Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Idolmaster Extra Episode: The Life of an Idol

This extra episode is included in the last volume of Idolmaster DVD, so let's see what's in store from the girls of 756 Pro!

Kotori is editing video footage's from everybody's outings when the Asami twins and Yayoi mentioned that Akabane has already left to America to further his career. However it was all made-up as Akabane entered the office planning the schedules.

Haruka, Chihaya, Yukiho and Makoto were at a karaoke booth and everyone have high scores expect Chihaya. She was determined to beat the machine and after a long time, she did it but everyone was tired of it.

The only time you can see Azusa's bust!

Meet my friend, Jaws!

Hibiki is on location in Okinawa, trying to catch some fresh seafood during their Sunday variety show. The twins promote their new film however Chihaya was annoyed that Haruka was the last one standing in a parody of Kill Bill. Hibiki also make a new friend in the form of a shark.

Ritsuko caught the hiccups and everyone tried all ways to cure her. Azusa walked in and announced that she is getting married which got everyone excited. However it was just a line from a movie Azusa is acting in. Ritsuko realised her hiccups is gone but now Akabane caught it.

Kotori was having lunch in an eating house when Akabane joined her. However she has a delusion that Akabane is an aggressive husband who complained of the food.

Iori and Yayoi had a late night shooting and they stayed in Iori's mansion. However Yayoi was too afraid to sleep alone and ran to Iori's bed to sleep.

Why are you laughing, Chihaya?

Miki keep falling asleep before show time but when she woke up, she was full of life. Everywhere she went, she keep falling sleeping but remain professional at work. When they reach the office, Miki continued to sleep and Akabane commented her to be a real life Sleeping Beauty which Chihaya giggled to herself.

Takane can really eat!

After the twins, Hibiki and Takane watch Azusa's new movie, Takane was curious of the rotating Sushi bar and they entered. She was surprised by the layout and started eating like a glutton. However the next table was Touma and his friends. They started fighting over the food however Takane was the winner in the end.

Finally the girls went to the rooftop and gaze the falling stars. Akabane told them they have many wishes to hope for but asked what is their most important of all? The girls replied to be the top idols...

It's been a year since the last episode of Idolmaster was aired and this special episode was a fun one to watch. Even though it is just an anthology of short stories of everyone in this episode, the humor and action reminds me why this show is one of my top three favourite shows of 2011.

Chihaya was hilarious while trying to sing crappy songs to score. The Kill Bill Parody was awesome like a real grind house film. Kotori was funny in her delusions. Miki sleep like a log but she become a different person while working. However I wonder why Chihaya is laughing about. The eating contest was funny as until today no one knew why Takane is so awesome!

Even though Idolmaster has no new works (I think the next game is actually a reboot of the 2nd game but more focus on rhythm game play) I hope we get to see the girls in the near future. (Maybe an Idolmaster 3?)

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