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Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 12 FINAL, Vividred Operation Ep 12 FINAL, Girls und Panzer Ep 12 FINAL

Haganai S2 EP 12 FINAL: Kodaka met Aoi and offered to help her carrying some stuff. Along the way, she admitted she just want to win Sena once which is why she tried to disband the club.

The only Fan Service shot in this episode!

Later, Kodaka helped her in odd jobs which it even impressed Hinata. She offered a post for him in the student council but he declined. However he offered to help her in free labour.

It went on for two weeks and Kodaka didn't went to the neighbour club once. He met Yukimura and she told him that Yozora and Rika didn't drop to the club house since that incident. Yukimura also told him she will follow him no matter where he goes even if he want to leave the club.

Kodaka received a mail from Rika and he met her on the roof top. She threaten him with his recording of reciting the BL story and attacked him with flying ball bearings (Just go with it) Rika started blaming Kodaka of not being true to his feelings and running from everything like a male harem lead.

He was afraid of not knowing how to reply back everyone's feelings and being accepted in the club is all that matters. He then asked Rika what she really want in the club which she replied is to have friends.

They finally gave up arguing and Rika told him she will help him if he need help. He agreed and finally allowed Rika to be his friend. Yozora overheard everything and flee. Later Kodaka tried to explain to Sena when they received a mail from Yozora that she is leaving them...

That's it? Kodaka has finally addressed his issues and is making a stand but now Yozora is leaving them and told them not to find her? What kinda of ending is this? First, I am glad that Kodaka and Rika are real friends for the first time but if Yozora is leaving, can he salvage their friendship? What about his engagement with Sena? Will it come true or be broken in the end?

I was all hope for this second season of Haganai when it was announced. With the first half of the season filled with zany antics (Who can forget Rika's use of the F-word?) Kobata's constant battles with Sena's obsession over her, Yukimura finally found out she is a girl and not a man (No, there is no such thing as a Yaoi hole!) But when Kodaka told everyone that he and Yozora are childhood friends and Sena's engagement with him, everything went mellow dramatic. I know character development is important but come on, for the last three episodes, it was getting emotional with everyone getting caught with Kodaka's indecisive behaviour.

Although it is confirmed we are getting one more extra episode in the final volume of the DVD, let's hope Kodaka can save his friendship with Yozora and the club will be go on being as crazy as ever! P.S: Hinata is a nice girl (voiced by Hikasa Yoko) , I have ranked her second in between Sena and Yozora. Hope we will see her again if there is a new season!

Vividred Operation Ep 12 FINAL: The Crow turned huge and Kenjiro has detected large amounts of negative energy in it. The armies tried to stop it but it was deemed furtile.

Kenjiro also discovered that Rei is still alive in the centre core. The Crow is now heading straight for the Manifestor Engine in an attempt to suck all it's energy. Akane found Rei's key and is determined to rescue her. The others agreed and headed for the Crow.

The Crow arrived at the engine and started sucking the energy. With it, there was no power throughout the whole world and the armies lost their energy. Akane and the others arrived and knowing they will lose power very soon, they decided to risk everything.

Akane and Himawari began docking and damaged the Crow with their attack. Himawari used up her energy and fell to the sea. Next it was with Wakaba and finally Aoi. Vivid Blue managed to damage the core and Akane flew in.

I will bet everything on this Fist!!!


She found Rei but the Crow tried to kill them. However both of them docked in time and become Vivid Red. The Crow tried to blow up the Earth but Vivid Red immediately went up to the hemisphere and concentrate her energy on her fist. She came crashing down and smashed the Crow with one hit.

The Crow was finally destroyed and both Akane and Rei were welcomed by their friends. They saw the strange alien ring and it tele-pathy told them Rei's world is restored and she can go back now. Akane returned the key to Rei and in return, gave her scarf to Akane. They promised to meet again and Rei left them...

Everything went back to normal with Kenjiro going back to his original body and Akane's mother was discharged. One day, Akane saw a talking bird and a familiar person at the beach...

From one disappointing ending by Haganai to one over-the-top finale by Vividred Operation! When this show was first promoted, no one know what this show will be other than it was created by the people who did Strike Witches and the theme is friendship. When the first two episodes was aired, we were taken to a fun show about aliens, cute girls and over the top special attacks that resembled more to the Super Robots genre.

If I have one grip is that the show is too short and the focusing is more of Akane and Rei's relationship rather than the other three girls. I was even hoping that Momo will join them too but Rei was fine and Vivid Red is probably the strongest with a special attack that is a female Falcon Punch and I am liking it.

So is the Alone threat truly gone? But where do they come from? Are there any more such threats that Kenjiro is keeping us? Rei is able to hop between worlds like Kamen Rider Decade? In the end, no one know but if somehow we do get a follow up, let's focus more on the character development with the other three and more episodes next time.

Girls und Panzer Ep 12 FINAL: Ooari High lost two more tanks by the Muse and the Black Peak tanks are closing in. Miho suddenly have a radical idea and instructed the student council and volleyball team to seal the Muse's movement.

Miho's tank managed to hit the Muse's weak spot and destroyed it. However the student council is out due to several damages. Miho ordered everyone to lure Maho's flag tank away from the rest which they success.

Both Miho and Maho are facing each other and they began trading shots. After a while, Miho decided to use the same trick they used on St Gloria and both tanks fired at point blank range. When the smoke cleared, Maho's tank was defeated and Ooari High was declared the winner.

Everyone congrats Miho's team and even Maho congrats her. Ooari High received the winning flag and Miho's mother admitted defeat and congrats her too.

Ooari High returned to their town and was given a hero's welcome...

We finally reach the end of this suppose-to-end-last-year but was delayed series! When I saw them faced the Muse and is totally outmatched, I thought that was the end. But Miho's quick thinking saved them and outsmart the Muse. The final confrontation was cool and it is basically who can think faster and better maneuver the tank.

Miho also admitted she finally love Senshado and remember in the first episode, she resented it due to her failed leadership of her previous team. Although Miho should have suspended the match and save her team mates in the first place rather than abandon her post which is the equivalent of losing your commander.

Anyway, the cast is fun to watch from Miho's leadership, Saori's hungry for men, Hana's gentle but yet get turned on by cannon shots, Yukari's MGS parody and Mako's monotone but awesome driving skills. The school is saved so what now? Will Miho continue to lead everyone in Senshado? The world is still a huge place and there are many opponents out there. Maybe they should have an International Tank competition next time. Until then, PANZER VOR!

P.S:We have three series that finally ended! Next and final one is Love Live and hopefully it will be good given last week's dramatic cliffhanger. 

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