Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 7: Donut Offerings?!

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 7 and we find a little bit more of Pekorin and Elder's world in the Ichigo Mountain.

This episode is a pretty weak one in my opinion. Basically after a failed attempt in making donuts,(Ichika forgot the baking powder) Elder mentioned that the girls reminded him of the fairies who stayed in Ichigo Mountain which is behind the town.

Pekorin recalled some painful memories of how her friends were attacked by Gummy and his cronies and a large explosion (no thanks to Elder) blew Pekorin out of the mountain and scattered her friends around the world.

Pekorin eating Pekorin?!

Ichika decided to cheer Pekorin up by making donuts again although the question why she want to do it herself instead of getting the rest to assist is really scratching my head? I get it that Ichika was the first to meet Pekorin and their connection is slightly stronger than the rest. Even though Ichika's plan was to make the donuts together with Pekorin while the rest watched from the sidelines but I felt that working together will get Pekorin realised she is not alone and her new friends will support her.

After making the donuts, Ichika and Pekorin went to Ichigo Mountain and offered the donuts to the fallen site. I was wondering Pekorin's friends are not really dead so the offering of donuts is really giving the wrong signal. (I get it that the donuts smell might attract Pekorin's friends but I think her friends might be attracted to more nicer food in town, just me saying)

Suddenly, a new bad fairy, Fueru appeared (Seriously how many of these bad fairies are there?) and Ichika transformed into battle. The girls also joined in and no group transformation or roll call? The battle was pretty one sided and Fueru was defeated.

Ichika suggested to make the Secret Bakery into a full blown diner after seeing a large empty room during their search for Pekorin earlier. The rest agreed and Ichika decided to name it Kirakira Patisserie...

Despite the weak storytelling, we do know that Ichigo Mountain is where Peokrin and Elder came from like some secret forest. (Although why no one ever reported of fairies singing and making pastries is another question?) Peokrin has similar character like Ichika since she also mess up her cooking but is hardworking as she want to meet the Legendary Precure Patisserie which is the queen like person in the opening.

Even Elder doesn't know where Gummy and his cronies came from and their true motives in invading the Human world. The fight scene in my opinion is very weak with Toei being pressured to make this season to be less physical which could be this season's undoing. Even looking at the sneak peek of the Precure Stars movie during the opening sequence, the Kira Kira team are doing their own version of Gorenger Storm and it was pretty lackluster compared to previous Team Attacks. (I could be wrong since it is only 15 seconds of footage)

Who are you? A certain Takarazuke Revue Actress...

Overall, a disappointment start after the first six introductory episodes but then Go Princess didn't get into groove until Twilight's appearance so I give it a pass this time around. Next week, the girls prepare to make Kira Kira Patisserie into a reality although how will anyone come to this diner which is in the middle of nowhere is another question? Until then, see you in the next post!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 6: Love Chocolat

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 6 and today is the introduction of Kenjo Akira/Cure Chocolat!

Ichika was feeling with anxiety after meeting Akira the day before which her father mentioned that Akira is their new next door neighbour. Ichika later nearly fell off the balcony (which seriously kids, don't try this at home) and was saved by Akira again making her all flustered.

When the other girls found out about Akira from Ichika, they decided to see her from Ichika's bedroom. (Although Yukari kinda of knew who Akira really is but just play along with the rest) Akira asked Ichika if she knew any store that sell nice chocolate and Himari immediately gave Ichika a good place in town to get it.

The girls left Ichika and Akira alone on their little trip and Ichika was a loss of words by Akira's presence. After getting the chocolates, Akira treated Ichika on any chocolate in the store and she took the heart shaped chocolate.

Ichika later learn that Akira has a younger sister, Miku who is warded in hospital and the chocolates are to cheer her up. Suddenly, a new general, Bitado appeared and try to snatch the chocolates from Akira. Ichika transformed but failed to stop Bitado from getting Akira's chocolates.

Himari and Aoi arrived too and they realised that all the chocolates in town were ruined by Bitado. Ichika decided to make new chocolates and took Akira to the Secret Bakery. With the four girls working together, the new chocolates was done and Ichika created a dog shaped chocolate which Akira called it cute. (Himari and Aoi then realised that Akira is knew the rest)

As Akira bring the new chocolates to Miku, Bitado appeared again and the three girls battled him. Cure Macaron also joined however Bitado is using his wings to knock them out, forcing Cure Whip to transform back to Ichika.

Akira then realised Ichika is Cure Whip and assured Ichika that she will protect her. Her feelings created the new Dog Chocolate Sweets and Akira transformed into Cure Chocolat!

Using her sense of smell, Cure Chocolat was able to catch up with Bitado and finally defeated him. Later that night, Akira thanked Ichika for the chocolates when Ichika's father mentioned that Akira is like a big sister. Ichika finally realised Akira is a girl and was totally embarrassed...

Hi Yui, want to be part of my Harem?


