Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 4, Shining Hearts Ep 3, Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 4, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 4

Accel World Ep 4: Haru learn that someone is spying through Chiyuri's account but did not probe further. He later informed Kuroyukihime who suddenly became jealous due to him sharing a direct link with Chiyuri.

Girl kiss sweet!

Later, she apologize to him however a car went out of control and they quickly burst link into the Accel World. Kuroyukihime decided to sacrifice herself to save Haru's body and she confessed to him that she love him before being knocked down by the car.

She was rushed to the hospital with Haru by her side. He was worried that Cyan Pile might tried to kill her and stood guard all night. His friend Taku came by which finally he realised that Taku is really Cyan Pile and they began to battle in the Accel World...

Kuroyukihime confessing to Haru was one of the sweetest things I seem so far. Furthermore she believe that Haru is the one who will become the strongest and find out the truth of Accel World.

Next episode is going to be exciting as the stakes are high. One is his best friend and the other is the girl he love. What will Haru do now and what is Taku's true nature and his reason to kill Kuroyukihime?

Shining Hearts Ep 3: Rick and the girls found Kagura who was washed ashore and brought her to the nearby clinic. Later their furnace was damaged and went to find a blacksmith named Hank who is keeping an gyroid in his workshop. They overheard from the palace guards that a blackout has been issued tonight to prevent pirates from invading the island.

Rick and Neris went to vist Kagura who has amnesia. Suddenly Kagura's pendant started to glow which attracted the pirates and awaken the gyroid who subsequently destroyed the pirates' ships. The palace guards tried to stop Kagura from glowing but Rick stopped them. However the pendant stop glowing and the danger is over for now...

Like the game, Kagura is unable to recall who she is and the gyroid will also play an important role in future episodes. Other than that, it is still too early to tell how the story goes as it seems it divert about the pirates invading the island and the blackout.

Sera has the biggest BOOBS!!!!

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 4: A soft of filler episode in which after Haruna accidentally destroyed Ayumu's model robot (which is FMP's Arbalest), Orito brought him to a maid cafe which is owned by Sara.

Make me your slave, Sera!!

This week's Daydream Eu is Kouda Mariko

In order to have a free meal, both of them took the challenge of make five "Tsundere" girls become "Dere" which to everyone's surprise, they beat the challenge but not after learning that their classmate, Anderson is actually a being from the underworld...

I can't believe that Ayumu is a fan of FMP and even make references to both the novels and the Second Raid series. The Tsundere challenge was fun to watch which the last challenge was their classmate, Mihara Kanami who detest them from the beginning. Thanks to Orito's crazy idea which make her blush like a puppy but who is Anderson and why is he here in the first place?

I find it creepy seeing Urabe behaving like this...thank god it is just a delusion.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 4: One of Tsubaki's classmate and girlfriend to Ueno, Oka want to befriend Urabe during break time. Urabe was tempted by Oka's food and began to taste her food. Later Urabe gave her drool to Tsubaki and it tasted like fried eggs.

The next day, Urabe injured her knee and Oka brought her to the sick bay. There, they shared a drink together which Oka also suffered the same injuries like Urabe. She realised that Oka has a special connection with her and Oka confessed that she saw her and Tsubaki together doing the droll ritual.

Urabe claimed that she doesn't need any friends but Tsubaki. However Oka didn't give up and during break time, she let Urabe taste her droll which she claimed it is sweet. Oka figure out that Urabe has not further their relationship with Tsubaki, let alone a kiss. Urabe gave in and they began to have lunch together which surprised both Tsubaki and Ueno...

Now with Oka entering the picture, how will it affected Urabe and Tsubaki who are desperately trying to hide their relationship. But it seems that Oka and Ueno are also keeping theirs a secret too. Although Oka is a bit creepy (like a stalker!) but she mean no harm and furthermore she could figure out that Urabe's relationship with Tsubaki is superficial and nothing serious. I guess that Oka could give Urabe some tips on courtship and maybe she could direct it to Tsubaki without doing the droll ritual which is getting a bit boring now...

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