Sunday, March 17, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 7: Cure Sword's Secret Part 2

The girls landed in the desert and were shocked by the giant scary figure. Makoto told them that is the Jikochu King and they are now in the former Trump Kingdom.

The mascots got separated from the girls and Davi took charge of them. They decided to head for the palace hoping they will met up with the girls. Along the way, Davi and Makoto explained the reason of the downfall.

I find their kingdom similar to an Arabia or Greek country...

The Queen looked Great...(Doujin Artists, Do your duties!)

The Trump Kingdom was a peaceful country ruled by a kind Queen and Cure Sword is her protector. However one day, the Jikochu invaded the land and turned the people into Jikochu monsters. The Queen and Cure Sword tried their best to defend but failed. The Queen used her last strength to seal the Jikochu King and is weaken.

She send the new mascots to seek out new Precures through a magic mirror. Mammo tried to capture her but Cure Sword interfered. They tried to escape into the magic mirror but Bel fired magic glasses at them. The Queen stay behind leaving Cure Sword landed on Earth.

The New Eyecatch

Makoto's reason of becoming an idol is hoping her song can reach the Queen which she believe she is on Earth too. Mana told her they will help find the Queen since the Jikochu trio has yet to find her.

They were suddenly attacked by hordes of Jikochu frogs and they make haste. Makoto nearly fell off the bridge but the other three grabbed her hands and pull her up. They finally arrived at the palace and saw Bel holding the magic mirror.

Assemble! Four of a Kind!

He smashed the mirror claiming there is no way back home however Mana bragged that if Bel can freely enter the human world, all they have to do is make him transport them back together. The mascots have also arrived and they quickly transformed.

They tried to take down Bel but he was too strong. Cure Diamond suggested to work together which they did and injured Bel. The girls found a small piece of the magic mirror and tele-ported back to Earth.

They finally did the similar pose from Kamen Rider Blade! (Except they joined hands rather than punching it)

They landed back on Earth and now with a new purpose, the girls swore to find the Queen and restore the Trump Kingdom...

A good episode only one problem...they should not have reveal the Trump Kingdom so early! Why you might ask? Because now there is no main plot to develop other than the usual filler episodes. This main plot should be somewhere before the 20 plus episode mark because then we will have something big to look forward to. However since Toei stuffed the baby mascot, Ai-Chan in the opening from the first episode, it is going to be about the girls taking care of Ai-Chan from now and I have guess that Ai-Chan is the Queen de-powered.

Look like there is no additional Precures unless a plot twist happened as the flashback does not indicate any other precures appearing. Although I find that whoever is the deployment officer of the Precure world (If there is one) why do they send one warrior to protect a huge kingdom? Didn't they learn from all the previous seasons that solo act always fail?

Anyway, I like this Queen as she kicked ass! Where do you see the previous Queens in other seasons got down and dirty? (Remember last season's Royal Queen who just talked a lot and does nothing)

Although her seiyuu is not credited, it sounds like Hikami Kyoko or some said online it is Imai Yuka. Both played Wedding Peach and Angel Salvia in the Wedding Peach series. (Wedding Peach seem to have a lot of influence in this season)

Hikari looking at "Hikari?"

I hate Maths!!!

Yes, we have to talk about the short clips from the NS2 movie and you know, if you really mind, why the previous seasons have not graduated from their schools? (Could they have decided not to leave school and not go to the outside world?) How old are they now actually? I mean Nagisa and Honoka should have past 21 years old? Anyway, enough of me ranting this episode and next week, I will probably dread about it since it is the appearance of the Ai-Chan baby mascot...see you then!

(This week, I am kinda of letting go all my emotions after watching the last episode of Young Justice and it is pretty sad...)


  1. about the plot i think if they did such big start to it they wont do many fillers every time and give us plot episode

  2. Reasons Why I Think They Showed Trump Kingdom:

    1. They needed a reason to make Sword fight with the others. She wouldn't have fought with them unless they were in such a sticky situation.

    2. We didn't get much of a back-story on Makoto, Davi, Lance, Rachel, and Charles. I thought that we needed that this season so we could know more about what happend before the series started.

    1. I think many of you misunderstand why I am angry of having the main plot so early. One is called showing your trump card too early. You can let Makoto join the others but she can reveal bit by bit of her past. That will create more speculation of the Trump Kingdom's past.

      If you want your audiences to get into the series more deeper, this is how you create suspense. But now, if the reason is find the queen which I am guessing it is Ai-Chan, there is really now not much motivation and plot development other than the usual protect Ai-Chan and dealing with the monster of the week.

      Of course, Ai-Chan is like Chiffon who will give the girls a new power-up (New Toy) to battle the Jikochu Trio and really it will just fall into the usual cliches of Precure.

      I really want this show to work because Smile Precure failed on it's potential. So far, this episode is good in terms of story development and the villians are more fun than the Bad End Trio.

      The only thing I hoping for is that we don't end up with too many fillers episodes. Seriously, if this was a non-prime time anime, it will probably have 24 to 26 episodes to tell everything.

    2. i hope ai chan will be not copy of chiffon and will have diffrent role in doki doki beside give them new weapon

  3. By you said at the end, sometimes I really tought the same? first precures now are in their 20's. At leat, Saki and Mai too.


  4. hey man, when do you make another senran kagura review? i'm so anxious! the shinobi chicks are gonna start some serios ninja kicking butts!(aaaaaaaannd with a little dose of haruka screenshots! OH YEAH!)

    in the case of doki doki, the series still very good so far!
    i'm still gonna wait for the next trilling episode!(cure roseta seems to be the animators favorite gal,that's why her animated transformation sequence looks more detailed and more fluid than the others!)

    as for the doujing part...well the queen is already sexi and pretty,she doesn't need that kind of stuff! ha! ha!

  5. I think it's a new challenge for the creators to put such a huge dark plot at a fast pace in this season, and they've done pretty well, showing that the four has planned a purpose after seeing the tragedy of the Triump kingdom.