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First Impressions: Oreimo S2 Ep 2, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Ep 2, Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Ep 1

Oreimo S2 Ep 2: Kirino has been playing a certain hand held game which annoyed Ayase. She asked Kyosuke to find out what the game is about.

Is this foreshowing that Love Plus is coming to PS Vita?

Did they used the same engine from Illusion Games?

Kirino showed it to Kyosuke the game-Love Touch and even lend him to play for a while. After a while, Kyosuke got hooked on it and tried to tell Ayase about it. He even convinced her to see him play the game and told her the female lead look similar to her.

Kirino..we will be together..hehehe!

Of course, Ayase still think he is a pervert and walked out (She took the game along too) She spoke to Minami about it and she gave the wrong advice to her. The next day, Ayase waited for Kirino outside her house and started behaving in a deranged manner (She played the Yandere route of the game)

If you know what game they are parodying, it is the famous Love Plus game for the Nintendo DS and 3DS system. However they changed to their parody of PS Vita and the female lead is a parody of the Love Plus lead Manaka which Hayami Saori (Ayase's seiyu) also did the voice for her too. I laughed at the fact that all the functions of the game is better than the 3DS version (Including the touch screen that the original used a stylus instead) Overall, a fun episode except the last part where Ayase turned psycho again...

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Ep 2: Nyayrko took everyone to the Galaxy Library to return a book. They encountered a pair of aliens who tried to steal a rare book. Nyarko and Kuko was knocked out by the aliens and they escaped.

Leave it to the Space Garrison! Shuwha!


Later they found out the aliens are hiding in Myanmar and they are reviving an ancient alien..

Kamen Rider Double's infinite library, Ultraman reference, Kamen Rider Wizard reference and a parody of Library war are some of the things in this week's episode and I am loving it!

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Ep 1: Yoto like to have pervert thoughts but unable to say it out in the open. After learning that a cat statue on a hill is able to remove certain traits, he went to the place and saw Tsukiko who want to use the statue to remove her cry baby trait.

After some mishaps, they make their wishes and the next day, Yoto was unable to control his thoughts and blurtly call an attractive girl, Azuki a flat board and Tsukiko's elder sister, Tsukushi to wear more perverted clothing. He is then labbled the Hentai Prince in school after that.

Tsukiko met Yoto later and found out she lost all of her emotions and now struck with a poker face. They find out the cat statue has grant their wishes and given to someone who want their traits. Yoto realised it was Azuki has his traits and tried to get back however Azuki mistaken as a confession of love...

Taken a page from the movie Liar Liar which Yoto is now unable to stop revealing his inner thoughts with hilarious results. Tsukiko has it worse as she is now unable to express any facial expressions which is a living hell for her. Can the two of them get their traits back or lead a life which is both embarrassing and crazy for them?

So I have reviewed most of the new shows that I am interested and so far, the most in any season yet. I wouldn't be able to review all for my quick picks sections due to my other commitments. So here is what I think are the shows that should be given the priority.

1) Majestic Prince
2) Photo Kano
3) Valvrave
4) Samurai Bride
5) Railgun S2
6) Date a Live
7) Oreimo S2 (All shows are subjected to changes)

I am not saying that other shows are bad and shouldn't be reviewed. Mushibugyo is all right but I have read the manga to the current arc which I am feeling this show won't animated to that current arc which by the way, it's awesome. Devil Suvivor 2 is another which I am not having any high hopes especially where there are three endings in the actual game and two of them are doomsday scenario so I might watch it when it's over. Hataraku Demon King is pretty cliche with it's characters and I didn't laugh as much as Photo Kano or Oreimo so I will give it a pass.

Shingeki no Kyojin is another that I spoilt myself reading the manga and there is a lot of padding before the group even get to kill the Titans. Furthermore, it is like watching a zombie survivor horror movie where everyone have their agenda and it could slow down in some parts. Hentai Ouji is all right for the first episode but it could go downhill in future episodes after reading certain chapters of the manga. Nyaruko might be fun with it's parodies however I got a feeling it will be like the first season where nothing significant happen and it is just random everyday matters.

The rest of the shows I will probably watch on my own or skip it completely. If you have a particular show you want me to review, leave a comment and until then, see you in Quick Picks!

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