Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 7: Donut Offerings?!

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 7 and we find a little bit more of Pekorin and Elder's world in the Ichigo Mountain.

This episode is a pretty weak one in my opinion. Basically after a failed attempt in making donuts,(Ichika forgot the baking powder) Elder mentioned that the girls reminded him of the fairies who stayed in Ichigo Mountain which is behind the town.

Pekorin recalled some painful memories of how her friends were attacked by Gummy and his cronies and a large explosion (no thanks to Elder) blew Pekorin out of the mountain and scattered her friends around the world.

Pekorin eating Pekorin?!

Ichika decided to cheer Pekorin up by making donuts again although the question why she want to do it herself instead of getting the rest to assist is really scratching my head? I get it that Ichika was the first to meet Pekorin and their connection is slightly stronger than the rest. Even though Ichika's plan was to make the donuts together with Pekorin while the rest watched from the sidelines but I felt that working together will get Pekorin realised she is not alone and her new friends will support her.

After making the donuts, Ichika and Pekorin went to Ichigo Mountain and offered the donuts to the fallen site. I was wondering Pekorin's friends are not really dead so the offering of donuts is really giving the wrong signal. (I get it that the donuts smell might attract Pekorin's friends but I think her friends might be attracted to more nicer food in town, just me saying)

Suddenly, a new bad fairy, Fueru appeared (Seriously how many of these bad fairies are there?) and Ichika transformed into battle. The girls also joined in and no group transformation or roll call? The battle was pretty one sided and Fueru was defeated.

Ichika suggested to make the Secret Bakery into a full blown diner after seeing a large empty room during their search for Pekorin earlier. The rest agreed and Ichika decided to name it Kirakira Patisserie...

Despite the weak storytelling, we do know that Ichigo Mountain is where Peokrin and Elder came from like some secret forest. (Although why no one ever reported of fairies singing and making pastries is another question?) Peokrin has similar character like Ichika since she also mess up her cooking but is hardworking as she want to meet the Legendary Precure Patisserie which is the queen like person in the opening.

Even Elder doesn't know where Gummy and his cronies came from and their true motives in invading the Human world. The fight scene in my opinion is very weak with Toei being pressured to make this season to be less physical which could be this season's undoing. Even looking at the sneak peek of the Precure Stars movie during the opening sequence, the Kira Kira team are doing their own version of Gorenger Storm and it was pretty lackluster compared to previous Team Attacks. (I could be wrong since it is only 15 seconds of footage)

Who are you? A certain Takarazuke Revue Actress...

Overall, a disappointment start after the first six introductory episodes but then Go Princess didn't get into groove until Twilight's appearance so I give it a pass this time around. Next week, the girls prepare to make Kira Kira Patisserie into a reality although how will anyone come to this diner which is in the middle of nowhere is another question? Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. I think that butler dude with the white hair is the elder in human form, lol

  2. Why do they give guys eyelashes? First it was Kanata, now this fairy...