Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 6: Love Chocolat

Kira Kira to you! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 6 and today is the introduction of Kenjo Akira/Cure Chocolat!

Ichika was feeling with anxiety after meeting Akira the day before which her father mentioned that Akira is their new next door neighbour. Ichika later nearly fell off the balcony (which seriously kids, don't try this at home) and was saved by Akira again making her all flustered.

When the other girls found out about Akira from Ichika, they decided to see her from Ichika's bedroom. (Although Yukari kinda of knew who Akira really is but just play along with the rest) Akira asked Ichika if she knew any store that sell nice chocolate and Himari immediately gave Ichika a good place in town to get it.

The girls left Ichika and Akira alone on their little trip and Ichika was a loss of words by Akira's presence. After getting the chocolates, Akira treated Ichika on any chocolate in the store and she took the heart shaped chocolate.

Ichika later learn that Akira has a younger sister, Miku who is warded in hospital and the chocolates are to cheer her up. Suddenly, a new general, Bitado appeared and try to snatch the chocolates from Akira. Ichika transformed but failed to stop Bitado from getting Akira's chocolates.

Himari and Aoi arrived too and they realised that all the chocolates in town were ruined by Bitado. Ichika decided to make new chocolates and took Akira to the Secret Bakery. With the four girls working together, the new chocolates was done and Ichika created a dog shaped chocolate which Akira called it cute. (Himari and Aoi then realised that Akira is knew the rest)

As Akira bring the new chocolates to Miku, Bitado appeared again and the three girls battled him. Cure Macaron also joined however Bitado is using his wings to knock them out, forcing Cure Whip to transform back to Ichika.

Akira then realised Ichika is Cure Whip and assured Ichika that she will protect her. Her feelings created the new Dog Chocolate Sweets and Akira transformed into Cure Chocolat!

Using her sense of smell, Cure Chocolat was able to catch up with Bitado and finally defeated him. Later that night, Akira thanked Ichika for the chocolates when Ichika's father mentioned that Akira is like a big sister. Ichika finally realised Akira is a girl and was totally embarrassed...

Hi Yui, want to be part of my Harem?


It is expected that Ichika's first love happened to be an Onee Chan and everyone knew about it except her. Poor Ichika. Never mind, that's life! How is the overall episode goes? Akira is probably one of the coolest Precures ever without her realising that her charm can melt any women just like how in the opening credits, Akira and Yukari arrived back in time to Noble Academy and Akira used her "Charm" to seduce Yui before Haruka and company arrived.

Yukari is also a teaser since she already knew who Akira is but like her whimsy character, she played along to see how everything play out. Even Himari and Aoi kinda of figure out Akira's true gender after Akira called the Dog Chocolate cute rather than cool.

What about Ichika? She sure pulled a lot of emotions in this episode. From anxiety to speechless and from lovable to embarrassment, today is a really an emotional roller coaster ride for the little rabbit girl! Especially after finding out that Akira is a girl, Ichika's expressions was priceless! But I am glad that it didn't drag on like how another "Usagi" had the hots for a certain Male dressed Female character and it lasted for quite a while.

Cure Chocolat is pretty fun in her first battle seeing that she used her sense of smell like a real dog to chase after Bitado and using platforms that is made out of chocolate to evaluate her up in the air. Although I find it odd that Cure Whip de-powered after being hit by Bitado while the others were perfectly all right but I am guessing it is for dramatic effects since Akira was touched by Ichika's love.

With the five girls finally assembled, we are finally getting to the real story as to why Peokrin and Elder escaped from their Kingdom and the true identifies of the Kirakira thieves. Until then, see you in the next post!

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