Sunday, March 31, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 9: Taking Care of Babies is Hard Work!

Mana and Rika were walking to school when Joe approached them with Ai-Chan. He told them to take care of her as he is engaged the whole day.

After he pushed Ai-Chan to them, Mana was worried that they were unable to take care of her in school. However Sharuru and Rakeru volunteered to take care of Ai-Chan.

The two mascots even called Lance by their Cure Comm and he soon arrived. As Mana settle a dispute between the soccer and baseball team, Rika placed Ai-Chan in the student council room and later left her in the care of the mascots. The mascots soon find out that Ai-Chan has ESP powers and gave the mascots a hard time.


Mana and Rika dropped by during their break and found the room to be in a mess. Ai-Chan suddenly cried and Mana tried to feed her but it didn't work. Suddenly, a new Lovies appeared and it create a sleeping basket. They placed Ai-Chan in it and she soon felt asleep.

I saw books flying in the air..

Evil creatures searching for...BRAINS!!! (Why we can't have a zombie episode in Precure?)

After the girls left, the mascots accidentally woke up Ai-Chan which attracted the attention of a student. Ai-Chan and the mascots ran out of the room (hiding in rags and bucket) Ai-Chan started causing mischief in the school which later the students complained to Mana and Rika.

They both knew it was Ai-Chan and the mascots that is causing the commotion. The mascots rush to inform them they lost sight of Ai-Chan and they started searching for her. Ai-Chan make a mess with the Soccer and Baseball team schedule and cause an argument among the captains.

Irk used their weakness to create two Jikochu and it started wreaking havoc. Mana and Rika quickly transformed and tried to stop them. But the two Jikochu were arguing among themselves and one of the balls flew towards Ai-Chan but was stopped by Cure Rosetta and Cure Sword.

Precure-1, Jikochu-0!

The Jikochu attacked the girls and they were knocked out. Ai-Chan witnessed it and somehow gave the girls a temporary power-up that increase their speed. This gave the girls a chance to weaken the Jikochu quickly and Cure Heart purified them back.

After the battle is over, Mana and Rika were glad that they make through the day and was planning to give back Ai-Chan back to Joe however, they saw Ai-Chan and the mascots sleeping soundly in the basket...

Guess who I think is the villain in this episode? Ai-Chan! I know you will argue she is a baby and not knowing her actions but if she didn't go around causing mischief in the school and create a dispute between the two captains, we weren't have two Jikochu to handle this time around. Although I am guessing why Joe gave Ai-Chan to the girls is hoping they will develop a bond which in future episodes, Ai-Chan will give them a new power up to fight stronger Jikochu.

Cure Happy with Doki Doki Precure? A repeat of NS1!

About the clips for the NS2 movie, you can see that the Max Heart team got turned into stone and their mascots rushed to free them. So I am guessing those teams that require a mascot to transform are at the losing end and probably will get less lines. The Miracle Light stick will once again be the key to victory (Seriously, how many times they are going to use this plot point for their movies?)

Makoto gave a warm smile!!!

Don't you wish you have a Super Idol as your classmate/friend?

Nothing much to say much about this episode as you would have guess that I don't really like episodes that involve Ai-Chan's mischief. Although I am looking forward to next week's episode because Makoto is transferring to Mana's school and pandemonium will follow.