Sunday, September 22, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 33: Pillow Talk

The girls have a sleepover at Alice's mansion and Mana suggested some girls' talk. Alice was suppose to start the ball rolling but they heard a helicopter approaching the mansion.

They realised it was Alice's father, Seiji who has returned from an overseas trip. She introduced Makoto and Aguri to her father and commented they will make a nice idol duo. When the girls returned to their room, Alice explained her dream in helping the family business-She want to the whole world to be filled with smiles.

Alice was inspired by Mana and she told the story of how she met her and Rika. When they were 6 years old, Alice was physically weak. She nearly tripped after chasing a butterfly but was saved by Mana. Mana has earlier climbed into the mansion and was reprimanded by Rika. However Mana invited Alice to join them and soon they were doing things together and became friends.

After building a make shift shelter claiming to be their "secret base", Alice has a fever after being caught in the rain. Seiji got worried and decided to take her overseas for good. Mana and Rika received the news from Sebastian and climbed into her room. Mana locked the room, preventing Seiji from entering. Sebastian also disobey his master's orders and take on Seiji's bodyguards.

Using a tablet, Rika found the hidden doors and traps of the mansion. The three girls evaded capture and managed to run out of the mansion. Seiji tried to catch them and realised Alice is more physically active now.

The girls were cornered at last and Alice finally told Seiji she want to stay with her friends. He realised Alice has matured a bit and allowed her to stay. When Alice want to continue, Mammo has corrupted the helicopter pilot into a Jikochu. It went out of control and Seiji is trapped in the helicopter.

The girls transformed with Cure Rosetta rescuing her father while the rest battled Mammo and the Jikochu. Cure Rosetta caught hold of Seiji and the pilot and leave in Sebastian's care. Seiji woke up and wondered who Cure Rosetta could be.

Eat your heart, Xiao Qiao!

Who said you can't do your poses upside down and in the air?

Cure Rosetta joined in the fight and using Rosetta Reflection as twin blades, she overwhelm the Jikochu and used her new skill-Rosetta Balloon to seal the Jikochu. The girls then used Lovely Straight Flush to finish the Jikochu.

After Mammo retreated, Seiji was ready to leave but he told Alice to tell that "girl" not to do dangerous acts. She wondered who could it be and he replied it is for Cure Rosetta...

I think Alice has the best development so far and this episode is how a physically weak Alice overcome her weakness with Mana and Rika. She was also able to speak her mind more freely and convince her father to let her stay with her friends. Furthermore, Cure Rosetta was pretty awesome, using Rosetta Reflection like Dynasty Warriors' Xiao Qiao's fan blades and gave the Jikochu a good whooping!

Sebastian is also awesome like most bad ass butlers in anime who is willing to risk it all for his master or in this case, Alice Ojousama! There was one thing which might be a little nitpick is if this show's timeline is 2013, that means Alice met Mana during 2005 which prove one point. Ipad tablet or a smart tablet wasn't invented until 2010. But hey! Yotsuba Corporation could have this technology a few years before it's official release. Anyway, it is a show. No point thinking so hard about it!

Next episode, Ai-Chan seem to be getting restless and no one know what's wrong with her. What could it be as Ira return with another scheme! Until then, see you in the next episode!


  1. These episodes only take home why Alice is my favorite. Sebastian is hands down THE best character on the show though.

    - Falzar