Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Robot Girls Z Plus Ep 4 Review: The Naked Truth!

Hi everyone! This is my review of Robot Girls Z Plus episode 4 and the powerful Pikadron appeared in front of the girls!

Continuing from last episode, Pikadron challenged the girls to a battle. Geccha and her team tried to take her on but she keep absorbing their energy based attacks, Suddenly Pikadron shot a beam which reveal their weakness and they were defeated.

Team Z and Team Gou tried to stop her but failed. Gai Chan suggested to combine their powers (Actually Gai Chan took her two team mates armor parts by force) and she became Gai Chan the Great (Based on Gaiking the Great) However Gai Chan is pretty dumb and keep on using all her energy based attacks which deemed useless.

Suddenly Gai Chan activated Take Off the Great Mode (Which is actually Face Open Mode) which got Pikadron freak out at the sight of it. Gai Chan then used Burning Deadstorm which revealed Pikadron is wearing a power suit and it is connected to a truck. Bossborokko found a wire connected to her and a group of people are actually powering the suit.

Geccha got mad and used Shining Spark to defeat Pikadron and after that, everyone teased Geccha of her weakness...

Liger Sama can't read Kanji...

Po Chan is a fan of a constant defeated baseball team..

Geccha at home..?!

No comment!!!

This is a pretty funny episode especially seeing what the girls' weakness are. The only ones we didn't see are Team Gou and Grenda's weakness which spooked Pikadron. (Could be something so bad that they have to put mosaic in it) Geccha's weakness is a bit of surprise as she is not really a rich lady but actually wore simple clothings and behaving like a nerd at home.

Gai Chan is pretty awesome since we got to see Gai Chan the Great form although she is a complete idiot who keep using the same kind of attacks over again. If you want to know, Face Open Mode in the original is removing the face plate on Gaiking and revealing the internal parts of it. It is pretty scary at first but you get to use it.

Of course, Bossborokko saved the day by revealing Pikadron's power source and the group of people in the truck are victims who suffered the Robot Girls' constant attacks every day and ruining their business. Can't blame for being mad against the girls' collateral damages on them...

Overall, a fun episode to watch! Until then, see you next month!

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