Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 4-The Eighth Servant

Kirei found his father dead in the church and informed Tokiomi who was furious about it. After Kirei excused himself, Archer asked if he felt any remorse about his father's death. However he was unmoved about it.

Meanwhile, Saber brought back Iris to their hideout and Iris recovered in the magic circle. Maiya arrived and informed Tokiomi want to form an alliance with them to defeat Rider and Berserker. Iris agreed to meet them and hint to Saber that Kirei is the greatest threat to Emiya in this war.

Tokiomi went to visit his family and spoke to Rin. He advised her to trust the church and become a great mage in the future. He gave her his book of spells before leaving with Kirei.

Iris and the other met Tokiomi and Kirei in the church. Emiya was listening everything from Maiya's spy watch. Tokiomi wished for an alliance with them which Iris agreed with two conditions. First, they must share information about Rider and Waver and second, they wished for Kirei to withdraw from the war as he has bad blood with the Enizbern family.

Tokiomi agreed to the terms and they left the church. Saber ride the new bike which was given by Emiya and went off first to scout the route. Iris and Maiya drove in the car and she felt weak but order Maiya to leave the church immediately.

Along the way, she explained to Maiya that she is a homunculus for the sole purpose of becoming the vessel of the Holy Grail. However the reason she is still alive was because of Avalon being placed in her body which prevent her from aging. She hope that Maiya will continue to support her and Emiya till the war is over.

Kirei was in his room when Archer appeared. Kirei has received the location of Iris's hideout and told Archer the truth of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail will appeared once all seven servants killed which means that Tokiomi will use his command seals to had Archer killed in the end. Kirei also explained that now he is a master without a servant which Archer found it amusing and instigated him to do what is needed.

Kirei met Tokiomi in his room and want him to be Rin's master and guardian if he is gone. He also gave Kirei an Azoth dagger which symbolise his mastery of the Tohsaka magic and the end of the master/student relationship.

As Tokiomi was about to leave, Kirei stabbed him with the dagger and murdered him. Archer was amazed about his actions and now Kirei form an contract with Archer to be the new master...

So expected, Kirei betrayed Tokiomi and had him murdered. Now Kirei become the new master of Archer and began his scheme to have everyone eliminated. Of course in the future, Kirei will become Rin's master and will gave the Azoth dagger to her which in FSN, everyone know what is going happen after that.

Iris is also a tragic character. Being a vessel for the Holy Grail and according to her, once her time is up, she will turn into the Holy Grail and cease to exist. The Enizbern family are also a bunch of heartless people which probably why Iriya is so self-centred in FSN.

Next episode, we are having a flashback episode which explain Emiya's past and the reason why he now see the world in grey...

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