Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 3: Air Superiority

Becky took off with her flying broomstick which everyone on the field was amazed. Couver also joined with her flying carpet and they began to tear down the opposing units easily.

My Turn! Draw!

Rico tried to stop them with her anti air-craft magic but was totally overwhelmed by Couver's power. They spilt up again as Becky take on Millhiore while Couver battled Leon.

Shinku and Nanami tried to stop Becky however she was too fast and took down both of them. She then confronted Millhiore and both fired their magic at each other. As a result, their armor were destroyed and it was a draw.

Leon-Bad Ass Cat!

Couver battled Leon but Leon was too strong and defeated her with ease. In the end, Leon's troops won the battle and everyone returned to town to celebrate.

Couver want Becky to follow her Kingdom which Shinku and Nanami agreed. Leon suggested that they take a rest in town for two days before returning to the castle.

Must resist flurry tail...

The next day, Shinku, Millhiore, Nanami and Becky went for a walk in the fields and Shinku and Millhiore played fetch. Nanami and Becky were comparing their respective generals are cute and cuddly like how Shinku patting on Millhiore.

Rico and Eclair brought the three heroes to tour the castle and Eclair had a sparing session with Shinku. They then went to visit Yukikaze and Brioche in their home.

Later that night, Nanami was able to phone back home thanks to Rico's invention.While doing her hair, Becky asked Shinku who he is interested with which Shinku was embarrassed to answer.

I wonder how Mizuki Nana do both Rico and Nanami at the same time?

Meanwhile, Rico told Nanami they are going for a camp trip the next day...

Becky finally joined the other two heroes and she has the advantage, being the only one who can use magic and flight. She took them down easily which probably explained her experience in gaming when she mentioned it.

I think Becky is in love with Shinku though she kept it to herself. Furthermore, with two-third of the cast are female dogs and cats, it is pretty funny to see Shinku keeping his instincts from exploding to a horny animal like how Becky asking him of who did he like.

This episode felt like the previous season when the war was over and it was peacetime. Hopefully we can get the main plot soon but for now, the gang are going for a camping trip in the next episode.

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