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Gokaiger/Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Heroes Movie Review (Spoliers Included)

Finally one of the most anticipated Toku movie for 2011 is finally out for home release! Let's see how the story goes...

Our story begin with Goseiger battling the Zangyack but were outnumbered. Aka Ranger and Big One arrived to assist them which even the extra rangers led by Wolzard Fire arrived too. Goseiger joined up with the remaining 33 team and went to battle the Zangyack. It is a more longer battle than the first episode of Gokaiger which some of the characters like Red Racer, Ninja Red, Denzi Blue and the late Kiranger had one liners in it.

I know the extras are just wearing the rangers' clothes but let's see who we have here...

Finally the sentai team including the extra rangers used their energy to destroy the Zangyack Armanda. Aka Red witness everything in space while everyone regain conciseness but lost their power. Several years passed and now the Gokaiger arrived on earth with the ranger keys and battling the Zangyack.

It's time to tango!

After battling the Zangyack using Dynaman and Fiveman, the Gokaiger want to used Goseiger when the Goseiger team snatch back the keys. They absorb the keys and regain their power. Of course as all Super Sentai VS, they misunderstood each other and had a brawl.

It resulted in a draw and the two team retreated. Meanwhile, Black Cross King arrived at the Zangyack Armanda and claim to them that he can defeat the Gokaiger and form an alliance. At a nearby nursery, Daigoro/Denzi Blue who is giving out Denzi Bun saw a boy with a Daidenzi toy. He later met Umeko/Deka Pink and Ryo/Ryuranger who rescued a salary man from accident.

The Goseiger created a diversion with their Gosei Great and Gosei Red sneaked into the Gokai Galleon to get back Gosei Knight's key. Gokai Red spotted him and they fought outside with the whole treasure chest left unattended on the ground.

Black Cross King stole the treasure chest and summon Brajira, Dagon and Yogoshimacritein. They separate the two team into three locations-Gokai Red and Gosei Red in a frozen time zone, Ahim, Doc, Eri and Hyde in the mountain and Joe, Luka, Agri and Moune in a movie set.

The salary man which the three senior rangers met nearly lose hope cause of the Super Sentai losing their power but the three rangers gave him encouragement and he even show them his model toy of Variblune.

Suddenly Black Cross King appeared all over the country announcing his conquest of Earth and how the Super Sentai is unable to stop him now.

Moune is cute in a kimono!

The two teams couldn't get along at first but finally they have to help together to get out. After dealing all three generals, Gosei Knight together with Navi arrived and informed of Black Cross King's world conquest.

They arrived to confront Black Cross King but he placed all the ranger keys into a cannon and fire them out. The keys turned into mindless puppets, programed to attack the two teams. The two teams transform and battled the ranger army.

They discovered by defeating them, they will revert back to keys. Everyone battled several teams and finally every single color members being defeated by Gokaiger and Goseiger. Black Cross King became huge and knocked them down.

I am being killed by the number "35"!

Suddenly the ranger keys surrounded the two teams and some of the senior rangers spoke to them. They reappeared again and create a "Super Sentai Bazooka" for the two teams to defeat Black Cross King.

Black Cross King revived again turning into a walking fortress. Now called Black Cross Fortress, it attacked the city and the people began to evacuate. Gokaioh, Gosei Great and Gosei Ground was unable to stop it which Gosei Knight was even knocked out.

Nozomu told the people not to give up hope and they started cheering for the heroes. The salary man's Variblune and the boy with Daidezin toy began to glow and create a miracle. All the Sentai Robots appeared to aid the two teams.

Black Cross Fortress revived Brajira and several giants to battle them. But they were defeated quickly. The Goranger Keys began to shine and the Gokaiger used it's ultimate power. The Variblune combined with Gokaioh and created a giant sword which easily defeated Black Cross Fortress.

The people thank the heroes as the Sentai robots disappeared. Later, the Goseiger returned their keys to Gokaiger and entrust them to protect the Earth. As the Gokai Galleon flew past a city, Gokai Silver watched from a building...

So what I think of this movie: I like it for it's non-stop action scenes and the finale was pretty good for a Sentai show.

Let's start with the heroes. Basically they are portraying what they have doing in the show. Like most Sentai team up, it's usually start with a misunderstanding but finally respecting and learning to work together. The sentai alumni was the one I was really interested. Compare it with All Riders vs Daishocker, I think Toei really support the Sentai series more than the Riders series.

We have a scene with three senior rangers-Ryo, Umeko and Daigoro who I believe is their first time together on screen. They even acknowledge each other which no one know how given that Ryo and Umeko were not even born when Daigoro was Denzi Blue. The rest of the alumni was fine giving their words of encouragement through I find Go Shiro/Red One very intimating and Banba Sokichi/Big One look tired. He was more lively back in Gaoranger vs SS ten years ago.

The villains were okay through I am getting sick of Brajira revived again. The Zangyack didn't do much other getting their ass kicked after the title credit. Black Cross King was pretty all right through it is nice to hear Kamiya Akira doing the voice. His voice was fierce and over the top and his death scene was laughable to hear Kamiya suffering like some dead snake.

Finally the story itself. I should say if we take away the opening act and the Sentai alumni scene, it is actually just Gokaiger vs Goseiger totally. But then it will be only a 45 minute movie while this movie is running at 80 minutes which is about the same length as a Heisei Kamen Rider film. I got to admit when I saw the two teams fighting all the previous team, one thing came to my mind. "The massacre of Power Rangers" I could just imagine the Power Rangers getting their asses handed over by two teams who aren't really strong nor are they the weakest teams. There were a lot of stock footage which I am quite all right with it and it was entertaing seeing the individual rangers single handling a senior Sentai team. The final robots battle was pretty fun to see every robot just slicing their way which is much better than the Gaoranger vs SS mecha scene.

Overall, a great entertaing movie. Less darker than Let's go Kamen Rider. More cameos and great battle sequences. A finale which I am satisfied with it. Among all the Vs movies, this movie took the cake! Let's just hope the finale for Gokaiger TV series will be as good as the movie! Until then, "GOKAI CHANGE!"

There are two characters that are unique here. Can you spot them?

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