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First Impressions: Kokoro Connect Ep 2, Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru Ep 2, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 2, Binbougami Ga Ep 2, Sword Art Online Ep 2, Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai Ep 2, Muv-Luv Alternative-Total Eclipse Ep 3, Campione Ep 2, Tari Tari Ep 3, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 2, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 2

Kokoro Connect Ep 2: The club discovered that their teacher, Goto Ryuzen is being controlled by a mysterious being known as "Heartseed" and is responsible for making them switch bodies. Heartseed claimed to be observing them and advised to get on with it. However things got worse as they keep switching bodies too often.

One day, Taichi volunteered to run errands with Maiko but spoke in Himeko's body. As a result, all three of them went and Himeko in Taichi's body claimed that Nagase is his girlfriend.

Although it is hilarious to see them in embarrassing situations but having a being named Heartseed which I am certain he is an alien spolit the pace which turn this show from a comedy to a show similar to Stein Gates....

Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru Ep 2: Shougo realised the girl in a witch costume is Sagara Mei who is just interested in Shougo and nothing more. He later met a bodyguard who is hired by her mother named Mr X aka Mizutani Ikusu.

Actually Ikusa is not bad looking...

Ikusa joined the class as a new transfer student but Shougo discovered he is a girl in disguise. Later, they went for a ball and Shougo stunned the crowd with him dancing Konoe and Rinka. He then invited Miyabi for a dance outside but she got embarrassed when her dress came off...

An okay episode with every girl infatuated by Shougo although he received another call from his "sister" claiming that she was also at the ball too. So who do you think the sister was?

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 2: Ojima met up with Shinonome Satsuki who is also entering the elections. He was attracted by her charm and want his club members to vote who should join the elections. However everyone vote him and he has no choice but to enter.

Although this show is based on a best selling adult PC game, I found the pace a bit slow and the characters aren't really interesting. Maybe I will watch one more episode just to see how Ojima kick off his election.

Binbougami Ga Ep 2: Ichiko felt threatened by Momiji ever since she joined their class. She met a traveling monk named Bobby which at first, thinking he is a pervert idiot. However Bobby gave Ichiko an item which enable her to manifest her good fortunes to life.



Momiji tried to fought back her own monsters but they were too lazy to do anything due to her character. She retreated to her hideout and was determined to beat Ichiko despite being ordered to report back to her superiors...

Seeing the parodies make me laugh and Bobby was hilarious. I know Momiji wanted to beat Ichiko but I hope the next episode won't be the same formula because if it does, I am turning it off.

Sword Art Online Ep 2: It has been a month since Kirito is trapped in the game and finally a rally was held claiming they found the first boss of the first level. He end up pairing with a mysterious person in a cloak.

Later both of them and a large group of players battle the first boss. One of the player, Diabel who is the leader of the group died in Kirito's arms despite being offered a healing item. Kirito together with his mysterious partner who happened to be a sword girl named Asuna, finally defeated the first boss.

However the other players claimed Kirito is a beta player and probably knew his way around. Kirito mocked them for being losers and wore his new armor-Coat of Midnight. Before he left, he told Asuna to look for a better guild and not to follow him...

It is interesting to know that the author of this show is the same person who did Accel World and furthermore a crossover is expected when Haru will team up Kirito in the novels but whether it will happen here is another story. Kirito is trying to find a way to survive the battles and eventually Asuna will join him in the future. Still interesting show even though it is not crazy like Accel World but it has it's own charm.

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai Ep 2: Lisara joined Ryosuke's class as a new transfer student and started to find the chosen one. However a trap set by her cousin, Quell nearby defeated Lisara. At the last moment, Ryosuke recharge Lisara's power by ero energy and defeated Quell. Later Ryosuke's childhood friend, Mina discovered Lisara's identify but remained open about it.

Ero Power save the Day!

Ryosuke is all right for a pervert male lead but Lisara is kinda of a turn off. Compare her with Risa of High School DxD, I take Risa anytime! An all right episode but not exciting like High School DxD which has more interesting characters which means I won't be so hard up for it.

