Sunday, October 14, 2018

SSSS Gridman Ep 2: It's always the Nice Ones!

Hi everyone! Let's continue the second episode of Gridman!

Yuta, Utsumi and Rika asked their classmates about yesterday's battle. But no one seemed to remember anything. Worse still, the trio noticed some of their classmates are missing and the remaining classmates does not remember having such classmates!

Look like Akane is a big fan of monsters from the Ultra Series...

Later Akane overheard Yuta mentioned Gridman and seem interested. She bumped to her homeroom teacher who didn't apologise to her. It was later revealed that Akane is the monster maker and is in cahoots with the Big Bad-Alexis.

The trio went to Rika's cafe and the man in black appeared who introduced himself as Samurai Calibur. He optimize Junk and Gridman was now able to communicate with everyone from the monitor.

The trio decided to find out more about the missing classmates and went to their homes. They were shocked to find their classmates were dead since middle school which freaked Rika since she interacted with them yesterday.

Rika also seemed to have issues with Yuta which Samurai Calibur told her she need to make the first move to communicate. Akane then created a new monster and planned to murder her homeroom teacher with it.

Clearly, this is from Ultraman but then Gridman did the same thing whenever he transform in the original series and it was Awesome!

The monster appeared and tried to kill the teacher. Yuta asked Gridman to aid him and he was given his henshin device-The Primal Acceptor and Yuta called out "Access Flash" to become Gridman (In Full power and primary colors!)

Gridman tried to finish off the monster with Gridbeam but Akane has countered it with a reflector that damaged Gridman. Rika asked Samurai Calibur to help Gridman and he too entered the monitor and become a giant sword for Gridman.

Gridman finished off the monster with the finisher-Grid End and saved the city. Although everything went back to normal, Yuta has doubts if defeating the monster will make any difference...

We got a reveal pretty early that Akane is the monster maker and it now make sense why she is in cahoots with Alexis. Akane is really a total psycho. Remember in the first episode that her offering of bread to Yuta was ruined by the volleyball players playing in the room and they were apparently killed by the monster's blasts?

It make perfectly sense that Akane want revenge on the girls and in this episode, she went way overkill trying to murder her teacher after he failed to apologise to her.

It also pay homage to the original live action series and Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad where the human villains-Takeshi and Malcom (respectively) were bullied at school and created monsters to take revenge against society.

We also learn more that Gridman and Samurai Calibur are allies and they have yet to explain further to Yuta and his friends the real threat in the city. Furthermore, no one has yet to explain why everything was back to status quo after a big monster battle. It is also creepy that the volleyball players were already dead long before and the trio were interacting them a day before. (This is going into X-Files territory. But then, Ultraman Nexus also did something similar with the whole cover-up matter)

Of course, Gridman was in full strength which explained why he has running in purple stripes in the last episode. But this episode looked similar to the live action series where Gridman used a sword and shield to defeat a similar monster. Only this time, Samurai Calibur is the sword itself and it is pretty bad-ass for the finisher!

Looking at the intro, we can tell that the remaining men in black will become weapons for Gridman in future episodes and one of them look similar to Akane. The outro also showed Rika and Akane in middle school uniform which might have some deep meaning between the two of them.

Overall, a great second episode! What will happen next as Akane will try to probe more about Gridman and what secrets does this world and Gridman have in common? Until then, see you in the next post!

Hugtto Precure Ep 36 Review: All Precures Assemble! Part 1

Hi everyone! The episode that has been anticipated since it was announced a few weeks back! We are getting an all star Precure special in conjunction with the upcoming movie! After watching this episode, I felt every moments was good so there is no best moments but a full summary on what is going on! Let's get started!

Our story start with Dr Trauma wearing a large robot suit and attacking Team Kirakira who are now  young adults but a beam from Dr Trauma shot them and turning them back into teenagers again!

The Pink Cures' Headbutt- A Precure Tradition!

At the same time, Team Hugtto were hanging out at Harry's shop and Hana gave everyone a friendship bracelet. Hug-Tan sense something wrong and a portal was created by her bringing Team Kirakira to their world.

Dr Trauma followed them also but Team Mahou Tsukai also came to the girls' aid. However Dr Trauma fired the same beam at Mirai and Riko, turning them back to teens. The three teams wasted no time and transform to battle. (Though it was funny that Yukari mentioned that their clothes did not fit their current teenage bodies and Ha-Chan used a magic spell to their own season casual clothes)

The three teams battled Dr Trauma and managed to damage Dr Trauma's suit. However he used the strange beam on himself and restore all the damages making him back at full health. But a screw came off and his suit fall apart! He realised that he went too far ahead of his restoration and retreated.

After the battle, Team Kirakira and Team Mahou Tsukai explained that Dr Trauma has earlier invaded their world and took all the Asu power from their worlds and rendering everyone trapped in time.

Homare is getting an extra dose of Cuteness!

The girls split into two groups hoping to find the other Precure teams before it get worse. Hana and Saya joined Team Kirakira and met Bunbee who has not eaten for three days. Bunbee explained that he joined Crisis as an employer but was harassed by his fellow colleagues. He even mentioned that Dr Trauma is creating a sinister device in his lab.

Homare, Ruru and Emiru joined Team Mahou Tsukai and met Love/Cure Peach while at the same time, Nozomi/Cure Dream met up Hana and company.

You are holding the Wrong Mascot!

Dr Trauma reappeared with more Oshimaida and the girls went to battle with Cure Peach and Cure Dream joining in. Suddenly Dr Trauma fired the strange beam all over the city and froze everyone in time. The girls survived due to creating barriers however Team Go Princess, Happiness Charge, Splash Star and Five Gogo are trapped in time.

At the same time, Team Max Heart also survived the beam and prepare for battle...

I know the first thing in everyone mind was how can this be possible? Why does the previous teams looked the same like shouldn't Nozomi and Love are young adults already? But then if it does happen, you probably will have a lot of adults running around in costumes.  (It will be a nightmare drawing adult version of your favourite teams!)

I am suggesting that Dr Trauma probably went to certain "fix points" in time where the previous teams were in their prime but then why did he went after Team Kirakira who are adults now? Too many questions with too little answers!

But it was fun to see the various teams interact and seeing Cure Dream and Cure Peach with modern animation (in HD) was a pleasure! Although why other teams couldn't join in and ended up being in frozen in time is probably due to schedule and budget. Hopefully the rest of the "frozen" team will have a line or two in the next episode.

Dr Trauma's plan is pretty ambitious and looked like George and Ristle were wondering if Dr Trauma's plan is truly foolproof since they have the technology to time travel. (Sound like a similar theme to Kamen Rider Zi-O)

It was also nice to see back Nozomi being her clumsy self and mentioned that Urara praised Saya's acting (Which make sense as Urara is also a child actress like Saya) and Poor Bunbee is still the butt joke of an evil organization. Love on the other hand taught Ruru how to do the Robot Dance (The song being played was Happy Together which has a robot dance at the start of the song)

Oh Cure Magical! Stop acting Tough!

Overall, I can't wait for the conclusion and hopefully we get to see all the teams together for this special episode! Until then, see you in the next post!