Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 4: Kiss under the Moonlight

Luna began to research on Mamoru and wonder if he is a friend or foe. The next day, the girls learned that Princess D from D Kingdom is preparing to reveal her country's treasure which could be the Silver Crystal.
While the four dark kings are plotting to get the treasure from Princess D, Usagi saw her father is invited to the revealing of the treasure at a poshed mansion. She used her disguise pen to create a ballroom gown and together with Ami and Rei, they headed for the party.
However Usagi went ahead while Ami and Rei went to find Princess D's room. Usagi met up with Tuxedo Kamen in the masquerade dance party and she was swept all by his pressure. She also felt a sense of nostalgic warmth from him while they are dancing together.
Meanwhile, Princess D's assistant revealed herself as Nerphrite and he control Princess D with her power. She ran out causing amok in the party as Ami and Rei transformed. Usgai was knocked over the ledge from Princess D's shoving but was caught by Tuxedo Kamen. However he couldn't hold his grip and they fell.
Luna instructed Usagi to use the magic pen to create a Parasol and they landed safely. Tuxedo Kamen took his leave and Usagi transformed to Sailormoon. She got a new tiara after her previous one got burnt in the last battle and could sense warmth from Tuxedo Kamen. The three guardians tried to stop Princess D and Tuxedo Kamen told Sailormoon to use her tiara's power to defeat the darkness.
She used it and Nerphrite revealed himself. He reunited with the other three dark kings who announced to the girls that they will use the Silver Crystal to revive their Lord and they retreated. Ami and Rei transformed back but Sailormoon who was too tired took a nap on the balcony.
Tuxedo Kamen kissed her on the lips but Luna interrupted them. She demanded to know what is his motives however he leave her in riddles and left. At the same time, Kino Makoto is running in the rain and claimed a storm is coming...
We have a sort of filler episode this week about the treasure from D Kingdom (which is not the Silver Crystal but a crystal statute of the first queen) However Usagi felt something nostalgic from Tuxedo Kamen which every hard core Sailormoon fan will know the reason why. I realised that the battles are pretty short and one sided since the girls could easily defeat their enemies with one hit kill. But with Kino Makoto aka Sailor Jupiter joining next episode, there could be some unarmed combat from her since the others are not really brawlers.
Overall, an okay episode but I am waiting for the next episode with this blogger's one of his favourite sailor senshi, Sailor Jupiter debuting next. Until then, see you next month!


  1. This is not a "filler" I mean, is on the manga.

    1. I know it is from the manga but to me, it didn't really move the story further other introducing the 4 dark kings to the girls and a teaser of Makoto.

  2. If the plot follows exactly in manga, there is no such thing as filler ep in this series. Actually, this is an important ep for Usagi and Mamoru to build up their relationship with nostalgic feeling.(their romance is considered as main storyline) To me, the old anime ver is better than this one, even the manga one because old anime had fixed those unreasonable scenes in manga, such as the umbrella, in old anime, the umbrella is already with Usagi when she changes to Princess, which avoid the weird change from a pen to umbrella. Also, in old anime, at the end, Sailor Moon won't just sleep there, the writer does give a proper reason to make her sleepy + meet Tuxedo Mask.