It is expected that Ichika's first love happened to be an Onee Chan and everyone knew about it except her. Poor Ichika. Never mind, that's life! How is the overall episode goes? Akira is probably one of the coolest Precures ever without her realising that her charm can melt any women just like how in the opening credits, Akira and Yukari arrived back in time to Noble Academy and Akira used her "Charm" to seduce Yui before Haruka and company arrived.

Yukari is also a teaser since she already knew who Akira is but like her whimsy character, she played along to see how everything play out. Even Himari and Aoi kinda of figure out Akira's true gender after Akira called the Dog Chocolate cute rather than cool.

What about Ichika? She sure pulled a lot of emotions in this episode. From anxiety to speechless and from lovable to embarrassment, today is a really an emotional roller coaster ride for the little rabbit girl! Especially after finding out that Akira is a girl, Ichika's expressions was priceless! But I am glad that it didn't drag on like how another "Usagi" had the hots for a certain Male dressed Female character and it lasted for quite a while.

Cure Chocolat is pretty fun in her first battle seeing that she used her sense of smell like a real dog to chase after Bitado and using platforms that is made out of chocolate to evaluate her up in the air. Although I find it odd that Cure Whip de-powered after being hit by Bitado while the others were perfectly all right but I am guessing it is for dramatic effects since Akira was touched by Ichika's love.

With the five girls finally assembled, we are finally getting to the real story as to why Peokrin and Elder escaped from their Kingdom and the true identifies of the Kirakira thieves. Until then, see you in the next post!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 5: Kimagure Macaron

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 5 and today is the introduction of the Onee-San of the group-Kotozume Yukari!

The girls were trying to play with the neighbourhood cat (With three stars on it's forehead) however it refuse but went towards Yukari who the girls were amazed by her presence.

Later, Himari showed Ichika and Aoi an article about Yukari and she happened to be a popular high school student who excel in studies and sports. Although adored by her elders and peers, Yukari felt something is missing in her life.

Ichika met her again and this time Ichika mentioned that she like a challenge that is given to her which Yukari immediately took fond of her. She brought Ichika around town however Yukari still doesn't feel any excitement. When the Macaron were all sold out after Yukari took interested, Ichika suggested that they make some Macarons themselves.

Danger! Yukari is on Angry Mode!

She brought Yukari back to the Secret Bakery where both Himari and Aoi were surprised by her visit. (Although Pekorin didn't mind getting cuddled by Yukari) After Yukari make some Macarons, they tasted it however it wasn't that good at all. Yukari immediately went back to the kitchen to try again however the results was the same.

Yukari want to try again but Ichika stopped her and explained that Yukari seemed to be having fun making sweets. Yukari quietly admitted and Ichika decorated a Cat Macaron for her to take home. Suddenly a new general, Maquillon (who has been going around eating all the Macarons in town) appeared.

You want it? Not in a Billion Years!

The three girls transformed in front of Yukari and she found out that Pekorin could talk. The three Cures tried to take down Maquillon but she was too strong for them. Suddenly Yukari stood up to Maquillon and told Cure Whip that she like her. (As a friend although this can go another way)

I want to be that Cat Macaron everytime Yukari kiss it...

You know, if she keep this up, she can get people into orgasms...

The Cat Macaron transformed into an Animal Sweet and Pact for Yukari and she transformed into Cure Macaron! As a cat, she is quick and nimble against Maquillon (She even cuddled Maquillon on the chin for a moment to weaken her) and finally defeated Maquilion.

Alert! It's a Trap Alert!
After the battle, Yukari find being a Precure is interesting and hope to see Ichika again. As Yukari left, Ichika bumped into Kenjo Akira who just moved into town...

If you wondering what Kimagure means in my episode title, it means Capricious or Fickle minded like a cat or rather how Yukari's character is. Yukari is an example of being the perfect person however she find that nothing in her life seems to excite her. Even the little scene of Yukari speaking English in class also mentioned that her life is boring where everything she does is less of a challenge to her.

But when Yukari make her first Macaron and failed, she took it personally and decided to try again. She nearly went all nuts if Ichika didn't stop her. But it showed that Yukari doesn't like to lose especially for something she never tried before in her life. (Earlier before she caught many prizes in the UFO catcher and she admitted that it was her first time)

But I like her moment when she faced up to Maquillon and claimed that Maquillon will not being able to defeat her in a billion years. As Cure Macaron, she moved like a cat and even had cat claws to simulate air blades. Although getting cuddled by Cure Macaron could melt anyone even the villains. (Beware the fingers of Macaron!)

Overall, a fun introduction for Yukari/Cure Macaron although I hope to see her having more emotions since she is more or less the cool Ojou Sama. Like something that she really hate and she burst out crying. (Like how Minami/Cure Mermaid has her weak spots in ghost stories)

As the final scene indicate, Kenjo Akari moved into town and Ichika's heart skipped a beat from her appearance. Will Ichika realize Akari is a girl or are we going all Yuri in the next episode? Until then, see you in the next post!