Sunday, February 17, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 3: Diamond is my Best Friend!

Rika tried to study the Cure Lovies in the school science lab. Mana arrived and Rika explained the materials used in the Lovies does not exist on Earth. Mana claimed the first Lovies was given to her by a young man at the Clover Tower and the second one appeared from her badge.

Makoto in an Idol Dress! (Yummy!)

Rika tried to ask the Mascots but they have no idea either. Suddenly their teacher came in and the girls quickly hide the Mascots. (Rance was asleep and is placed under the table.) As they are walking home, the Mascots also reminded them about Cure Sword and what is her agenda. However Mana was hungry and suggested to Rika to have dinner at her house.

After calling her mother who worked in the hospital, Rika enjoyed the dinner made by Mana's father. Later, Rakeru suggested to Rika that she should become a Precure too. Mana agreed however Rika declined claiming she is not worthy to be a Precure but rather support Mana from behind. They agreed to meet tomorrow to find the young man at the Clover Tower and went back home.

Rika received a parcel at home and a letter from her father who is traveling overseas. She decided to write back to him and send the letter in the mail box the next day. Meanwhile, Irk and Mammo were visited by their comrade, Beru who was ordered from the "Higher-Ups" to help them.

Man, Joe is a pimp!
Did Joe just press the Lovies on Rika's chest?
The two girls bumped into the young man from the Clover Tower. (I am calling him Joe according to the voice credits) Joe has just opened his newly opened shop and invited them in. However Rika demanded to know his connections to the Lovies and the Precures. Joe changed the subject and gave Rika a Cure Lovies.

Rika went into a trance but was waken by Mana. Rika tried to reject the Lovies however Joe told her the Lovies choose her and should decide what path she choose instead. Meanwhile, a young man was disgusted with the love letters sending around. Irk extracted his dark heart and create a Jikochu from the mail box.

The mascots sensed it and Mana quickly transformed to confront the Jikochu. Cure Heart tried to save Rika's letter and got her hands tied. Rika want to help and recalled her first time meeting with Mana as a child and has been supporting her since then.

Suddenly the Lovies glowed and Rakeru transformed to a Cure Commune for Rika. She transformed to Cure Diamond and quickly purified the Jikochu with her attack-Twinkle Diamond.

After the battle, Rakeru reintroduced himself to Rika as her parther. They now then realised Lance is missing and started panicking. Alice arrived with Sebastian and wondered what is going on...

Today's focus is Rika and I am loving her more! Maybe because she is a more interesting character than Mana. I now realised Mana is too perfect that it is her flaw. (Some might claimed she is like a Mary Sue) Mana is always positive and slightly naive. She just blindly accepted Joe's invitation to his shop which described her naivety. Luckily Rika was around, otherwise Mana will just follow Joe's lead and never get anything done.

Rika is also leading a lonely family life. Her father is overseas and collected strange relics while her doctor mother is working in the hospital. Although she doesn't express it, I am sure she will suffered some disappointment in a future "parents episode" and Mana will drop by to lift her spirits in the end.

I find Joe a bit creepy. (Seriously!) Maybe it is because Takahiro Sakurai's voice gave a sense of uneasiness. Perhaps it is due to watching the ongoing series-Psycho Pass and his character, Makashima is a total sociopath bend on destroying the fibre of society. If the girls were a little younger, he could be mistaken as a paedophile. (I am looking at you, Ako/Cure Muse!)

Beru doesn't do much except sucking a lollipop (Maybe the guy is diabetic) but his dialogue suggested the Higher-ups send him mean we could be dealing with more generals in the future.

I agreed that Cure Diamond didn't do much except blasting the Jikochu away. (Running out of screen time?) Hope we see more of her in action in the next episode. With Alice joining the duo as Cure Rosetta next week, hope we get to see Makoto/Cure Sword too. (This week, she appeared as a promotional poster for her concert)

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