Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 6, Vividred Operation Ep 6

Haganai S2 Ep 6: Yozora admitted to everyone she and Kodaka were childhood friends ten years ago and not to overreact about it. However everyone felt uneasy about it.

Look at her go!

The next day, Kodaka tried to change the subject by mentioning the upcoming school festival. Sena boasted she was the star of last year's festival but Rika told her everyone was looking because of her bouncing breast and her underwear was exposed during the school play.

Rika suggested to have a maid cafe for their club and she immediately wore the maid outfit to demonstrate. However Kodaka was "abused" by Rika's tsundere acts. Next it was Sena's turn and she was getting all mushy which everyone found it horrible. (Although Yozora tried out the maid outfit and was spotted by Kodaka)

Kodaka suggested to have a fortune telling booth instead and Yozora tricked Sena into believing she has issues. That night Sena followed Yozora's instructions and was punished by her father. Kodaka send a link for her to read (The Barnum Effect)

Sena confronted Yozora about it and Kodaka has to play peacemaker between them. However Kobato arrived at the club which Sena completely forget about her argument with Yozora. Kodaka mentioned next week is Kobato's birthday which Sena want to celebrate a party for her...

So Yozora's bombshell that she and Kodaka are childhood friends was not so much of a big deal. The maid cafe and fortune telling felt like a regular episode with Rika going tsundere and Sena believing in what Yozora said. The Barnum effect which is a real life observation is basically making a person feel positive over certain matters thinking the other party know him inside out. Unfortunately, it is more of making one's Ego swell due to good things talked about him.

So with Kobato is back and her birthday is next week, what will Sena planned for her and will Kodaka saved Kobato before Sena "eat" Kobato alive!?

Vividred Operation Ep 6: Akana went for her school camping trip. However Genjiro and Momo have other plans for the girls.

When they arrived at the camping island, Mizuha ordered the girls to hand over their Vivid keys for safekeeping. She informed Genjiro about it and his purpose is to strengthen the bond between the girls.

For a former Hikimori, Himawari has a nice rack!

So does Rei!

Must resist pushing button...

Later Rei got stunned by Genjiro and is used as bait to lure the girls. After Himawari discovered Akane's swimsuit has a button which cause her suit to expand like a balloon. Genjiro used a fake disguise to lure them to an island.

They were attacked by a robot droid which Wakaba destroyed it. However they got separated by a swarm of bug droids, leaving Akane and Aoi to find their way to Rei. Meanwhile Rei woke up and managed to escape with a fork and knife on the table.


Rei saved the girls from certain traps although Akane is the only one who doesn't know it was her. After smashing a bear droid (with a rock), Genjiro was pissed and piloted a robot to confront them. Akane told Aoi to push the swimsuit button and she choked the barrel of the robot's cannon.

I wonder how much the damages cost?
The robot was destroyed and both Akane and Genjiro were unconscious. Later Genjiro and Momo apologize what happened while Rei refused to get close with Akane and the others. (Genjiro received a bill from Mizuha of all the damages he caused)

After five episodes of Alone battles, we are treated to a swimsuit episode! You can tell the camera like to focus on Himawari's bouncing busts. Sorry, Wakaba, you maybe tall but your bust is the size of a peach. Rei herself unwillingly get involved and she tried to hide her identify with her towel. Everyone know it was her expect Akane who is totally dense about it. (Typical Heroine's blindness?)

Other than Rei's badass and seeing the girls in swimsuits, it was pretty decent episode.

P.S: Seriously, what is the purpose of Akane's swimsuit anyway?

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