Sunday, February 18, 2018

Huggto Precure Ep 3 Top 6 Moments: Hug-Tan's Day Out!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Huggto Precure Ep 3 and Hug-Tan seem to be in a bad mood for some reason...

No 6: Hug-Tan can't stop crying and the Mirai Pad!

After Harry had a sleepless night trying to make Hug-tan to behave, the girls tried to help and Saya used her laptop to check that babies are curious for new environments and Harry introduced the girls with the Mirai Pad that could assist the girls.

Like I said, get a mobile phone. It is much easier to carry than a laptop.

Somehow the Pad seems to be pointing at a particular direction and from the streets, a garden and finally a petting zoo. (Although I am thinking that Saya should get a mobile phone with internet connection since bringing a laptop is not visible and where did she kept that laptop on her? Furthermore, does that laptop run on wifi or her own data plan? I doubt that a park has wifi connection either)

No 5: Lulu talks!

After two episodes, we finally get to hear Tamura Yukari's Lulu spoke in the episode as expected, Lulu spoke in a monotone voice and she behave like a computer with her brain processing the information. She told Charalit that the White Mirai Crystal will appear when the Precures are around as such Charalit went to look for his next victim to lure the girls out and even commented that Lulu is great part-timer. (So what does Lulu do when she is not working?)

No 4: Cool Nee-Chan Homare and let Mother handle the baby.

Homare step in to help the two girls after a grumpy salaryman complained of Hug-tan's crying. The girls also saw Homare has a weakness for cute things. Hana's mother Sumire and Kotori also arrived and Sumire managed to let Hug-Tan fell asleep. When Sumire asked where is Hug-tan's parent, Harry in his human form immediately claimed he is her father. (Which Sumire commented that Harry seems young to be a father)

No 3: Where is Hug-Tan's mother?

When Hana asked Harry where is Hug-Tan's mother, he told the two girls that Hug-Tan's mother entrusted him with her child and escaped using the White Mirai Crystal. His world was ruined by the Cryasse Corporation as everybody's futures were taken away and time stopped forever.

Harry also explained that they need to find the remaining Six Mirai Crystals (including Hana and Saya's Crystals which is a total of 8) in order to restore their world and save everyone. Hana had a shiver when she imagine the world around her will become like Harry's world if they failed.

No 2: For Hug-Tan and the Future!

Charalit created an Oshimaida from the grumpy salesman earlier and started wrecking havoc. The two girls transformed and battled it. The Oshimaida which is a balloon became larger after taking in more air.


But Cure Yell who was more determined to save Harry and Hug-Tan's world, punched the Oshimaida so hard and defeated it quickly.

No 1: Homare envied the Precure.

During the battle, Homare witnessed the girls' battles and saw how they could jump in the air with such grace and agility. Furthermore as everyone were at Hana's house, the Mirai Pad showed a figure walking away from Hana's house which so happened to be Homare...

There was some confusion of whether is it two or three Cures that Hana need to find based on last week's episode. In today's opening, Hana said it is three person which means after Saya/Cure Ange, there are two more Cures left-One is Homare/Cure Etolie and the unknown Fourth Cure.

Despite not having Homare to join the team yet, this episode actually gave us some motives for the girls to work to since they do not know what is the purpose of become a Precure.

Harry's explanation of Hug-Tan's mother, the destroyed Future and the White Mirai Crystal which is the Macguffin of the series since the Cryasse Corporation are also searching for it based on what Lulu told Charalit of the possibility of the appearance of the White Mirai Crystal. Furthermore, a total of 8 Mirai Crystals are needed to save the future which I am guessing every Cure will get two Crystals each.

We get to see Homare behave outside school and she is definitely the Tsundere of the trio as she talked back to the grumpy salesman and afterwards, she went all gaga over a guinea pig and later Hug-Tan. At least, we know Homare's weakness! The Mirai Pad seems to be pointing at her all these while but the two girls were oblivious to put two and two together.

The fight scene was pretty good and after knowing what Harry and Hug-Tan went through, Cure Yell became more determined to defeat the Cryasse Corporation and really gave a good one on the Oshimaida! Hana thinking of the possibility of their world ending up like Harry's world was pretty dark as people froze in time and turning into statues. (At least, it is not as dumb as Kiraru energy that is produced out of sweets)

Overall, a good episode with some interesting highlights and the race for the White Mirai Crystal is on! However Hana and Saya need to find their new comrades to begin so the scouting for the third Cure begin! What does Homare got to do with them and what is her reason for her laid-back attitude? Until then, see you in the next post! 

