Monday, February 9, 2015

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 43 and Ep 44 Review

I finally get to see the two latest episodes and it is the conclusion of the Baron Blood arc and the arrival of an underrated Marvel character!

Baron Blood sent his vampires army to attack Akira and the others. Blade and Iron Man hold off the first wave but the mind controlled kids tried to force them to surrender. They even called out the other Avengers but Blade told them to play along.

Akira told the Avengers to transfer their energy to Hikaru and the others which broke the mind control. Hikaru called out Nova and together with Blade, defeated Baron Blood. After the battle, Blade claimed the dark dimension where Akira's father is trapped is filled with unknown evil creatures and Iron Man decided to abandon the idea of making the dimensional portal.

Akira was upset about it however later that night, he heard his father's voice coming from the machine and he accidentally released a masked man into the lab. The masked man was Ronin and he stole the dimensional sphere. Iron Man accidentally touched the sphere during the fight but didn't feel anything.

Ronin escaped and went to the Celebrity Five and Loki claimed he send Ronin to fight the Avengers. They went on a robbery spree, stealing ancient artifacts belonging to former rulers. Iron Man could sense where they are and they arrived at Loki's old lair. Ronin battled Iron Man and his speech pattern sounds familiar. Before he could probe more, Ronin and the Celebrity Five escaped and Iron Man suspected Ronin could be Akira and Hikaru's father Nozomu...

I really enjoyed the Blade story arc and he is a bad ass, taking on waves of vampires and even hold on his own against the Avengers. The battle with Baron Blood was quick and swift and Blade sealed him quickly after he was defeated. But the show stopper was Ronin which I was actually surprised to see him in the series.

For what I remembered, Ronin appeared in the early issues of the New Avengers comics and was worn first by a deaf female named Echo then Hawkeye wore it too and Blade even wore the suit once. For this series, Ronin is a male and the moment he open his mouth, I already know who he was behind the mask. For fans of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive will knew that Ryu Hayabusa was voiced by Hideyuki Hori and he also voiced Nozomu and Ronin. (It is not really a spoiler if you played the games before hand)

Expect Ronin to talk, move and talk like Ryu Hayabusa in future episodes. But how did Loki turn Nozomu into Ronin and what is this evil force in the dark dimension that Blade mentioned about? Which Marvel Supernatural characters do you think is residing in the dark dimension?  My guess, Mephisto or Dormammu. Until then, see you in the next episode!

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