Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 11:The New Power Up! Love Heart Arrow!

Rika spotted Mana being asked by the Softball team for help as their pitcher is injured. Rika was against it but Mana agreed to help for their upcoming match.

Mana was very good in Softball which impressed the juniors. After school, Mana returned home to find Rika and the others waiting for her. They heard about her helping the Softball team and even mentioned they will support her on the day of the match.

Makoto asked Davi why Mana like to help people which Davi compared her singing in the Trump Kingdom that people will feel good when they help each other. Meanwhile, Bel has recovered and swore to defeat Cure Heart.

Mana went to wash the Softball team uniforms which the juniors insisted it is their job. However Mana claimed that since everyone is in the team, they should help one another regardless of status. After training, Mana met Joe and Ai-Chan and he gave her a new Lovies. However Ai-Chan kept it instead.

Bel appeared and challenge Mana to a fight. However Mana didn't want transform in front of Joe. Bel tried to attack her and Joe got injured instead. Bel then took Ai-Chan as a hostage and told her to come alone to the harbour tomorrow morning.

The next day was the Softball match but Mana was yet to be seen. As Cure Heart battled Bel, the juniors insisted they will take over Mana's place for the match while Sebastian informed Rika and the others about Mana's whereabouts.

Vibrate Mode!!!

Cure Heart was nearly crushed by a truck when the others have arrived. Bel swallowed a black heart he got earlier and became a hybrid Jikochu. Bel easily took down the girls and was about to kill Ai-Chan when she suddenly glow and the new Lovies gave the girls a new power.

Precure Rosetta Relflection!

Precure Diamond Shower!

Precure Sparkle Sword!

Precure Heart Shoot!

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

Each of them used their new power on Bel which defeated him in the end. After the girls found back Ai-Chan, they went back to the game where the juniors won the match. Mana apologize what happened but the softball team didn't mind and learn a valuable lesson about teamwork from Mana...

As I expected, Mana got into an almost lose-lose situation where she tried to shoulder everything. If it wasn't for her friends, Bel will have defeated her. With the Jikochu now able to merge with the black heart to become stronger, (Although they looked really silly as seen in the next episode with Irk) the girls got their new power up which I felt it is all right expect Cure Rosetta who still get a defensive shield in her power up. Cure Diamond and Cure Sword was fine in their power up while Cure Heart tried to do a pink version of the Sapphire Arrow and Beauty Blizzard Arrow (Cure Aqua and Cure Beauty are still the best arrow shooters!)

Who are you?

Next week, Mana got an apprentice who want to learn her ways and in the battle, a blond girl in a black Precure suit appeared! (Cure Joker!?)


  1. >Precure Virtual Shot!
    just a correction, Sword new attack is Sparkle Sword.

    1. Did the amendment, thanks. Although it sounds like Virtual shot to me...anyway, SPARKLE, SPARKLE, SPARKLE!

  2. could that blond girl be the new cure? There will be the fifth cure coming up later in the season

  3. Suite Precure feeling... >.<
    New mysterious Precure = Masked Cure Muse
    Or the blonde girl a new villain of the Sellfish Trio?



    a new presentation!!!


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