Monday, April 1, 2013

Quick Picks: Love Live Ep 13 FINAL

Love Live Ep 13 FINAL: Honoka and Umi didn't spoke to each other after the argument. Eri told the others that the group is suspending their activities for the time being.

Honoka's classmates asked her to tag along after school which later in the amusement centre, Honoka was able to perform well in the dancing arcade machine and remember the time in Muse. She later met Rin, Hanayo and Nico who are still training to be idols and claimed they are doing a performance soon.

Eri also met Honoka and she thank her for joining Muse in the first place. Without Honoka, she won't be able to express her feelings well since she always have to maintain a certain level of discipline in the student council.

Kotori was ready to board the flight and bid farewell to her mother. Honoka called Umi to meet her at the auditorium and Umi confessed she never like the idea of being an idol in the first place. However it was because Honoka and Kotori that she is able to experience more things in her life. The two of them patched up and Honoka went to the airport to find Kotori.

She managed to stop Kotori and she admitted she really didn't want to go overseas. They too make up and returned to school where everyone is waiting to perform in front of the whole school.

They began their performance and it was a success. Honoka finally announced that Muse is back and they are in the rankings again...

So we are finally come to the last series in the 2012 season and I should say, it was all right for a finale. Although the girls have to start again, they will climb back to the top very soon. Where I first watched this show, I thought it was another cliche that the plot is about saving the school from closure.

Although it was a radical idea that Honoka to create a school idol group with Umi and Kotori at first. But soon, the other girls joined in and thus Muse was formed. However after the beach episode, it all went downhill because of Kotori's studies and Honoka giving pressure to herself. This is actually quite a realistic plot as being in a group, there were bound to have conflicts and true enough, it did happened.

Some people have compete them with Idolmaster but to be honest, they have very different plots and themes. Idolmaster is more of the harsh reality of being an Idol as they have to dance, sing and act like a professional and they do get paid. Whereas in Love Live, it is treated more like an outdoor school activity similar to any sports although why there is no teacher to supervise them is really a question mark?

If I have one grip about this show is that they never show the girls competing with other idol groups. It will be more interesting to see how far and how good their standards are. Anyway, since Muse is reformed again, it will be up to the fans to show their supports and hopefully to see the girls in a new season. Until then, LOVE LIVE!

P.S: I am aware of certain new shows are already showing since last Saturday. Once I gathered enough series, I will begin my first impressions about it. See you then!

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