Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 28 Top 3 Moments and Review: The Secret of the Lost Keys Part 1

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 28 and today the girls went to have some Sun, Sand and Sea at a private beach!

No 3: The Sun, the Sand and the Sea!

The girls arrived at a private beach resort on a island owned by Minami's family and the girls enjoyed every moment of it! From playing beach volleyball, making sandcastles, cutting watermelon and every activities under the sun. However Towa has a secret that she refused to say to everyone...

No 2: Towa and Yui's Pep Talk.

Yui told the others that she can't swim and went to do some drawing. Towa who can't swim either was too scared to admit and ran off. (Although Minami and Kirara could guess that she can't swim in the first place except Haruka who was surprised)

Towa saw Yui holding her sketch book and was amazed that Yui drew beautiful pictures of them enjoying the Summer holiday. Yui admitted that she admired Haruka and the others as Precures and despite unable to fight, she is glad to have friends like them and hope they will be together. Towa also admitted she can't be honest like Yui and too admired her courage.

No 1: The Stolen Dress up Keys and the Appearance of a New Key!

Lock appeared and turned Yui into a Zetsuborg depsite her trying to fight it. Towa went into battle as Cure Scarlet while the other three girls faced clones of Lock who took them on. Despite battling alone, Towa managed to gain enough strength after the Zetsuborg nearly crushed Yui's sketch book and defeated the Zetsuborg.

Meanwhile, Cure Flora and the others defeated Lock but he created shadows and went through the three girls before retreating. Because of the bond between Towa and all her friends, a new Dress up key appeared from the sketch book. Towa suggested that Yui is like the Sun to them and named it the Sun Key.

It was then Haruka, Minami and Kirara discovered that their keys were stolen by Lock...

Cure Twinkle take center stage in the ending credits!

I thought this episode will be another filler but instead it is the start of a new arc-The appearance of the Sun Key! So before we go further, I realised that the last five episodes including this one centered around Towa's bond with Haruka, Minami, Kirara, the two fairies and Yui.

As what Towa explained during the fight, after her advent as Cure Scarlet, she learned what is like to have friends. From Haruka who offered her hand to save her soul, Minami who told her not to fear the darkness, Kirara who is there to give a cheer and Yui whose honesty got Towa to respect her. The bond that they had created the new key-The Sun Key but what does it do?

However we got bigger problems as Lock used the oldest and overused trick to defeat the Precures! By stealing their transformation items, the girls are defenseless now. (Gee, I didn't see that coming like from a certain Spring Carnival Movie which I hope to talk about it in the future!)

Overall, I gave this episode a B since now the girls have to figure out what to do without their keys. But they discovered a lead which led them to the school's forest and met three special girls. Who are they and what is their connection to the Sun Key? Find out next week for the continuation of this arc! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. Good review, Im falling in love with Yui more and more each episode. I hope they dont do to her what they did to Seiji last season and turn her evil, its already been done...dont do it again.

    You should have seen the chat room while I was watching the ep. As soon as that Sun key appeared and Towa was holding it in front of Yui, everyone including myself were like "Do it! Take the key, turn into a precure!" But ofcourse, that wasnt going to happen, lol.

    I actually think her not being of precure status and actually being able to help the girls out is more meaningful...it shows she dont need all that extra stuff to make a difference.

    As far as Lock and his clones stealing the keys, I thought that was clever, even if it has been done before...when the green one first appeared, I thought my computer screen was messed up, lol

    Next episode looks interesting, and those 3 girls, some say its the past precure, others say, its the keys spirits...I think Imma go with the latter of the 2, seems more logical but I could be wrong. Regardless, Im excited to see who they are and what they do and if they are the past precure, I hope theres a transformation sequence just like how they did with Aloha Precure. C'mon Saturday, hurry up!

  2. So fire isn't truly compatible with water at all, as Towa, the "true and genuine" princess possess tons of talents apart from swimming XD And I wonder if everyone noticed how Kirara looked at Wataru, that might be hinting that a love story is budding (OMG, as if Haruka X Kanata / Yuki isn't enough, we might witness "Kaido Kirara" in case they fall in love and get married? Minami, your sister-in-law is right next to you XD)! Yui, oh man, your dream to draw a picture book based on Princess Precures... Just do it! Once that book is complete, I'll buy one for my children!

    And Lock, good job stealing the Keys like how the most useless villains (Odoren & Utaen) of the Precure universe in Spring Carnival did, but next episode's gonna be cracking! Three mysterious girls are rumored to be former Princess Precures, is that for real? Perhaps a new arc is about to unfold! Gokigenyou all!