Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 23, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 10, Fantasista Doll Ep 10, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 11

Majestic Prince Ep 23: The battle rages on for Team Rabbit when Jiart joined into the battle forcing Izuru to sortie. Izuru and Jiart began battling while the others returned to refill.

The Earth forces are suffering big losses when Chandra and the mass-produced AHSMB arrived to aid them. After using all methods including hurling a portion of the Goldinon into the gate way, Teoria appeared and tried to order a ceasefire at the Wulgura. Jiart immediately rushed to her but Izuru intercepted him. Simon then ordered an evacuation as he planned to ram the gate way with Star Rose...

I can't comment much as it is action all the way in this episode. Even hurling part of their ship is deeded futile. But Simon is planning to do a Kamikaze attack which I am sure it is a death flag for him. Furthermore, Teoria's appearance will make Jiart more determined as Izuru held his final stand against him. What will be the final conclusion for this climatic battle?

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 10: As the newly formed CROWDS now named Neo Hundred began to create havoc in the city, Umeda ordered them to find Prime Minister Sugayama and overthrow him.

Berg Katze located him and the Neo Hundred attacked him and his men. But Hajime and the Gatchaman arrived to immobilise the Neo Hundred. Paiman and OD took Sugayama to their lair for hiding as the authorises began to evacuate people out of the city. After Joe read a message from Sugane, he too joined in the fight.

Berg decided to betray Umeda by giving his address to the public and blaming him for the attacks. After Paiman preach Sugayama about the fate of the Earth, he also went to sortie and protect the nursery from the Neo Hundred. The Gatchaman then united together to take down the Neo Hundred...

This is what I want to see in this show! The Gatchaman kicking ass! Even Joe who has given up hope, read Sugane's message and recalled how he saved his life and encourage him to be a better person, join them in the fight. Of course, Berg being the bad guy decided to spice things up by making Umeda the scapegoat and attacking his family.

Can the Gatchaman defeat the Neo Hundred and Berg Katze before all is lost?

Fantasista Doll Ep 10: Uzume has no clues on how to get Madeline back from the organisation and her dolls felt disappointed about it. The next day, a parcel was delivered to her and later an email informed her the parcel is from the organisation.

Uzume's mother, Uno unwrapped the contents and Anna from the organisation introduced herself. She suggested to Uzume to play a game of poker and not knowing what is going on, Uno also joined in. Uno was surprisingly good and after two games, she even got Madeline's card. But she decided to make dinner and left Uzume to play with Anna.

The dolls found out Anna's location and tried to get back Madeline's Card. Proto Zero was waiting for them and they began to battle. Finally Uzume with some dumb luck, managed to win Anna and she told her that the Chairman from the organisation will visit her now.

Uzume then found out that Komachi is the Chairman of the organisation...

So instead of having a doll battle, playing a game of poker was a much civilised method to solve it. I am bit surprised that Madeline wasn't hurt instead she was sitting behind Anna, watching the battle quietly.

Uno was the Poker Queen and both Uzume and Anna have no idea what she is thinking at all. I did mentioned before that the voice who spoke to the Movie President sounds like Komachi and I was right, she is the Chairman. But why did she play all angel but yet is determined to get Uzume's cards? Only in finding out in the next episode, the truth will be reveal...

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 11: Keima tried to get Ayumi out of the house by using her panties as bait. Chihiro and Haqua were watching from afar as Keima waited for Ayumi at the river.

However Vintage followers were all over the city trying to find them including Luna which the two has a close call. Chihiro decided to get the two of them into Miyako's house so as to avoid detection. However Chihrio told Ayumi about Keima is treating her like a game which got Ayumi angry and left.

Keima decided to try one more time to win her however Ayumi want him to marry her. Ayumi's parents were dragged into their charade but gave up on them. Instead Ayumi want Keima to propose to her in a romantic spot and left the house.

Vintage spotted them and "killed" Nora's decoy which was created by her buddy. Keima and Chihiro wore invisible coats and head for Ayumi's location as Haqua stayed behind to deal with Luna...

I was a bit angry that Chihiro tried to ruin Keima's reputation by telling Ayumi he is a liar but later claimed she want Ayumi to stop worrying about her feelings by severing the love triangle between them. Noble girl, Chihiro. I salute you! Will Keima win Ayumi's heart before Vintage discover them and will the other goddess be saved in time before sunrise? Find out in the final episode next week!

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