Monday, September 10, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 30: Around the World in 24 Minutes

Akane asked the others have they went overseas for a holiday. Miyuki want to go to France to see a real castle, Nao want to go Mongolia to run on the fields, Akane want to go to Taiwan to taste the delicacies, Reika want to see the Great Wall of China and Yayoi want to see the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Candy told them they could if they used the Magic Bookshelf. They prepare themselves and went to their first destination-France. Next, they went to Taiwan and had some noodles. Then to Mongolia, China, New York and several others.

Welcome to Magic Bookshelf Airline!

Maybe we can catch the Avengers flying past here!
To my America viewers, do your country really sell such hot dogs of this size?

(You can read Kokoda Koji's review to know more details. Yes, I know Nao is eating something every place they went to)

Yayoi: I heard there is a Kamen Rider staying in the Amazon!

It's Mega Piranha!!!

Joker told Aka Oni to defeat the Precures and snatch the Decor box. The girls were at Amazon when Aka Oni showed up. He sucked the Bad End energy out of the wild life around and turn a Piranha into an Akanbe.

The girls transformed to battle. The Akanbe swollen up Candy and the girls tried to save her in the water. However they could not move well in the water and fall back. Candy who is in the Akanbe's stomach used the dolphin decor on the girls and they become Mermaid Form.

Science 101-Never use electrcity in the water!

Cure Sunny tried to use Sunny Fire but it was weak in the water. Cure Peace used Peace Thunder and everyone got an electric shock including the Akanbe. Candy escaped and the girls forced the Akanbe to the surface.

They transformed to Princess Form and defeated the Akanbe. They also gained the last two decors but Joker is watching them and is holding a strange black ball.

Your new toy to sell!

The girls returned to Miyuki's house and placed the last two decors on the Decor box. A strange looking clock appeared in front of them and they wondered what is it...

After 20 over episodes, they finally used the Magic bookshelf and what do they do? Go on a free trip around the world. (Sure beat taking the plane) It was nice to show different landmarks in a country and yeah, I was aware where did they change their currency in every country they went? (It's anime magic!)

Reika should become a tour guide or a host for documentaries as she is pretty knowledgeable. I know Nao love to eat but this is a bit excessive. I could think of two things why she is like that. One, she just love eating. Two, coming from a not so-well-to-do family, she miss a lot of things in her life and to her, food is like a blessing. (I like to think it was the latter)

Finally all the decors has been found. But being this is a show to sell toys and it is in their contract for the show to run for a year, we got the Royal Clock item that I am guessing the Royale Queen want them to collect more decors. You know for an almost god like character, don't you want to be revive and stop Pierrot and live happily ever after?

Next week, we got a new type of Akanbe which is Kurobe and Candy went missing again! Oh yeah, we will reveal what does the Royal Clock does because we run out of time this week!

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  1. Yes, we do! And in New York City, Detroit, Chicago and in various places in New Jersey!

    And we even make them decked out with even more stuff than seen on that episode.