Sunday, September 15, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 32: DIY! Do It Yourself!

The school is preparing for the Cultural festival however Mana fainted due to exhaustion. She had a fever but insisted in going to the festival tomorrow. However Rika ordered her not to do so.

She later mentioned about Mana being the "Happy Prince" again which got Aguri curious. She went to borrow the Happy Prince book from the library and learnt more about the story.

Meanwhile, Bel gave Ira and Mammo two Blood Rings which is suppose to enhance their powers. He even proclaimed that he is the No.2 man in the group. The other two generals were not happy and tried to revolt but instead got a electric shock from the rings. Bel then ordered them to go and create more havoc for King Jikochu.

The next day, the girls minus Mana walked around the school festival. But Mana also arrived and Aguri immediately dragged her to the sick bay claiming she does not want her to be like the Happy Prince. Aguri instead volunteered to oversee the festival as Mana rested.

Aguri started reprimanding the various club for their reliance on Mana and ordered them to solve the problems themselves. She went back to complain to Mana about how incompetent the clubs were. But Mana replied that it might be true that the clubs might be taking advantage of her however one might not have the abilities to solve a problem but if people will to help one another, they will feel good about themselves.

Just then some students accidentally damaged the wood display for the camp fire. Mana and Aguri went to take a look and saw everyone helping out to reassemble the display which left Aguri speechless. A student got rowdy in a cafe and was corrupted by Ira into a Jikochu.

Mana and the others quickly transformed and began battling it in front of everyone. But the Jikochu is more stronger due to Ira's Blood Ring and quickly overpowered the girls. (Including giving them a terrible ride in it's cup)

Cure Heart got nauseous. Instead, Cure Ace went to battle the Jikochu alone as the others tried to revive Cure Heart. Cure Ace then used her new skill-Ace Mirror Flash to blind the Jikochu as Cure Heart recovered.

They finally used Lovely Straight Flush to deal the final blow at the Jikochu and Ira retreated. Later during the campfire dance, Aguri deduce that the Happy Prince's kindness might have an influence to the town people to lead a better life. Mana offered Aguri to dance with her and they too joined in...

Again, the Happy Prince story got Aguri all acted up and started bossing around the various clubs. Although the students felt a bit demoralised that they got preach by a elementary kid but somehow they got their act together and the reassembling of the wood display was a good example of taking initiatives and not waiting for someone like Mana to lead. Mana also admitted she went out of her way but she believe that her actions will influence others to do the right thing which she was right.

Bel becoming No.2 in the group and giving the Blood Ring to the other generals is probably all part of his scheme. He even boasted that the rings was created from the essence of Reva and Gura which got the two generals worried. Furthermore, the rings is now binded to them which could led to some conflict in the future especially for Ira which in this episode Cure Diamond could not believe that he is still doing bad things. (Foreshadowing to a tragedy flag?)

Next episode, Alice's father returned to see her and an another flashback to Alice's childhood with Little Mana and Little Rika. Until then, see you next episode!


  1. I haven't caught up on the series lately (due to school and me watching other series like Garfield and Friends), I seemed interested in this one scene from this episode. Can you upload the scene or scenes where Mana faints by itself? I'm interested in people getting sick in cartoons (EX: Swine Trek episode of U.S. Acres, a MLP Tales episode which I don't remember the name of, and Arthur's The Lousy Week). It's one spoiler I don't mind...

  2. Ira act like he never had amnesia and is going back to being the bad guy.