Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 7- Caster has the Necronomicon!?

The rescue workers found a large, liquid based ball at the hotel site. One of the workers touched it and was brainwashed to load it up to a truck. Later the Church has issued an order to the Masters to kill Caster and whoever can kill him will get an additional seal.
The words on his shirt is "Advanced Great War Tactics"- A famous Sega Mega Drive game

At least, we know Rider's pant size.

Rider ordered a t-shirt from the shopping channel and want to go and see the town. Waver stopped him as he does not have any pants. He informed Rider that the order to kill Caster is issued and they are supposed to kill him. Rider refused at first but Waver promised him to get him some pants if they get the job done.

Meanwhile, Emiya and his group were discussing about the order to kill Caster. He rejected the idea to confront Caster head on from Saber and rather wait for Caster to come to them. They also realised that Archibald is still alive as Saber's wounds has not healed from Lancer's curse.

Emiya was worried for Iris and Irya and wanted to run away with them from this war. Iris knew in his heart that he will regret it as he want to use the Holy Grail to save the world. Iris felt Caster was nearby and used a crystal ball to monitor him.

Caster was holding several kids hostage and threaten Saber to come out or he will kill the kids. Saber confronted Caster but he has already kill all but one of the kid. Caster let go the boy and Saber told him to escape however it was a trap as the boy imploded and turn into a plant creature.
One look of it, you know it is the Necronomicon! 

The plant creature caught hold of Saber and more plant creatures appeared. She broke free and take them down. Saber realised that Caster's Noble Phantsam is the book he is holding which enable him to summon demonic monsters. More of the creatures appeared and caught hold of Saber. Iris felt another Master has arrived which Emiya ordered Maiya to bring Iris away from the castle.

Lancer came to Saber's aid and his order is to kill Caster. The two servants went for a truce and battle the plant creatures. Archibald arrived at the castle with a living liquid ball. It protected him from the traps in the castle and found Emiya.

That's Cyborg 009's power!

I have a Magic Gun!

Emiya used an accelerate spell to escape however it strain his body. He used another spell to slow down his heartbeat which prevent Archibald's liquid ball to detect him. He ambushed Archibald with his last rounds of machine gun. Emiya then took out a special gun and smile to himself...

Creppy forest, plant like creatures and Caster holding a book of spells which looked like the Necronomicon? This isn't Fate Zero! This is the Evil Dead! You can see that Caster is a cold blooded murderer who kill children for pleasure which disgust Saber. Lancer aiding Saber is a sign of respect though indirectly Archibald just want the extra seal for himself.

Saber is also in conflict with Emiya as she does not see the bigger picture when they are discussing. As a knight, she will rather face head-on with Caster. Emiya thinking ahead, suspect there is more to it and know that Kirei is targeting him. He too is worried about Iris and Irya which show a weaker side of him. Emiya also show that he has some magic abilities when he battled Archibald. Through I am suspecting that the special gun could be a magic gun which the next episode titled is called Mage Killer...

P.S-I laugh at Rider and Waver's moment and Waver promised him to buy pants if they beat Caster. This pair is starting to become my favourite with their unlikely thinking and humor.

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