To those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, Happy Chinese New Year!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Huggto Precure Ep 2 Top 5 Moments: Oh My Angel!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Huggto Precure Ep 2 and how Saya become the Precure of Wisdom, Cure Ange!

No 5: A Treehouse, a Cool Looking Harry and the Cryasse Corporation

Hana was full of herself when the school were talking about Cure Yell's battle with the monster a few days back but she is forbidden by Harry to tell anyone her secret identify. Later Harry ordered Hana to use her Mirari Crystal to create a treehouse for their hideout.

Harry should belong to an all boys' idol group...

Harry also transformed to cool human Harry and he explained that the Cryasse Corporation is after the Mirai Crystals and their plan to wipe all futures on Earth. Hug-tan also require Asu power to grow up as she is a key role in the battles. (Of course, Harry didn't tell Hana everything in typical Precure fashion)

Oh yeah, Hana wanted to be a lone ranger and does not want to find the remaining three Cures which upset Harry...

No 4: Mountain Bluebird and a Newsletter.

Yup, the resemble is uncanny!

Hana saw Saya doing the school newsletter and Hana suggested to write about Cure Yell (which she drew an illustration of Cure Yell) and Saya commented that Hana's expressions looked like a Mountain Bluebird which Hana kind of felt odd about it. Later Homare saw the newsletter and giggle about the Mountain Bluebird too...

No 3: Saya's Encounter with Hug-tan.


Passed with flying colors..

Failed miserably...

Insert your Dio Brando "The World" Joke again!

Saya was attracted to Hug-tan's cries and found Hana taking care of her. Of course, Hijinks follow as Harry and Hana tried their best to hide the truth from Saya. Later Saya explained that a few days back, she did hear Hug-tan's cries in school and the next moment, everything around her stop moving which Hana too encountered the same experience in the first episode.

Saya also quote Mother Theresa's words of how no man is an island and more things can be accomplished if we help one another. Saya was impressed by Hana's straight forward, positive attitude while she was impressed by Saya's talents and kindness.

No 2: That Dream...

Before Saya was attracted by Hug-tan's cries, Hana had a strange dream where the future is bleak and a female voice told 3 shadow figures to protect the Mirai crystals and the female voice screamed in pain...What could it mean? A possible Future?

No 1: Descent! Cure Ange!

Hana, what about the whole secret identify thing?!

Charalit created a new Oshimaida out of a crane and both girls rushed to the scene. Hana being Hana, transformed in front of Saya which confused her more. However seeing Cure Yell fighting and remembering Hana's words earlier awaken her Mirai Crystal.

With it, Saya transformed into Cure Ange and aided Cure Yell. Together, they defeated the Oshimaida and thereafter, Cure Yell welcome her as Cure Ange...

This episode was an introduction to Saya's insecurities. Unlike Minami/Cure Mermaid who is a control freak, Saya is the goody two shoes who is almost Miss Perfect. However she has self confidence issues and probably everyone looked up to her like some Guardian Angel. (Pun intended) This will definitely bite back Saya in the future. (I could see it now)

As Harry explained how Hug-tan required Asu power to grow up, the dream that Hana had might be connected to Hug-tan since the female voice told the three figures who looked similar to Huggto Team so time travel is in the works? Someone called the Doctor!

Saya has a similar experience of time freeze when she heard Hug-tan's cries which Homare will also have a similar experience when her debut episode come up later. Cure Ange's transformation was really beautiful like Cure Mermaid and Cure Beauty.

When in doubt, throw a steel bar!

Her finisher "Heart Feather" looked a single palm strike like those martial arts movie which is pretty good. The physical attacks were neutral but then the Oshimaida is a crane who can extend his body to avoid physical attacks. But throwing a steel bar to knock the Oshimaida off balance is really Cure Ange's strategy. (The brain of the team?)

Furthermore, Cure Yell also learn that teamwork is important in Precure which I am glad that she didn't make a big deal about it after claiming earlier in the episode that she want to be the lone ranger.

The many faces of Harry!

Overall, a good introduction episode for Saya. Next episode, Hug-tan is throwing tantrums and no one knew what she want. Until then, see you in the next post!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Huggto Precure Ep 1 Top 6 Moments: The Precure of High Spirits, Cure Yell!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Huggto Precure Ep 1 and let's see this team of 2018 can make up for the last two seasons!

No 6: Nono Hana, 13 years old and a bad hair day!

She remind me of a particular Chunibyo character who like BL..

It is the first day for 13 years old Nono Hana as she tried to cut her bangs to make her more mature or in her words-more adult-like however it backfired and she messed up her bangs. After being teased by her young sister, Kotori and a delicious omelet rice made by her mother, Sumire, Hana rushed to school.

