Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 13: Miyuki's Unlucky Days

The girls are travelling to Kyoto with their class. Miyuki was excited about it and when she tried to eat her snacks, Candy ate it all up.

When they arrived, the girls went to explore the nearby attractions. Miyuki tried to hide Candy from everyone and accidently fell into the pond. She change into her PE attire and took the class group photo, all drenched.

They had their fortunes told and Miyuki found out she will be having terrible luck which she ignore it. Miyuki tried to get a group photo but the shoots were badly done. She tried many times until the batteries went flat.

Ouch! That's got to hurt!

Next, the girls went to a gift shop and Miyuki got hit on the head by a doll display and had her gift damaged along the way.

Tea, Sensei?

That night, the girls were in their room and they started having a pillow fight until Miyuki accidently poured tea on their teacher who gave them a long lecture after that.

Is it the lively guy?

Or the cool man?

The Heavyweight Dude?!

The girls had some girls’ talk and they asked Miyuki if she has a crush on anyone. The rest started guessing who is it and Miyuki confessed that she like Peter Pan from the fairy tale. They were making a lot of noise and their teacher reprimanded them again.

The next day, Miyuki still suffered from bad luck everywhere she goes. When they arrived at Gion, Yayoi want to take photos of Maikos but there were none. Candy suggested using the lipstick decor and she dress up as a Maiko. Miyuki blamed herself for the disappointment but the rest didn’t mind.

Aka Oni arrived nearby and began to suck the Bad End Energy from the people. The girls confronted him and he found Miyuki’s fortune ticket. He thought this is the best chance to defeat the Precures and created an Akanbe with the Blue ball.

The girls transformed and battled the Akanbe. Cure Happy got targeted by the Akanbe and was hurt. Cure Sunny used Sunny Fire but it didn’t work. They want to use Rainbow Healing when suddenly Cure Happy’s Smile Pact dropped into the river.

Cure Happy tried to find it while the rest got beaten up by the Akanbe. Cure Happy decided to help her friends instead and defended them. She blamed herself for getting into this mess but the others told her that they will stand by her no matter what.

The Smile Pact suddenly returned back to Cure Happy and they quickly used Rainbow Healing to defeat the Akanbe. After that, the girls began reminisce Miyuki’s encounters which they claimed that even though she was unlucky, she managed to put a smile on everyone. A pair of Maikos walked by and they took photos with them...

A fun episode with Miyuki being a walking disaster everywhere she goes. She was feeling down about it but her friends stood by her and a miracle happened. The Smile Pact somehow was able to return back to her in time of need. For such an episode, I was thinking of a Boukenger Episode when Akashi was struck with bad luck and he wore all soft of good luck charms to counter it which I thought Miyuki might do something similar to it.

Anyway, the trip is like most school anime where they shows the different sights of Kyoto and Nao commented that Reika is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to these places. However the most interesting part will be the girls’ talk at night. They mentioned some of the male students which could lead to a possible future episode of paring up with them. (Nao is mine!)Miyuki’s crush was Peter Pan shows how naive she is and perhaps a real Peter Pan might appear soon (Maybe in the movie version?)

The battle was quite straight forward with Rainbow Healing as a finishing blow. However in the next episode, Miyuki and Yayoi got separated with the others in Osaka and they found out a new skill in the Rainbow Healing which enable them to fly!?

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  1. The wings they get are actually the butterfly decor.