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Quick Picks: Momo Kyun Sword Ep 5-6, Rail Wars Ep 6-7, Persona 4 Golden Ep 5-6, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 19

Momo Kyun Sword Ep 5-6: The new Oni general Yoki used his magic gas to cause conflict between Momoko and her companions and he got hold of the latest fragment. Later he disguised as a fortune teller to spread lies about them getting into trouble.
As a result, everyone goes their separate way and the Tenyo girls tried to get them back together. Momoko was caught by Yoki's trap while the three animals started remember helping a young Momoko when she was reprimanded by her grandmother. The three animals came back and together with the Tenyo girls, defeated Yoki and saved Momoko.
In the next episode, Momoko and company arrived at a village where the samurais seem to be obsessed with the Tenyo girls. Sumeragi decided to exploit them and turned them into idols. Their popularity grew overnight and even had a concert. 
Genki volunteered to find the next fragment while our heroes are distracted. Momoko tried to get the Tenyo girls to find the fragment but claimed they are busy with their live concert. Momoko confronted with Genki but he used illusions to fool her and her companions. 
Sumeragi explained to the Tenyo girls that she want them to learn about responsibilities and temptation which they realised they should be helping Momoko. They arrived to help Momoko and got the fragment from Genki. As the Tenyo girls decided to give up being idols, the samurais found a new idol-Momoko which she was embarrassed about it...  
The first episode introduce Yoki and from his behaviour, he has his own plans to use the fragment and will be a threat to Jyakio. He tried to use mistrust to destroy Momoko's friends but because their bond is strong, they came back and save her. Next was about the Tenyo girls falling into temptation and Sumeragi is teaching them their rightful responsibilities. Although she was kinda of shrewd into using the money from their merchandises for lady...
Rail Wars Ep 6-7: The whole team were on home confinement due to the crazy stunt Naoto and Aoi did in the last episode. Naoto received a threatening letter and thought his life is in danger. He told Haruka about it and throughout the whole episode, they were running from minor accidents and stray cats chasing them. (They smelt like cat food after falling into a carton of cat food cans.)
Haruka keep removing her clothes to throw off the scent and they ended up at the train museum. However it was already broken in by two thieves and Naoto locked Haruka in a room for her safety. Luckily Aoi, Iida and Hitomi arrived to arrest the thieves. Haruka recalled how she was locked in the same room as a child but Naoto saved her which she felt safe being with him.
They later checked that Naoto had mistaken the letter as an advertisement for Insurance but Haruka's feelings for him became stronger.
A few days later, Iida told the team that they are going for advance training and everyone had their own reasons in accepting the training. During the training, they met Sasshou who is working part time at the mess hall. As the training goes on, Aoi became more concerned of helping Naoto in his training.
He told her and Haruka that his dream is to be a train driver which disappointed Aoi. Naoto fainted due to staying in the hot water for too long and blurt out that he was inspired to be a train driver as he was rescued by one when he was young.
Later, they went for a simulation train exercise however Aoi could not understand Naoto's commands and they failed the exercise. Sasshou cheered him out and Haruka told them that they have the day off tomorrow. Naoto invited Aoi and she was running late. He recieved a call from Iida to head to a chapel to meet someone personally.
Naoto texts Aoi to meet him at the chapel instead and she was wearing a cute dress. Haruka trailed him and mistaken them as having a date. Suddenly Noa showed up and she was the one that Naoto was supposed to meet but now is pissed off...
As you can tell, Naoto is not good with the girls' signals. Aoi had a little crush on him and she dressed up nicely for him. Haruka was totally into him and is very jealous of other girls hitting on him. Sasshou is the childhood friend who know him very well (She placed his favourite vegetables on his curry rice) and Noa who also have a crush on him is demanding to know what is going on. As you can tell, it is going to be a long day for Naoto in the next episode....
Persona 4 Golden Ep 5-6: Yosuke called out everyone for help for the upcoming concert at the shopping mall. He begged Rise to sing in the concert which she agreed and everyone had to perform with her. They begin practicing and everyone was surprised that Marie was very good with the guitar.
While Dojima agreed to bring Nanako (and dragged Adachi along) for the concert, Marie was very determined to perform well and got a cut on her finger. Rise reminded her that they should be professional and also must take care of their health. On the actual day, Rise was unable to leave her house as a large crowd of fans were outside. They got help from Ichijo and Nagase to draw the fans away and Rise rushed to the concert.
Marie went up stage to start the opening number and everyone was drawn by her performance. Rise finally arrived and the concert was a success. After the concert, Marie was praised for her performance, she looked out to the ground and felt a strange sensation from Adachi...
She trailed him the next day and Adachi started recalling his first day posted to Inaba town. He was a city cop who got transferred to Dojima's department. He got problems getting along at first until one night, he has the same abilities as Yu when he touched the television. He later murdered the newscaster, Mayumi and high school girl Saki by sending them into the midnight channel. 
During this period, Yu tried to make friends with Adachi however he hated his "bonds" with everyone. Marie tried to warn Yu about him but he still carry on seeing him and accidentally told him about Marie.
Much later, Nanako was kidnapped and later "died" in hospital. Adachi taunted Yu at the hospital claiming it is his fault...
Finally, some serious plot and if you have not played through the game or watch the original series, you might be confused on what is going on and why Nanako died? However it will led to spoiler territory so you might not want to know what really happened. Adachi is a serious psychopath and no one expect him to be responsible for the murders. But now he pull out his antics and throw everyone into a spin. But don't worry, Yu and the others are going to find out his motives and battle him in the next episode. However the worst is yet to come...  
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 19: Wolverine brought Noriko away from the others however she still insisted she does not want to join the X-men. She later met Hikaru but he was called back as Chris left the team due to differences with Captain America.

The next day, Noriko came and claimed she is joining the X-men but is willing to help the Avengers freed from the Disks. They left her alone with the disks however she sabotaged the machines and stole all the disks. As everyone was searching for her, Noriko met with Jubei but was tricked into giving the disks and lied to her about removing her mutant powers.
Hikaru went to Noriko's home and found Wolverine looking for her. He claimed that Xavier had located Noriko and they went to the villains' hideout. Wolverine ordered Hikaru to call out Cyclops and the two of them battled Baron Zemo and Predator X. It shoot out toxic saliva onto Wolverine and immobilise him. Rosetta began broadcasting the fight and Chris recognise Baron Zemo-the person who killed Bucky...
Things are getting bad to worse. Chris leaving the team, Noriko's betrayal and stealing the disks for Loki. Wolverine and Cyclops battling Baron Zemo and the anti-mutant creature, Preadator X. Can the kids get back their disks to save the day?
P.S: I can't find a good source for Ep 20. Once it is out, I will post the next episode. 

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