Hana tried to stop a baseball from hitting an old lady when time freeze and a baby's cries could be heard. (Insert your Dio Brando's the World Joke here) Hana got hit in the forehead but still offered to help the old lady with her belongings.

No 5: Meet Yakushiji Saya and Kagayaki Homare!

When Hana arrived late in class, she make a funny impression but was reprimanded by the teacher. Both Saya and later Homare find Hana very amusing. Later Hana heard the same baby cries again and went to the rooftop where the other two girls were.

Being the Class representative, Saya showed Hana around while Homare just laze around on the bench. To me, Saya is like Reika from Smile Precure with her gentle and kind demeanour and Homare is like the "bad" girl of the three as she acted indifferent when a teacher reprimanded her for being late.

Although the question is their school has a relaxed dress code as the students are allowed to wear a jacket or a hoddie to school. Based on their profile, Saya is a former child actress and Homare is a former ice skater but they seem to have drop out of it. We will know the reasons behind it in future episodes.

No 4: Meet the Cryasse Corporation-the villain group of the season!

When I first saw the backdrop of the villain group, I know many fans will remember a similar group from Yes Precure 5. The various generals whim and bickle of finding the "Future Crystal" and their boss(which he don't have a name yet) is probably one of the most angry boss ever as he ordered his generals to find the Future Crystal.

Anyway, the way they are organized, look like they are on a hierarchy scale with the 2nd in command, Restore asking for a volunteer to find the Future Crystal in which one of the them, a Kansai speaking Charalit offered to find it.

At least, the generals has more flare unlike last season and yes, I am aware that one of the general, Lulu is voiced by one of my favourite female Seiyuu, Miss Gothic, Tamura Yukari (Although she did not speak in this episode) and she is rumored to be the fourth Precure member. 

We also have Ohara Sayaka returning again after Go Princess and voicing a sexy general, Papple while Restore is voiced  by one of my favourite Male Seiyuu, Miki Shin-ichiro and I always enjoy watching him voicing villains especially total socialpath.

No 3: Look out! Incoming Baby!

That night, Hana saw something heading towards her at home and it is a cute baby which Hana named her Hug-tan and a talking Hamster, Harry. Although Hana fed Hug-tan with some milk, Harry felt she is not "worthy" and took off with Hug-tan.

No 2: The monster of the week, Oshimaida!

Charalit found a male student who is complaining of his teacher and drain his "Asu power" (Future Energy) which affected the whole school and created a monster, Oshimaida. Oddly enough, Hana and Saya are not affected by the energy drain and Hana saw the Oshimaida attacking Hug-tan and Harry.


Hana bravely faced the Oshimaida and somehow awaken her "Asu Power" which created a Future Crystal. Together with Preheart transformation item, Hana transformed into Cure Yell, the Precure of High Spirits!

No 1: Cure Yell's debut battle!

The Poms Poms are not just for show!

Cure Yell was able to adapt quickly with her new power and did a judo throw on the Oshimaida! She then used her special attack- Heart for you on the Oshimaida and purify it. Her attack is definitely a call back to various Precures who used a heart motif like Cure Happy and Cure Lovely.

After Charalit retreated, a magic spoon appeared and Hana's future crystal was placed on it. Somehow Hug-tan required Asu Power in order to grow up and Harry think there is still hope for the future...

So after Maho Tsukai has failed potential, Kira Kira threw all physical attacks, did the first episode of Huggto Precure blow me away? Yes and No. Yes is because I really like all three girls, with Hana being lively like Miyuki, Saya is like an insecure Rikka and Homare is probably the unique one as she has a interesting vibe. Although...since they are all 13 years old, Homare looked more like a high school student than a middle school student. (What did she eat to grow so big?)

Even the villains are fun to watch in their first appearance as they complained like a typical day in the office. If the villains base is in the city, wouldn't anyone notice that it is a front for an evil organization who want to ruin everybody's future? Their master or boss seemed like a person with anger management issues as he is hell bent in finding the Future Crystal or perhaps Hug-tan which is the macguffin of the series.


Cure Yell's debut battle was short and simple which I felt it is too fast. Cure Yell just judo throw the  Oshimaida to the ground and ended with her special attack. Which I hope this is not the case for the rest of the season. Hug-tan and Harry remind me of Chirron and Tart which there is nothing wrong with Hug-tan adorable as ever while Harry has a sharp tongue and threw the responsibility to Hana the first time they meet.

Overall, an all right episode with some potential and hopefully this season can make amends to all the issues from the last two seasons. Next week, Saya found out Hana is a Precure and she too joined the fight as Cure Ange! Until then, see you next post!