Monday, March 27, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 8: Welcome to Kira Kira Patisserie!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 8 and the girls begin their first step in opening their new Patisserie!

Before I start my review, I like to answer the questions that some of you asked about where did I find out that Toei has been pressured to have less physical fights in Kira Kira Precure. I can't find the exact source so I tried to find the discussion post of this issue and this is one of them-

But I do remember that parents have been complaining to Toei that Precures has been getting more physical which is probably why Maho Tsukai and now Kira Kira Precure has less physical fights compared to previous seasons.

To me personally, if Toei can figure out a loophole to make the battles fun and interesting in Kira Kira, I am all right with it. But I think it is all right to throw a punch or kick here and there once a while just to spice things up. Furthermore, I noticed that the Kira Kira Team doesn't call out their special attacks which is a little boring. Calling out your attacks always sound cool and at least the fans will know what is the name of the attacks rather than calling it "Whip Cream or Custard Whip"

Hope that clear some things up and now on to the review!

When I previously saw the preview on this episode last week, I thought it was just the girls' mis- adventures in getting the Patisserie to open and we do get the girls' fixing the place up after blowing up a cake in the face. (Yukari sneaked away without a scratch)

Elder appeared as a Dandy Gentleman (Congrats, Brian Benjamin for getting it right!) and showed them the Kirakirau Pot which is basically magic foam and the girls were able to create various objects like furniture, decorations and even soap to wash off the dirt.

The girls also faced their first problem together-they don't really know each other well enough. Akira and Aoi accidentally smash a hole in the wall, Himari was scared stiff by the crazy housewives who hog the grocery store and Yukari was just doing things her own pace.

But everything change when a little girl named Emiru found their store and Ichika decided to help her since she is their first customer. Emiru wanted to get a special pastry for her friends who all have different tastes which Ichika promise she will get it done the next day.

As the girls returned home, Akira offered to help Himari in getting the supplies while Yukari suggested for Aoi to help up in the decors. The next day, Ichika was surprised that Akira and Himari got the supplies while Aoi used her raw strength to get the decor done with Yukari's help.

It got Ichika to come up with the Animal Sweets cake and Emiru loved it. However a new general, Spongen appeared and stole the Kira Kira energy from the cake. The girls immediately confronted him and they transformed together as a group!

Spongen was quickly defeated with the girls' teamwork and the cake was restored. As the girls finally got the Patisserie up and running, Ichika gave everyone a uniform and before the others could give an excuse to leave, Emiru brought her friends to the Patisserie and the girls welcome them...

This episode is actually the start of their friendship and bonding. The girls only knew each other for a few days (Give and take) and they don't really know each other strength and weakness. Like how Aoi and Akira who are both powerhouse actually cause more damages and how Himari who is shy by nature tried to get through the housewives (Never estimate the horde of housewives) with hilarious results. Yukari who is talented with her hands gave smart-ass remarks which I am pretty sure it is going to bite her back sooner or later.

Ichika is actually the glue that stick them together since her positive attitude is keeping them from leaving. Furthermore, she has good interpersonal and management skills like how she is going the distance to help Emiru in getting her pastries done. (If she keep this up, she could be a very fun loving manager!)

Elder being Dandy is hilarious as he tried to act cool despite his age and it was funny trying to hold a plate but it went through him countless time. Elder even suggested to Akira to be a Garcon (Basically a waiter to serve customers) which I am sure it will attract many female customers to the shop.

We finally get a group transformation and roll call and it was pretty short and sweet. Although the battle is just bare minimum like what I said in the beginning of this post. No calling of special attacks and the girls basically sprayed Spongen to submission is not what I called awesome. Hopefully when they get their new items (The mixer like staff), we can get some creative attacks and not a snooze fest.

Overall, I like the girls' interactions in working together the first time and with the new shop, they are ready for business. However as seen in the next preview, it is a slow start until the girls help a man in winning a girl's heart through the power of sweets! Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. By mixer-like staffs, do you mean the things they have during the OP that at the bottom look like a candy cane (Candy Rod) or the Sound Whisks?

    1. Yes, I am talking about that. Not quite sure what is the official name...

    2. The weapons during the OP are called the Candy Rod; It appeared on the toy website with that name and based on its toy release date it'll appear in episode 11.

  2. Awww, thanks for the shout out, lol. I enjoyed the episode for what it was, I think everyone bonded very well and learned things about one another they wouldnt have learned otherwise stuck in their respective groups (3 vs 2 click's) Im excited to see where this series goes