Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 2 & 3-Big Bug Eyes and Saber look good in Black!

Ep 2: First the relationship between Rider and Waver is an interesting one as Rider is a proud and honorable while Waver is just chicken little to him. I guess Waver got more than he bargain for since he joined the Holy Grail just to spite his teacher. Anyway, Rider or Alexander has similar qualities to Waver as both are curious of the world and is willing to prove that they can go the distance. The only thing is Waver has never face death before. Well at he is least better than the psycho Matou Shinji (Sakura's Rapist) and his Rider (I have a soft heart for that Rider.)

Emiya tricked everyone into thinking that Iris is Saber's master and I know that he is going regret later when she get caught in the crossfire in future battles. But this episode's highlight is the summoning of the last servant-Caster aka Gilies de Rais and his serial killer master-Uryuu Ryunnosuke. Caster really bug me with those big bug eyes as he stare everything like a goldfish. He is also evil in the sense that he kill a boy even after letting him go. I guess the biggest threat other than Berserker and Gligamesh is Caster. Man what happen to the subtle Caster in the sequel? At least she is fighting for love. This Caster is totally insane.

Ep 3: Kirei had his Assassin killed by Gligamesh which disqualified him from the Holy Grail war. However as we could see that Assassin is not make out of one but several entities. Knowing Kirei, he will not sit by and watch as he plot to kill Emiya.

Iris and Saber arrived in Japan and a little known fact that servants are implanted with the current technology each time they were summoned. Saber claimed she can pilot a plane like riding on a horse which amuse Iris. Furthermore Saber wore a black suit to hide her gender which is a tactic from Emiya. Meanwhile Emiya met his contact, Hisau who I am guessing their relationship is more than just partners.

Finally, Lancer meet his appearance in front of Saber and Iris which is the same as the sequel where Saber's first opponent was also Lancer...

What do I think of this prequel after three episodes? I like it! One, we get to see little trivia and revaluations to come for the future of these characters. Two, the servants actually have more personalities rather than puppets, given that we have three servants who are former kings, one child killer, two tragic warriors and an army of assassins. The only downside is the Masters aren't all that interesting other than Waver and Kirei which I am more curious to find out why Kirei became the corrupt person he was in the sequel.

So the next episode will be back in it's usual summary form. See you then!

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