Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ranma Live Action TV special!? (Where is P-Chan?)

As most of you might already know, TV Asahi will be broadcasting the live action movie of Ranma 1/2. We seen this before. Hollywood has tried with Dragonball which failed miserably. TV has Detective Conan which is too close to Kindachi. Now they are trying with Ranma who in actual sense is impossible to do it in a live action setting and on the small screen with a smaller budget?

I don't know what to say. I mean did you see what they did to Hayate no Gotoku? They turned Hayate to be a Bishouen and Nagi look like a teenager girl than a loli. Oh god, what is wrong with TV this day?

Never mind, I will watch it if given the chance and had my verdict about it. Judging from the poster, I can say that Akane look normal, Male Ranma look all right, Female Ranma is a hottie. Kasumi look simple enough though I rather have Takane Rie doing her. (Wishful thinking!) Nabiki look like a slut. Genma's panda form look terrible. The rest of the characters like Kuno and Tofu is a hit or miss to me. The only characters that I really want to see is Shampoo, Ukyo and P-Chan. But I can't imagine how can it be accomplished...

Ranma will be shown on 9 December in Japan TV station.

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