Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 19-Silver Lining

Takane has caught the attention of Kuroi who hired a paparazzi reporter named Shibusawa to dig anything about her.

Miki is trendy, Asuza is mature but Takane is all Beauty!

The next day, the girls went for a magazine interview where it was Takane's turn. The rest of the girls realised they don't know much about her. Yukiho claimed that Takane mentioned that she is from the Old Capital or Kyoto but other than that, her background is a mystery.

During a photo shoot, Takane could sense someone is stalking her but choose not to inform Akabane. After he left her for an another appointment, Takane return a wallet to an elderly man who happened to be the owner of Elderly Records.
If you look at another angle, you might think that Takane has a "Sugar Daddy"

Shibusawa used this information to publish a story about her moving to Elderly Records. 765 Pro caught hold of it which even Hibiki, Yukiho and Yayoi begged Takane not to go. She had a private talk with Akabane and explained the rumors is false. She also confessed that someone is stalking her too.

The girls knew the truth and were relieved. They took turns to watch over Takane and they went to a nearby festival to enjoy themselves. Takane knew that Chihaya is hiding something and hope they could help her in return.

Chihaya left the festival but was trailed by Shibusawa. He saw her at a graveyard where she had a heated argument with her mother. Kuroi caught hold of it and decided to exploit her. Jupiter found out Kuroi is up to something against 765 Pro but was butt out by him.

Stop! or Takane will Shoot!

The next day, Takane was invited to be the Police Chief for a day and meet up with the owner of Elderly Records. Shibusawa tried to interfere which Akabane tried to stop him. He got thrown off by Shibusawa but held onto his feet. Takane told this chance and take him down.

After that, Takane became a known celebrity and the owner of Elderly Records denied her transfer to them. The girls celebrate by having Ramen in the office and Takane mentioned "ConReCon" to everyone. It seems that Akabane explained to her that "Contact", "Report" and "Consult" is important in their line of work. Takane did not trust him even though she knew Shibusawa is stalking her. However it is important to have trust for Akabane as he is responsible for their well-being. She finally understand and agreed to trust him more.

A few days later, Chihaya saw an article of her past-a road accident which caused the death of her younger brother. She went onstage and realised she lose her voice...

Takane is cool and awesome! Being the second oldest in the group, she is calm and more observant than the others. Most people will panic if a rumor pop up but Takane take it easy and even caught Shibusawa. The trust is also important as Takane is used to handle things alone but now she too realised that in any line of work, trust and communication is very important.

As you can see, Chihaya's past cropped back to her and from what I gathered and the game that I play, Chihaya's loss of voice is a psychological effect due to her guilt of not holding her brother's hand which led to his death in a road accident. Now Kuroi is struck a low blow to 765 Pro, it's up to the rest of the girls to lend her support and looking at Jupiter who knew now that Kuroi is attacking the girls, they might have a change of heart and hopefully this conflict can end soon...

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