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Quick Picks: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 2, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 3, Date A Live Ep 3, Majestic Prince Ep 3, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 2

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 2: Mikoto had a dream from her childhood where a scientist asked her for her DNA to save lives and spotted a dark haired girl. Later, Kuroko and her found a envelope containing a cash card.

They returned to Uihara and she explained there have been many cases of found cash cards and a rumor going about people hunting for it. Mikoto went on her own and saw Saten also looking for the cash card. Saten claimed she spotted her at another place however Mikoto don't remember being there.

Mikoto overheard some men who know who the sender of the cash cards is and trailed them. The men found a girl who is the sender but she quickly dispatched them by using words and fear. Mikoto arrived and knew that the girl used an antiseptic to incapacitate the men hidden on her hands. The girl then called Mikoto "the original..."

So the Sisters Arc begins and the girl is linked to Mikoto's past. Calling her the original means she knew about Mikoto's clones aka Misaki series. The girl also can take care of herself despite the bad odds but she is truly an ESPer or something more? We just getting started as see what happen next week!

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 3: Naoe suggested to have a popular maid competition as a scheme to get rid of Sasuke. However it backfired and instead Naoe became the worst maid ever. She tried to seduce Mumeakira but overheard Yukimura and Senhime of Naoe is a hinder and might cause the dojo to go bankrupt.

Naoe ran away with Sasuke trailing her. However they met with Mataemon who is filled with rage and battle them. Naoe told Sasuke to flee and she met Mumeakira and Jubei who are looking for them. Mataemon threw Naoe into the river which Mumeakira saved her. In the midst, Mumeakira gave her CPR but awaken her Master Samurai form.

Naoe was able to match Mataemon which somehow released her rage and left. The others arrived and Mumeakira told Naoe that she is one of them now...

Continued from last week's episode with Naoe and Sasuke couldn't get along but with Sasuke risking her life to save her and Naoe realised she is not as useless as she is suppose to be. Naoe also got her Master Samurai form which bring the number of generals to 3. However I am intrigued what causing Mataemon to go rage mode and the Dark Samurai group took it calmly when it happened...


Date A Live Ep 3: Itsuka took Touka to town to experience "Dating." Origami spotted them and inform her superiors. Kotori and her staff supported Itsuka and Touka's date with fake festival stalls and a ticket to a love hotel.

Finally, Touka was happy to experience dating but was worried she might destory everything if she reappear here. However Itsuka told her to stay with him. Origami was given the order to snipe Touka but missed and shot Itsuka instead.

Touka was enraged and started attacking Origami. Kotori was surprisingly calm about Itsuka and claimed even if he die, he can "restart" again. True enough, Itsuka's wounds was healed and he was flunked to Touka. However Touka's sword is about to release large output of energy which Kotori told Itsuka to kiss her in order to stop it.

They shared a kiss and the crisis is over. The next day, Touka become a new student in Itsuka's class...

This is why I like Touka as she is innocent and everything around her is a new experience. Although I wonder if she has a stomach compared to a black hole because the amount of food she ate is incredible. Itsuka is also a puzzle as to why he can come back from the dead like a zombie and perhaps Kotori know the truth about him. Overall, a great episode and next episode we are introduced to the next spirit-Yoshino. (By the way, Love is the ultimate weapon to switch off any WMD in the case of Itsuka and Touka's kiss!)

Majestic Prince Ep 3: Izuru and his team are subjected to a medical examination after their failed mission. Everyone's vitals were normal although Izuru has some slight anonymity in his system.

Simon has given their next mission to ambush a supply route and it will be carried out in thirty six hours. Rin gave the team time off in order to relax the tensions they have which the team went to a resort.

Tamaki and Ataru were enjoying themselves but the other three were teased up. Later Izuru and Kei had some cakes (baked by Kei) and she wondered that their lives is all about fighting in the military and they can't have a normal life. But Izuru took it positive and focus his energy on being a hero.

The next day at the pool, Izuru saw Teoria having an argument with her assistant and tried to intervene. However he was thrown into the pool instead. The team returned and was introduced to Commander Komine and Lieutenant Amane.

The team sortie to the destined point with Komine giving the orders. However they realised it is not a supply route but a recon team on patrol. Furthermore they are more advanced and started attacking Izuru and his team.

Komine gave a wrong order to Tamaki which caused her to be a sitting duck and was shot down....

We get to know more of our cast. Asagi can absorb large amount of data, Kei have good foresight, Tamaki can withstand huge G-forces, Ataru has good memory collecting and Izuru is very focused in his performance. Furthermore, their mechas require high survival instincts which the five of them are qualified.

Kei's small talk with Izuru also suggested they have no memories of their past and are trained to be soldiers which led to suggest the military are using them as weapons and nothing less. Izuru's encounter with Teoria also led that he met her before and couldn't recall where. I hope she will make an official introduction soon but look like in the next episode, the team got their asses kicked again but they are clearly the underdogs and I hope they can perform well like in the first episode...

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 2: Haruto's friends, Saki, Kyuma and Aina found him lying beside L-elf. A-Drei and his team arrived to capture them when suddenly L-elf fired back and told the three students to flee into the ventilation shaft.

L-elf shot A-Drei's left eye and he too entered the shaft. L-elf then told Saki and the others that he is in fact Haruto now. Meanwhile, the Dorssia empire has overtaken Jior and their government surrendered unconditionally. Haruto suggested that his mind is transfer to L-elf when he bite him on the neck and now have all his skills and memories.

L-Elf (Haruto) and the others took back Valvrave and brought Haruto's body into the cockpit. Saki suggested to use the same method to transfer Haruto's mind back and it worked. L-elf recovered and realised he is tied up. Haruto then flew Valvrave into space where he quickly dispatched all the Dorssia mechas.

A-Drei and Q-Vier sortie out which A-Drei asked L-elf why he betrayed them. But L-elf couldn't remember what happened and demand an answer from Haruto. Valvrave started to overheat and a meter indicated it is reaching over 100.

L-elf broke free and took Saki hostage. Haruto refused to heed with A-Drei and Q-Vier still attacking them. Suddenly Haruto received a call from Shouko who is alive but trapped in a car with a professor. He was happy to hear her voice and become more determined. The meter suddenly over 666 which Valvrave glowed and it used an energy sword to knock out A-Drei. The Arus military have also arrived which the Dorssia empire retreated.

L-elf was brought into custody while Haruto and Shouko shared a moment which he blew it. He went to a corner with Kyuma asking him why. Haruto reply that he is not human anymore but a monster...

This is one of the best episodes I have seen so far in this Spring season. Haruto has self regenerative abilities and is able to transfer his mind to another by a mind with full access to his skills and memories. Saki is the more sensible one and I can foresee that she and Shouko will make the love triangle for Haruto in the future. For those supporting Shouko, well, she lives and that professor guy is not just a passerby but perhaps an important side character as seen in the ending credits.

With L-elf now in custody, it is not over yet as based on past mecha shows, you can tell that the rivalry between him and Haruto has just began and there is still a lot more questions regarding Valvrave and Haruto's powers. Until then, see you next week to find out more!

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