Muv-Luv Alternative-Total Eclipse Ep 3: We finally meet our male lead-Yuuya Bridges from America. He arrived in Total Eclipse which is a joint UN project gathering all the best test pilots in the world to create the strongest TSF mechs.

He met Yui who is her superior and Yuuya had a mock battle with the other pilots. Despite having a weaker mech, he survived the battle and became friends with the other countries' pilots. However Yui was dissatisfied by his performances and mock him...

I read the manga version of this series and if you are expecting a Starship troopers kind of series (Which I hope it is), you might be disappointing. Yuuya is a test pilot so he won't be going to a real combat zone unless the BETA come knocking at their base. Most of the time is just Yuuya trying out new mechs and Yui who at first came out as a bitch but later opened up to him. There is also a pair of Russian pilots-Cryska and Inia who will cross paths with them and things become complicated for everyone after that.

Campione Ep 2: Godou was shocked to find Erica in his bed naked and realised he has just become a God Slayer or Campione. He later met a Miko, Yuri and the Japanese Magic Association who advised Godou that Erica might be using him.

Have a PIG on me!!!

Later Erica took him back to Italy where she test his power in front of her organisation. Godou won and she confessed that she is truly in love with him and not using him as a pawn...

The story so far sound interesting with Godou being the God Slayer and using powers like a Megaman wannabe is pretty fun. Erica is not bad and not your usual Tsundere female lead. However seeing the opening with Godou with all the female leads make him as badass like Akatsuki from Hagure Yuusha no Estetica.

"I no Money!" Sawa said to the Italian guy

Taichi's sister is hot!

Tari Tari Ep 3: Wakana has been chased by an Italian man with a pig for no reasons while Konatsu and Taichi were forced to disband their club due to lack of members. Finally Konatsu had a bet with Taichi on creating a new club which allow choir and badminton at the same time.

Together with Wakana, Sawa and Wien, they formed the club with the Principal's approval despite the Vice Principal's objections. They were unsure of what song to perform and during a part time job, they sang a song together with a pair of musicians which attracted a club.

I find this group of three girls and two guys more fun to watch than the group in Kokoro Connect. Wakana was funny when trying to outrun the Italian man. Konatsu is hyper, Sawa is sweet while Taichi and Wien are being dragged for the ride. Though I wonder why the Vice prinicpal felt offensive over Wakana's mother who was a ex-member of the school choir...

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 2: Sagara continued to stay in the past and offended Nobuna's younger brother, Nobuyuki. Nobuna then decided to make Sagara a ultimatum-To buy 8000 pounds of rice using 3000 gold or face execution.

Sagara managed to get more rice than expected and even Nobuna was impressed by his knowledge of the outside world. Nobuyuki tried to start a coup but Sagara managed to turn the tide and force Nobuyuki to surrender.

Nobuna want to execute Nobuyuki however Sagara stop her as he foresee that action will make her become the ruthless ruler in history. She forgave her brother and later swore Sagara to be her follower...

Among all the Sengoku adaptions, this one is pretty close to the original and Sagara has already changed history by preventing Nobuna from become the "Devil King" that we all know. The characters are pretty fun to watch and Nobuna's reasons for conquest is a logical one. By uniting Japan, they will be able to defend their shores against foreign invaders. I guess now with Sagara by her side, that ambition might come true...

Haruka looked like an older Nao from Smile Precure and they are voiced by Inoue Marina.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 2: Akatsuki and Myuu started their first day in Babel and already he beaten up a bully, took on the school council and even strip the vice president Haruka's clothes all in one day.

Later, Akatsuki, Myuu and their class head, Kuzuha witness one of their classmates-Chikage making out with a female student. They got locked in the store room by accident and Kuzuha couldn't relive herself.

Akatsuki solved the problem by making all the girls relive themselves and getting pounded afterwards. But his reason was to make Myuu get along with the rest of the class as he promised her father to give her a normal life.

He maybe a pervert but Akatsuki knew his way around. He know that Myuu will have problems getting along and he will rather play the the bad guy role to make her get along with other people. Kinda reminds me of Sabea Ryo though Akatsuki won't go all gaga over every girl he meet. But he sure know how to make a girl relive herself easily!

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