Sunday, August 23, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 29 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Secret of the Lost Keys Part 2

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 29 and how the girls are going to find back their stolen keys? (I have changed the title to Lost Keys instead of Sun Key since it is more of the girls finding the final keys)

No 3: Puff smell a Lead!

As Haruka and the others were pounding on their stolen keys by Lock, Puff had a dream that night which showed her a lead (in this case, smell a lead) to where the keys are. She told the girls and they entered the forest behind their school with Puff leading the way.

When Towa, Yui and the two fairies arrived at the beach after the forest, they realised that Haruka, Minami and Kirara were missing. In actual fact, the three girls were led to another path and entered a strange but familiar place where they were greeted by three different girls who were dressed like princesses.

No 2: Legacies from the Past!

The three princesses invited the girls to tea and started asking what their dreams are. They replied back their dreams however they had lost the will to move on because of "something" they lost.

Suddenly, a Zetsuborg and Dyspear appeared to attack them. Everyone fled however Haruka and the others stayed behind to allow the princesses to flee. They got caught by vines but their willpower managed to break the vines with a new resolve.

The three princesses then granted the girls a Dress Up Key and they quickly transformed to battle. After dealing with the Zetsuborg and Dyspear mysteriously retreated, the three princesses were revealed to be the previous Princess Precures from Hope Kingdom.

They explained that the girls have entered a world of memories and this place was once the Hope Kingdom. Because of their stolen keys, the girls felt despair which affected them too. But now they got a new resolve, the previous Princess Precures granted them new keys-Sakura, Sango and King Key to the girls. They also told them that a powerful Darkess will be arriving soon and they must be vigilant...

No 1: Behold! The Zetsuborg Flying Fortress!

Lock used the stolen keys to power the Despair gauge and turned the entire castle into a flying fortress. When the girls returned to the real world and reunited with Towa and the others, the sky cracked open a hole and revealed the Zetsuborg Flying Fortress on Earth!

The girls were speechless at the sight of the fortress...

What an episode with the introduction of the previous Princess Precures and how their pep talk gave the girls the courage to overcome their despair. Despite this plot line has been done to death for many anime series and TV shows, (Especially Toku shows) I like how the girls used their willpower and resolve to overcome their weakness.

Although I was a bit disappointed that the Previous Princess Precures just stood there with no action scene but I am surprised that they got back Fujita Saki as Chieri/Previous Cure Flora, Yukino Satsuki (Cure Melody's mother) as Yura/Previous Cure Mermaid and Shimizu Kaori (Another School Rumble Alumni) as Sei/Previous Cure Twinkle. Their civilian forms turned me on and their Precure forms were similar to Haruka and the others but their hairstyles and flare were unique from them.

Cure Scarlet is on stage for this week's ending!

Overall I gave this episode a B minus. The battle was expected and probably Dyspear was just an illusion to test the girls. But now the girls had a major pitch at hand since Lock had brought the entire castle into Earth and it is powered by Zetsuborg energies and the stolen Dress up keys! Can the girls get back their keys and face Lock in a battle to save the world? Find out what happen next in the next episode! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. by the preview i think the next episode might be the final battle against lock

  2. Massive episode and it paved way to an even bigger episode next week! Puff played a crucial role in aiding the Princess Precures (How's she training to be a mere " maid apprentice"?), and I hope she will be more vital to the story. So Haruka and co. met their previous seniors to obtain another set of Keys, while Lock is gearing up his plot much faster than anyone anticipated by turning Towa's home (Hope Kingdom palace) into a montrous Zetsuborg using the Keys he stole from three damsels-in-distress (and Shut could only stand by and watch)! It's wicked alright, but not the fighting this week, it's quite random and again Flora and others used their original Mode Elegant to fend off the Zetsuborg.

    Next week, Scarlet have no choice but to fight her home and for Haruka, Minami and Kirara, good luck retaking your Keys without your transformation! Let's get hyped up and gokigenyou all!

  3. If you ask me, I think Lock is going to be defeated like close was in the next episode.

  4. Actually, the new keys are Sakura (cherry blossoms), Sango (coral), and Ginga (galaxy) - each completely fitting the girls' own motifs.