Hugtto Precure is still playing it safe. The villains and side characters hopefully are interesting enough like Hugtto Precure and a plot that doesn't involve time travel.

Cure Star! Our Pink Cure for 2019!

Until then, let's see how Team Star Twinkle fare when the show premise on 3rd February! (Yes, I am aware of the Precure Universe Movie but I am more focus on the main show itself)