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Ozu, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Rider Movie Review (Spoilers Included!)

Finally I got to watch this 40 year anniversary movie that was out six months ago! I did mention before that why Den-O is still being milked out of the franchise but for this time around, it wasn't too much of Den-O but rather on Ozu given that he was the latest rider back then. (I know Igadevil did a video log review months back and there were spoilers in it too.)

So our story begin with Eiji/Ozu battling a trio of mole Imagins (Seriously, the mole Imagins are really getting on everyone's nerve!) Ozu and Ankh met up with Nogami Kotaro (New Den-O) and his Imagin Partner, Teddie. Ozu and Ankh stow away on the Den-Liner and that where the trouble started!

Ankh lose a medal in the past which results Shocker in creating a Shocker Greed who defeated the double Riders and brainwashed them into loyal Shocker subjects. Eiji and Ankh returned to the present and the world was already under Shocker's rule. The duo met up with some kids namely, Mitsuru and Naoki who learn of this world's history.

Eiji transform to Ozu to take down some Shocker Kaijun but were quickly dispatched by the Double Riders and later General Shadow. Kotaro bail them out and explained the situation. After dropping Eiji off, the Den-O team returned to the past and tried to get back the medal with more medals being dropped off by Ankh.

They met Nokko, a female member of the Junior Kamen Rider Club who found the medal. General Black found them and later the Double Riders arrived. The Double Riders, Kotaro and Momotaros tracked the Shocker's hideout but were totally outnumbered and the Shocker Greed defeated them easily.

Naoki tried to save the riders with Teddie followed suit. This results the Den-Liner to return without them. When they arrived, Ozu was still battling the Shocker troops. He saw the Den-Liner exploded thanks to the damage by Kame Bazooka in the past. Only Kotaro, Momotaros, Ankh and Mitsuru bailed out.

If you wondering who is this person, it is Sasaki Isao the singer who sang Space Battleship Yamato and Gatchaman!

They found a time capsule in which Naoki has wrote a message about what happened and the final message was "Kamen Riders are the Messagers of Justice" Eiji, Kotaro, Momotaros now in Ankh's body were captured by Shocker and were to be executed in front of the public.
I think everyone love Henshin!

Mitsuru and his friends tried to return the Ozu Driver to Eiji but were quickly captured. Suddenly the Double Riders arrived but they laugh and announced that they recovered from the brainwash and is waiting for the moment to fight back. The people began to mass towards Shocker and Eiji got back the Ozu Driver from a familiar man in white.

Skyrider looks fat!

When Owner speaks, everyone listen!

After that, V3 till Black RX has arrived and they began to fight back Shocker. Owner appeared in the crowd and claimed that as long as there is Justice in men's heart, Kamen Rider will always be there!

All right, everyone, Group Photo!

Wait a minute, you are not in this movie?!

So the Heisei Riders from Shin till Double also arrived and continued to win the battle. General Shadow tried to retreat but was confronted by four figures-Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Inazuman and Zubat who took him down with ease.

The Double Riders battled Shocker Greed and finally defeated it while the others battled the Great Leader of Shocker. The Great Leader used his large Snake tentacles to attack them in which Ankh suggested using the Shocker Medal and Imagin Medal to combo.

Didn't we defeat you in All Rider vs Daishocker?

Ozu used the medals and got Tamashi Combo and quickly take defeated Great Leader. However Kind Dark appeared which they thought they have to battle him. Suddenly the sky turn dark out came Great Leader Colossus (Stronger's Final Boss).

Vehicles that form the number 40, cool idea!

The Riders couldn't get close to it when they were surrounded by all the Secondary Riders, both living and dead. They finally got into their bikes and vehicles and created the All Rider Break and smashed through Great Leader Colossus!

It is finally over and all the riders returned to their time. The man in white appeared and it was Naoki who is also Mitsuru's missing father. Naoki explained that he and Nokko got married in the past and he became a Shocker scientist. He restored the Double Riders' memories later which is why the Double Rider were just playing charades with Shocker.

Eiji and Kotaro shake hands and bid farewell however Momotaros and Ankh don't get along very well...

What do I think of this All Riders movie compare to All Riders vs Daishocker? Time travelling and Alternative universe is always complicated and this one is no exception. The story was quite all right though it was kind of silly that the Double Riders couldn't defeat Shocker Greed the first time and the second time, they laid the smackdown on him easily. Momotaros and Ankh are a funny pair to began with and they both have arrogrant personaility with Ankh being a greedy jerk.

It was fun to see the Double Riders with today's special effects and through I have seen it in All Riders vs Daishocker but this is the first time we seen them battle their Kaijun in their own timeline with modern effects. Eiji has really nothing much to do other than giving motiviting speechs and using the best combo-The Tamashi Combo to take down Great Leader with one blow.

When I thought defeating Great Leader was over, King Dark appeared but didn't he got defeated by Decade's Final Form then I was wrong, it was Great Leader Colossus and the effects people really pumped him up to 100 feet tall and nearly untouchable! The secondary riders was a nice touch even though it was just cardboard figures and the four Ishimori heroes-Kikader, 01, Inazuman and Zubat appeared and make General Shadow like an amatuer! But nice nostaglc value! Though I wonder how did Den-liner survive the explosion and where did they get all these riders from?

Two things stole the show, One is wherever Owner has a scene, everyone listen to him and he is really creepy when he does that. Second was more of a shocker when Mitsuru's childhood friend, Naoki is really his father in the future, that is some scary thought of having your father as a playmate!

So with the Riders finally ending Shocker once and for all, what is the future for them now? Most of you are aware that Kamen Rider Forze is now in the same world as Double and Ozu. That's not all, it seems the Showa Riders are also in the same world as them. Given some hints from the upcoming movie trailer, it seems that the first Seven Showa Riders (Ichigo to Stronger) will also make an appearance for the movie.

Well until then, See you around November where the Super Sentai 199 heroes Movie will be reviewed then!

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