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Quick Picks: Senran Kagura Ep 6, Love Live Ep 6

Senran Kagura Ep 6: Kiriya heard a familiar cat explaining the details of the Shinobi Barrier and the Hebi Ninjas' infiltration to the school. As the girls continue to battle, Yagyu was the only one who defeated Mirai and escaped the barrier.


Kiriya suggested someone with strong connections should be enter the barrier from the outside but it caused serious strain to their body. Yagyu took the chance and tried to contact Hibari while Kiriya remember his former student who suggested the same idea years ago but died at the cost of experimenting it.

Finally Yagyu got through and found Hibari. However she suffered attacks from Haruka which Hibari begged for mercy. Haruka gave her a earring claiming it is their friendship and left. Asuka tried hard to take down Homura however she is too strong and claim Asuka is too naive to be a ninja.

The barrier was broken due to Mirai's defeat and they returned back to the school. Yagyu was sent to hospital and Hibari stayed with her. They recalled their first meeting at school and it was Hibari that opened Yagyu's heart after her younger sister died in a traffic accident months ago.

The other three ninjas were surprised by Hanzo's visit and he cheered them up with sushi rolls. After Yagyu was discharged, Kiriya and Hanzo explained the Super Secret Ninja Arts to them and told to prepare themselves for the training.

That is BIG!!!

While the Hebi Ninjas reported to Suzune, the familiar cat returned to it's owner...

This episode was good with five battles going on at the same time. You can tell the Hanzo ninjas were totally outmatched by the Hebi ninjas (Except for Mirai) Haruka sparing Hibari is also a big problem in the future. Among the five of them, Haruka is the manipulator and she will do everything to control Hibari and destroy the others.

It is no brainier that Yagyu treated Hibari as a surrogate sister due to her young sister's death. However Hibari has better buckle up if she doesn't want to become a hinder for Yagyu which I feel sorry for her to play double duty. Asuka too have to get her work together if she want to defeat Homura. Although what Homura preach about ninjas using underhanded methods and calling Asuka a shame to her grandfather, I am sure it is due to the Hebi ninjas' teachings that caused this.

So with Super Secret Ninja Arts training begin in the next episode, we are getting one more character to introduce. From the looks of it, it is Daidouji Senpai who is the strongest Hanzo ninja and she is BIG!!! (Literally!)

Love Live Ep 6: Nozomi started a video to interview with the various club including the Idol Research Club. However things are not going well.

What do I spy in Kotori's bag?

Nico, is that you?!

From Honoka's daily sleeping in class, Umi acting cute during Archery class and Nico trying to act cute and elegant. (which no one bother) Although Nozomi recorded their practicing lesson, she asked them who is actually the center or leader of the group?

Everyone pounded the question and started pushing it to Honoka and Umi. Nico suggested to have a karaoke, dancing and charm contest to find out who will be the leader.

Although everyone did well (except Nico who was shocked by everyone's abilities) Honoka suggested there shouldn't be a leader and everyone should take turns to sing in the center. The others agreed about it and all knew in their heart that Honoka will make a good leader.

After doing their second promo video, Nozomi advised Eri to lend a hand to Muse but she is having second thoughts about it. The next day, Hanayo rushed to the club with urgent news...

A pretty fun episode showing the girls behaving in front of the camera. Umi acting cute is one thing but Nico trying to show off was hilarious. Nico tried to become the leader by giving them hard challenges and guess what, the girls were better than her and she commented that times have changed.

Although I find Kotori to be suspicious when Honoka tried to look inside her bag and there was a glimpse of Kotori in a maid costume? Maybe that signature on Nico's shelf is related to her and she was able to give out leaflets the fastest also raised suspicious.

Will Eri decided if she want to join the group and what is the urgent news that Hanayo is trying to tell the others? Find out in the next episode!

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