Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 28: The Coldest Day in Hawaii!

Cure Honey went to France on Blue's request and aid Merci Precure in her battle. The others learned about from the Weekly Precure News and were envy about her.
This week is everyone's funny bone-Cure Marine! Heartcatch Precure Complete!
Although Hime was worried that Yuko might leave the team to go international. Suddenly Aloalo from Hawaii came through the portal requesting for help to aid the Aloha Precure team.
The girls volunteered to go and help and Blue allowed them to enter the portal. When they arrived, the whole island is covered in ice. They saw Aloha Precure-Cure Sunset and Cure Wave got defeated by the Saiark and it's general, Madam Momere After the Saiark left, the girls brought the Aloha Precure back to their home.
They introduced themselves as Ohana and Olina, two sisters who are in charge of Hawaii against the Saiark. However their constant failures resulted in the whole island covered in snow. The two sisters couldn't work together which Iona tried to preach them. Yuko stop the argument with a hearty meal which they all agreed it is delicious.
Yuko gave them a pep talk and the two sisters tried to work together again. Suddenly the Saiark are back and everyone transformed to battle. Cure Princess and Cure Fortune defeated one Saiark but the Aloha Precure have problems battling the other. The Saiark attack them with a flying staff which Cure Wave shield her sister from it.
Madam Momere taunted them into giving up however Cure Sunset insisted she will accept her sister's weakness and defeated the Saiark. Cure Honey restored their health and the Aloha Precure defeated the Saiark with their attack-Hawaiian Lei Afua.
The island was restored to it's sunny atmosphere and the girls enjoyed a wonderful dinner from the two sisters. They bid farewell and Cure Honey claimed her place is with Happiness Charge Precure. Blue watched everything from his mirror and wondered if the girls are ready to accept the great power-Shining Make Dresser from the Axis box...
It was interesting to see other Precures around the world. First Merci Precure from France is still solo from the last time we met. Don't they know that Precure work better in pair or more? No one worthy in France? (No offence to the French viewers!) Aloha Precure were pretty all right since they are probably the second sibling Precure team in history. (Cure Fortune and Cure Tender are the first sibling Precures) Their powers looked similar to Splash Star although their finisher looked like a weaker version of Spiral Splash.
The episode is the usual sibling rivalry but in the end, siblings care for one another and overcome the problems which is the Saiark. Madam Momail gave me the creeps, I wonder why Queen Mirage hired such a person to be a general but them all the generals in the Phantom Empire are eccentric...
If our four precures represent the four colors on the box, then who is green and yellow?
In the next episode, Blue want the girls to go training for the new power-Shining Make Dresser. However Megumi has to overcome her feelings for Blue and why is Hime wearing her ceremonial dress and holding the same item as Queen Mirage of the past? See you next week to find out!


  1. I always thought those colors stood for the groups form changes, except Fortunes ofcourse because she uses a different device than everyone else

  2. Well, about the final image (the one with the subtitle of the enxt episode, maybe no precure are represent in gren and orange (yellow is Honey, I think). Is the same with Smile Pact. It has orange and purple but no precure is on that color (red is sunny)

  3. I think the colors are as follow:

    Red: Cherry Flamenco
    Yellow: Lollipop Hiphop
    Green: Macadamia Hula-Dance
    Blue: Popcorn Cheer
    Purple: Sherbet Ballet
    Orange: Coconut Samba

  4. Curious? I noticed that the shining dress form wings are almost the same as those on Queen Mirage, whose are black.