Monday, October 17, 2011

Idolmaster Ep 14-15: A new challenge and a bizzare tv show? Plus a quick though of some of the new shows this month!

I am back everyone. However I won't be doing a full summary for these two episodes as I am still recovering from flu so what I am going to do is to highlight on what is going on for the two episodes.

Ep 14: Since the girls make a great impression on their live concert, they have been very busy and their popularity has rise. However Jupiter's management-Kuroi from 961 Pro used his influences to force the magazine publisher to use Jupiter instead the girls as their cover issue.

It also led the girls to understand from President Takagi about his sour relationship with Kuroi years ago over on how to up bring an Idol. The girls want to fight back but Akabane, Miki and Haruka brought the girls together and decided to use their talents to prove the better team.

There is also a small hint that we are getting a Chihaya episode as she saw a fan letter which I believed to be her brother and Miki calling Akabanae "Honey" which could prove disastrous in the near future.

Ep 15: This episode should be episode 14 instead as it is more of a daily day for the girls. The girls are hosting a Sunday Afternoon Show with hilarious results. Yayoi, Azusa and Iori teaching kids in a kindergarten, Hibiki running a marathon, Takane with the Futami twins eating a mountain of bean spouts ramen, Makoto dressing as a cute girl with a horrible sense and a parody of trailer featuring the girls as Mecha fighting robots.

A fun episode to watch rather than the seriousness in the last episode which almost make me forget about 961 Pro. But look like next week, we are back to the main story with 961 Pro scheming something against the girls.

P.S: Thanks for taking time to be patient with me. I am already in the process of watching Fate Zero and hopefully I can get it done before the next episode air this week.

Here is what I think of the rest of the new shows:

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: To be honest, I am still quite confused of the back story and given that the novels are as thick as a Harry Potter novel, I am still going to try to watch it but don't expect me to go nerdy about it.

C3: The only appeal factor is that Tamura Yukari singing the opening song as I keep hearing it in Akihabara as they promote her single everywhere I go.

Majijkoi: This one has too many fanservice shots but like Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, I will probably take my time to watch it.

Maken-Ki: Another Fanservice show unless if you have been following the manga (which I hope the producers do) is that Takeru will be one hell of a fighter against the enemies and not your usual harem male lead.

Gundam AGE: Despite the kiddy characters design, I kind of like it as it felt like old school Gundam rather than the complicated Gundam Wing or emo looking Gundam 00. Flit was not an annoying brat and has maturity beyond his age. The enemies known as UE (Unknown Enemy) look out of place in a Gundam series which make me think they should be in some other mecha shows like Getta Robo or Macross.

The so called AGE system they have been talking is nothing more than Doreamon's Pocket. With the abilities to adapt and create better equipment in a fraction of a second, it could overcome any adversaries. I hope to believe in future episodes that Newtype will be mentioned again since it was demonstrated in the second episode that Yurin, a girl which Flint has abilities similar to a Newtype.

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