Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 6, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 5

Majestic Prince Ep 6: Randy congrats Izuru for a job well done at destroying the Wulgura base. Izuru and his team were ordered back to the academy and Randy bid farewell to him.

The team returned to the academy where Rin ordered them that they will graduate immediately and posted to the GND for deployments together with her. The team took one last look at the academy before they have a demonstration in front of the students. (With a fan service from Rin's upskirt)

The team went to the graduation ceremony where Simon presented them their medals. As they left the academy, all the students line up and salute them. Meanwhile, the Wulgura are preparing for their next attack...

Not much to say except everyone in the academy still called Izuru and his team the Failure five even after they graduated. But it was nice to see how the team came together in a flashback but now the real battle begin with the Wulgura...

Wet Shirt Shouko! (Yummy)

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 5: It's been a week since the school dome became an independent country. The students treated it like a holiday as Arus and Dorssia are planning their next move.

Kibukawa mentioned a Dr.Toshimo who is responsible for creating Valvrave. Meanwhile, the power generator for the dome overheated and the temperature drop rapidly. Raizo and Yusuke went to restart the generator as Takahi and Saki got into an argument because of Shouko's idea of independence.

The power came back and everything went back to normal. Haruto came up with an idea-to do a video about everyone in the school and transmit to the Internet. The idea was a success and somehow people from Jior and Arus send donations to support them.

No, this is not Sex!
Haruto and Saki explored further down the basement and discovered four more Valvrave. Saki want to tell the others but Haruto told her to keep it a secret. She agreed if Haruto become her boyfriend. They shared a kiss as L-elf planned his next move...

I don't know if the cast is dumb or ignorant. Haruto know that L-elf is a threat and yet they let him run around the place and now he discovered the other Valvrave. Nice going, you just create more monsters from that. As I said before in the last review, it is just a matter of time someone will crack because of a crisis. This time, it is just a power failure but next time, it could be the Dorssia knocking at their doorstep. Kibukawa the scruffy looking teacher also has his secrets as he seem to know something about the creator of Valvrave. (Alway suspect the unlikely person, they know the most!)

From the way I see Dorssia, it reminds me of the Zeon Empire from Gundam series with the ruler behaving like Giren Zabi. You know this type of ruler will get what is coming eventually. So with Saki wanting to get laid by Haruto, a love triangle is unavoidable as we see in the next episode, it focus on Saki and the Green Valvrave sortie out!? (Who's piloting it?)

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