Monday, August 6, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 25: A Wild Wind Summer Day

It is the beginning of the Summer Holidays and Miyuki received a call from Akane to come to the beach.

Help me Miyuki Kenobi! You are my only hope!

Even in the beach, Reika never forget her manners.

Aka Oni also find out about the beach on the telly and decided to find out more. When Miyuki arrived at the beach, she saw Akane helping her mother at their Beach Okonomayaki Store and Nao is helping her uncle in the Ice dessert store with Reika.

Akane forced Miyuki to help and both stores started competing with each other. Yayoi dropped by and she came to the beach for some inspirations for her drawings. She took Candy along while the rest of them continued their business.

It is possible to create such a sandcastle but it will take the whole day..

The New Eye Catch!

Their business were booming and finally they took a break. However Akane and Nao decided to compete again and they begin to challenge in everything-Volleyball, Soccer, Eating watermelons and building sandcastles.

Aka Oni also arrived and began to suck Bad End energy from the people. He also turned a ice cone into a Akanbe. The girls quickly transformed and battled the Akanbe.

But Cure Sunny and Cure March tried to take down the Akanbe themselves without the rest of them. Both tried several times and as a result, Cure Happy, Peace and Beauty were captured into the Akanbe's body.

Suddenly the Akanbe created a snow storm and Cure Sunny and Cure March were weakened by it. Both of them were losing strength but they held their hands together which somehow overcome the snow storm.

12 more to go!

They realised they have to work together and joined forces to weaken the Akanbe. They rescued the others and transformed to Princess Form and defeated the Akanbe. Two new decors were recovered and Aka Oni retreated.

Akane and Nao created a new set menu-Okonomayaki and Ice Cone set which everyone enjoyed as they continued their summer holidays...

The last time we have such a rivalry episode is from Cure Rouge and Cure Aqua whose elements could never get along. After that, I don't think there was a similar episode from the previous three series.

The Precures are like the Super Sentai. A single warrior might not be strong enough to defeat a boss level enemy unless two or even the whole team is able to defeat the enemy. So in this case, Cure Sunny and Cure March learn a valuable lesson that it is okay to compete but sometimes, you have to see the situation ahead. The others were captured and it took both of them to realise their mistakes.

The opening included their Princess form and a new ending which is all right but I rather prefer something like Fresh Precure or Heartcatch second ending with some charm to it. Next episode, the girls goes for a festival and Candy got mistaken as a prize offering! (I wonder why the girls are not wearing any swim wear since they were at the beach?)


  1. We never get Cures in swimsuits though. Also Miyuki was the only one who went there to swim and she probably planned on changing once she got there.

    1. We never saw that in both "Heartcatch Precure!" and "Suite Precure♪" during their beach episodes, either.

    2. If you go to Pixiv, a lot of artists expressed that they are also disappointed that the Cures are never seen in swimsuits.

      But on the other hand, the Pretty Cure franchise is a series aimed to children, so seeing sexy swimsuits in any episode of the franchise is slim to none (I can only count one in "Fresh Precure.")

  2. Who cares about the Cures in swimsuits when we got Akaoni in Speedos...or the Bad End verson of Speedos anyways? *nosebleed* Think I would turn gay for the big, buff red ogre with an afro.