Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quick Picks: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 5, Date A Live Ep 6, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 6

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 5: Mikoto tried to find out more about her clone, MISAKA however she keep a poker face and refuse to delver any information without the correct password. Somehow, both of them were able to get along and Mikoto gave her the frog badge by mistake which MISAKA took it as a present. She was able to give a certain password to Mikoto. She later asked Uihara to find out what is it which happened to be a Level A security clearance.

Mikoto hacked it and found out that MISAKA is used to instigate a powerful Level 5 ESP user into become the Level 6 ESP user by constant combat. Furthermore, it required 200000 clones in order to create the Level 6 ESPers.

At the same time, MISAKA was battling her target which happened to be Accelerator. He took her down easily and Mikoto witnessed him used a train carriage to kill MISAKA. Mikoto immediately confront Accelerator in a fit of rage...

We do know from Index series that Accelerator did become a Level 6 ESP user but it was all due to the constant battles with the clones. Mikoto being attached to one clone, felt responsible and tried to take down Accelerator. We all know how this battle will go in the end...Maybe Touma might appear in the next episode...

Date A Live Ep 6: Shindo told Kotori that the spirits want to go to a hot spring which she allowed to go. Meanwhile, the AST team also make plans to go to the same hot spring which Origami didn't want to go initially but change her mind after learning Shindo is going too.

Aren't they cute?

Touka accidentally destroyed their car and they have to walk on foot. However the AST team also follow behind after an accident (Thanks to Touka) blocked their transport. Kotori immediately ordered her team to divert the AST team away from the spirits.

After some crazy battles plus Shindo finding Yoshino's puppet (again) Everyone make it to the hot spring. However, Yoshino's puppet lost her head and she freeze the spring due to her sadness. Later, Shindo and the spirits found a new spring dug by Kotori's vice commander. Meanwhile, a new AST member from overseas arrived at their base...

I was expecting some fan service from the girls in the hot spring but instead it is a crazy, all out battle with Kotori's team battling the AST team. Other than that, no much to say except next week, we have the new AST member who joined Shindo's class and a new spirit...

Can I touch you, Matemon?

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 6: A mysterious warrior, Madea Kenji battled Mushashi and her group and even sexually harassed at their breasts. Later, Naoe was angry that the dojo has discontinued the maid cafe and focus on the upcoming battles. According to the video taken at the beach, Mumeakira suspected that Mushashi's group could be using Ki skills.

Yukimura ordered Matebei to find Madea Kenji who is an expert in Ki. The others tried all sort of training to increase their Ki however Naoe who was angry about the closure started sabotaging their training.

After a while, Mumeakira tried to apologise to Naoe. However the dojo is laid with traps but thanks to Jubei, they were able to evade it. When they met Naoe, they realised her character is more forward than her usual self. Matebei returned and informed she was able to scent Madea Kenji back to the dojo.

The girls then realised that Madea has disguising herself as Naoe and is testing them on Ki skills. Only Jubei passed the test and with a kiss from Mumeakira, Jubei regained back her Master Samurai form. Madea apologise tying up Naoe but somehow she doesn't like men to touch her.

Jubei tried to return back to her normal form but unable to...

I completely forget about Madea Kenji and like her male counterpart, Madea is a wanderer and love women. However they make her a man-hater and love to harass girls' breasts as shown she is on par with Kojiro in term of bust size. Voiced by the lovely Noto Mamiko, I am surprised it was her as she used a more manly voice rather than her sweet, subtle one. Anyway, Jubei regained her Master Samurai form but is unable to revert back. More troubles ahead for our girls...

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